Limp Bizkit Helped Axl Rose & Slash Reconcile, According To Fred Durst

Guns N’ Roses may potentially reunite for the nookie, if the words of Fred Durst are to be believed.

The controversial Limp Bizkit frontman, strutting the NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage, asserted to a raucous crowd at Reading festival that he got Axl Rose and Slash rollin’ down the right path. “I’d like you to know that we’re responsible for Axl and Slash being back together,” Durst told the crowd. “We had a meeting and it went really well.”

If you take a look around the internet, you will find rumors of a 2016 reunion of the classic lineup of Guns N’ Roses featuring Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler. Guitarists DJ Ashba and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal both departed the modern incarnation of the band over the past year, and Slash recently claimed that he and Axl Rose had finally buried the hatchet.

“It was probably way over due but it was very cool at this point. Let some of that…Dispell some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long,” the legendary Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist told Aftonblade.

Slash’s camp later took a shotgun to the rumors. On the latest Eddie Trunk podcast, Trunk discussed recently contacting Slash’s management for a comment regarding rampant Guns N’ Roses reunion rumors that have spread following the reports of Axl Rose and Slash reconciling. Trunk was told by Team Slash that the whole thing has been blown far out of proportion, and he’s laying low now when it comes to interviews. Trunk did say that he believes a Guns N’ Roses reunion will eventually happen.

Let’s just hope Fred Durst has given my generation a chance at seeing the classic lineup of Guns N’ Roses play live.



  • Raj

    This guy is a such a liar and a phony, he is a terrible singer and his nu-metal band Limp Bizkit was garbage, he’s a nobody now. He just had his 15 minutes of fame and thinks he’s cool because he has a Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley tattoo on his chest.

  • God

    this guy isn’t dead yet?!?

  • Martha Bartha

    I hope they tour! All of them! Both Drummers!

  • sifting .

    limp bizkit was’t relevant until faith no more let them be

  • Thelonious Funk

    Doug, your LB song references are lame as fuck. Stop it

    Also, Durst is an attention-seeking whore, always has been (literally and figuratively) and is clearly taking the piss here. If what he said was taken seriously by anyone, those who took it seriously deserve to be slapped

  • Shane99

    Fred Durst is a turd.

  • dakotablue

    Fred is Limp, all right.