Here is the information on Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme’s new song for the End of Watch film soundtrack.

“Nobody To Love”
Written by Joshua Homme and David Sardy
Performed by Joshua Homme and David Sardy
Courtesy of Rekords Rekords

The song could get pulled, but it is available for purchase on iTunes in the United States. Pretty cool song.

  • Crazies

    Not what i expected. Very 80’s

  • mandingo

    Thats pretty sweet ! It would be cool to see him do a full solo album

  • Kcir

    i think its not wrong if the sound is like 80’s, because music just revolves, and imho its not sounds like 80’s at all.

  • Kirill

    love this song!

  • Jcon

    That’s awesome!

  • Christine

    Oh how I love Josh, please tour QotSA please oh please oh please!

    thank you for the link!!!!!!

  • bertan

    With everything going on with soundgarden, this has gone pretty unnoticed. But it’s a brilliant song, such a good chorus, and great chunky bass guitars!

  • Russ

    Really really like this song but it’s not on UK itunes.

  • Lee

    Hahahhaha….Its Josh alright, but I think he’s gone back to living in the “Disco Daze” interspersed with some real Rock, so overall it still has that haunting quality of the “Desert Sessions” with Dave etc etc but its a bit short on dialogue…hahahaha but Josh has always been short of a few words except when he’s telling some fucker in the audience that he’s gonna root them up the arse, for being a gay dickhead…lol!
    Anyway apart from all this “constructive” lol…criticism, I don’t mind the song….It still has that strong QOTSA vibe and for that alone it will get a positive review from me.
    And beside that, being female, I can still hear Josh’s voice, which I absolutely love and fantasize too….yeah fuck off all you critcs who think otherwise, the guy’s voice is positively hypnotic…and as “Neil” says, So all you critics sit alone, You’re no better than me for what you’ve shown….hahahhaahhaahahahaha!

  • Nick

    great track from Homme, always up for any side projects and soundtrack work. little bit of riff reminds me of The Black Angels – Entrance Song (also a killer band)

  • Crazies

    would be nice if some1 could share a proper link with better quality..