• Riley R.

    Most outgoing I’ve seen Maynard

  • MacKeena

    I Love Tool, and I Love Maynard.

  • Limo Wreck

    The trouble with Joe Rogan is he gets these great interviews and ruins them by talking about fighting for way too long.

  • Me

    MJK looks different, seems different. Don’t care for Joe Rogan at all.

  • Me

    How do you respect something but still make fun of it? Joe Rogan is an ASS.

  • Matt from DC

    I’m sorry but this is a really really boring interview…I love tool but I can only hear so much about grapes

  • johnatan

    i think this was great.. very insightful. nice to see maynard open up his crest a little bit.

  • Dennis

    Very rare to see MJK do something like this in such a long format. You could clearly tell Maynard had told them he didn’t want to talk Tool since every time Rogan’s clown side-kick brought it up, Rogan would quickly spin it away after MJK’s typical short and often smartassy answer.

    Maynard did throw one of my absolute favorite songs under the bus though. He called Lateralus “sophomoric”. OUCH!
    I bet Danny Carey would disagree as that is some of the best drumming ever.

  • grunge addict

    EASILY the most open and talkative ive seen maynard in an interview for quite some time…he usually seems like he LOATHES every aspect of interviews but he seems quite comfortable here (for maynard) and whilst its always interesting hearing him talk about his winemaking and general stuff because hes a pretty quirky interesting guy, BUT i do wish hed start discussing music more often, i noticed whenever the interviewer bought up music like when he asked about any new APC mjusic maynard seems realyblunt and defensi ve and gives shortish answers as if he wants to move onto the next subject…shame cos thats what were fans of and wed love to know more, Maynard is a labrynth