Listen To Hilarious New Red Hot Chili Peppers & Nine Inch Nails Parody Songs

This week two parody songs for iconic alternative rock bands have been released. The Red Hot Chili Peppers parody is titled “Abracadabralifornia” and was originally released on and presented as a special ‘Superbowl’ song from the band.

Freddy Scott’s “Trent Reznor Song” parodies Nine Inch Nails’ song structures, and sounds quite similar to “Copy of A.”

  • GsusH

    Fucking brilliant!

  • Adam

    That RHCP song is completely on the mark. RHCP has put out the same song since the last 90\’s and it\’s horrible.

  • Big M

    That RHCP parody was amazing. Honestly I liked it better than most songs they’ve actually written in years.

  • Christine

    The Reznor thing was very cute. Very cute.

    The parody was hilarious.

  • Anth

    The RHCP one is absolutely fantastic–a great impression of Kiedis and a spot-on parody of their sound and lyrics for the last 15 years. Put it on By the Way or Stadium Arcadium and it would fit right in–and be one of the better tracks actually.

    The NIN one is incredibly well-produced, but the singer sounds nothing like Reznor and the lyrics aren’t clever at all. Which I realize is part of the point, but “Seriously it’s the same song / But it’s very awesome”?

  • CagedTiger

    The RHCP one sounds like the sort of gibberish they come out with these days – Some nonsensical lyrics, lots of talk of California and its surrounding areas and Kiedis bragging about the chicks he can still get despite being in his 50’s. Yawn, they should’ve broke up years ago.