The Pixies have released their first new song in 9 years, and only the 2nd new song from their reunion era “Bagboy.” Jeremy Dubs of The Bennies appears on the song, in place of Kim Deal.

  • nigelknox

    Jeremy Dubs of the Bennies, not Bunnies

  • Spoonman

    cool video, lame song

  • Big M

    I gotta say I’ve always been a casual Pixies fan and much more of a Seattle rock fan than indie stuff like the Pixies but that song was better than the majority of Pearl Jam, SG’s, and Alice in Chains’ of the last five years. Or in SG and Alice’s case the last fifteenish years. Sad.

  • Doug McCausland

    Solid song.

  • Andrei

    Good song but nothing outstanding. The idiot above saying this is delusional or Frank Black himself.

    Anyways, why does it feel like they had to get rid of their long-time bass player in order to release a new song?

  • Andrei

    I was calling Big Me an idiot, not Doug.

  • Fred

    Is this Kim Deal singing on the chorus?

  • Farthead

    Please excuse Big M, everyone.

    Only a person with Down’s syndrome would think Pearl Jam’s work is superior to Soundgarden’s.

  • King Cornell

    Hey can we leave the mentally disabled out of your comments, “Farthead”? If that’s true I rather hang out and listen to Pearl Jam with the person with Down’s Syndrome than you because at least he or she is not an insensitive bigot living in mom’s basement. If you had someone in your family with a mental handicap, you wouldn’t speak like that. Reread your comment. You are equating mental handicap with stupidity. Not only is that wrong, but you reduce yourself to someone people do not take seriously.

    So…please excuse Farthead, everyone.