Liam Gallagher Accused Of Snorting Cocaine Off A Toilet Seat, Kicked Out Of Bar

A source told The Mirror that former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher was kicked out of the Holly Bush pub in Hampstead, North London recently.

A source said: “He was acting irrationally and started kicking off and swearing after the barman told him he hadn’t paid for his drinks.

“He took exception to what the barman had said and started giving it the big I am, like ‘I’m famous!’

“It was bizarre behaviour, he didn’t seem like he was quite with it, a lot of people didn’t recognise him initially because he was so dishevelled.

“He looked more like a penniless tramp than a millionaire musician.”

The witness said about 15 to 20 minutes later, at around 11pm, Gallagher went to the toilet and was then thrown out by the bouncer.

“He accused him of snorting cocaine off the toilet seat and said there was still some left on the seat even after he came out.

“Apparently Liam hadn’t even bothered locking the door. Liam wasn’t happy about being thrown out.

“The bouncer told him ‘you’re barred’ and he was like ‘are you joking?’ It was embarrassing to watch.”

  • Raj

    Liam is an embarrassment, he’s hit a new low if he’s snorting the white stuff off a toilet seat.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    all those great musicians who died young and this piece of shit is still kicking. good grief

  • jim garturt

    Looks out of it and he better watch it or he will die. The heart can only take so much coke and I am sure he didn’t just start. Sad 🙁

  • CL

    A source told a UK tabloid magazine something about a famous person? Well, then it must be true!

    Hey, I hear there’s a magazine called the National Enquirer which has a lot of juicy stories from “sources” about famous people. You should check them out too.

  • Ambulance Blues

    Shadow of the Sun I couldn’t have put it better!

    I have no fucking idea why he’s even on this site in the first place?


    Early April Fools joke heh? 🙂

  • Big M

    What a guy!

  • shoegazer

    C’mon, mate. Are you really sinking low enough to post a story from The Mirror? This is one of the worst celeb gossip tabloids on the planet.

    • Boom

      The Shoegazer. The young Brett no give a fuck about what he posts. You see; all he care about is the traffic. By you doing the bitching about him putting the Gallagher report here, and by Boom telling you this he makes his money like a spoiled little cunt does.

      As far as the Gallagher brother go, Boom shit on his music. The Oasis pure shit, weak British pussy.

      Boom figure the brother Gallagher been doing the coke for many year and he feel he royalty. Boom say he pure shit.

      Boom out!!

  • PaulMcdonalds

    Im filling the cracks that ran through the door and kept my mind from wandering where it will go

  • Knotty Ash

    Oasis should reform with Scott Weiland to replace Liam as singer. That’s the only way they could ensure they have a bigger dickhead in the band.

  • PlentyoFGum

    I heard he just said it wasn’t him but his brother, guess he must be stoned.

  • whisky

    Liam Gallagher was, is, and always will be a talentless hack. But worse than that, he’s a worthless asshole. Never understood how anyone could defend this piece of shit…