Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Responds To “Stairway to Heaven” Lawsuit

In a new interview with the French magazine Liberation, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page responded to Spirit’s lawsuit claiming Zeppelen stole the idea for “Stairway to Heaven” from their song “Taurus.” Page said, “This is ridiculous . I have no further comment on the subject.”

Page also joked that it would be better maybe if Led Zeppelin were an instrumental band so they could play without Plant. He then said that the financial stakes would become enormous of Zeppelin reunited, but that the most important thing to him is the music.  Page claimed that his health is good, as he is on a diet and hasn’t drank in many years.  He said that being 70 is ‘a little scary’ but that he is enjoying life.

  • Bill Austeh

    Led has rip some artist off. But they make the songs way better than the original artist.

    In this case there is a little bit of the same sound but not enough of a rip as Stairway Is totally diffrent overall. I say after all these years It’s a money move.


    Of course they stole from everyone that they could at the time, who would have known in the 60’s – 70’s that in a computer age everything would have so easily been revealed?
    To me, their music has enhanced the tracks that they stole and Jimmy is an awesome riff maker and if they were in their 20’s in the Seattle scene shit would have got real…not that it didnt and maybe Soundgarden were the Led Zep of Seattle anyway!