This is from David de Sola’s blog. Layne Staley’s sister Liz Coats sent David a response to his previous blog, which was also featured on  Here is Liz’s e-mail:

I personally have never read Adriana’s book. I did meet with her and speak with her at length. I also talked with Layne when I was contacted by her, and let him know of her intentions to write a book about him. He let me know that he wanted no part of it. He said that he did not trust journalists, and that they had never been honest in his experience. He also said for me to tell her, and I quote, “Tell her if she wants to write a book about someone, she should write it about herself.” Anyone who knew Layne would know that would be something he would say.

When I heard that Adriana claimed to have spoken to Layne, I knew the book would be full of lies, and I chose not to read it. The fact that she came out with that after his death made me sick. I regret that I ever spoke with her. In all of his wisdom, he was right again, and I unfortunately had to learn the hard way. She was not to be trusted.

You might wonder why I ever spoke with her in the first place. Imagine watching your big brother, this incredible man, trapped in his addiction, a personal hell on earth, for years and years. When I was first contacted by Adriana, I was so grateful that this woman from another country was so impressed by him, and wanted to tell his story, and honor him this way. I wanted Layne to know, or hear again, how much he was admired and loved, as he was such an extraordinary person. I even had the hope that a book written honoring him, might be one of the things that might change his course. You grasp at straws after you’ve watched someone you love go through such strife for so long.

I’m glad so many people realize what a joke this book was. I hate the thought of people believing her lies, but I know the truth, and that’s why I will never read the book. No point.

  • yumm

    Good for her no use to read that piece of shit. i read it nothing but a waste of time. I didnt even read it all. i wonder how long its gonna take this new book to be made. Hopefully it also looks like a biography book cuz that last one looked like it was printed on someones home

  • Alastair..

    i can only but agree with the general opinion, and all liz had to say re: this complete travesty.
    i found alice and layne after the release of ‘dirt.’ and IMMEDIATELY fell head over ass inlove with them both.
    when layne died, i knew the music world HAD lost an icon, and i was desperately saddened. when this book was released, i knew nothing of adrianna (as an ‘author.’ or in any other respect.) and i wanted to believe her work. very quickly upon starting to read said book, i realised the LARGE number of evident flaws/lies that she was reporting to the fanbase of this wonderful human being, and i was wholly angered by her and the book.
    i truly believe that layne DESERVES a proper biography – one that does him JUSTICE, and isn’t simply an anti-junk/addiction tale. by no means am i suggesting the use of this opiate nightmare, of course, but simply saying that the ‘story.’ told by this woman – though, in part may be true (?), has more credibility as a manga style comicbook.
    furthermore, i hope that if a movie is to be born FROM this waste of space – the production/writing team DO some proper research on him, you know?
    end of rant.
    i love and miss you, layne – FOREVER.
    and i hope yourself and mikey starr are writing together in the next section of this game we call ‘life.’
    be at peace, chap.
    with love…
    /alastair.. xxx

  • Kris

    I read it for mere curiosity but I found a lot of it very hard to believe. I’m glad to hear Liz talk about this and I wish her all the best. She had a wonderful brother and he will always be remembered for his supreme talent and for being an all-round terrific guy. R.I.P. Layne!

  • Dennis

    I want to believe she interviewed Layne, but it is starting to look like much of the content was fabricated.

    I believe there was an “interview”. However, I’m thinking it was about 5 minutes long and consisted mainly of Layne telling her to stay out of his life.

    Either way, she either made up content or made up the whole f’in thing. I hope the Grunge Gods make sure she does hard time in, mmmm,…let’s say,…the 4th, 8th, and 9th circles of hell.

    R.I.P. Layne

  • groovyeddie

    I don’t trust any of this so called “Biographic or something Story”
    All this “Writer” are doing this for one Reason…MONEY!!!

    I’ve read an Interview from 1994 were Layne is saying “The Bandmades are not my friends. And ….”I am alone, most of the Time at home. I am so Sick,…no one is helping me.

    I don’t belive this. This is a piece of shit.

    RIP. Layne

  • Jim

    RIP Layne. Thanks Liz

  • Debby Brawford

    i completely support and know what Liz says is the absolute truth..i did know Layne very well, and for sure know that is exactly what he would have said, word for word. As for the book..Its just not Layne, he would NOT have wanted to be involved in it. For those that really knew him over the years, will also agree with what liz said about struggling to find a way to reach Layne. I am thankful for every minute i got to spend with him. He was beyond brilliant, creative, and an amazing song writer. He had a true heart of gold, was sensitive loving and compassionate. He had loyalty i never seen or experienced from anyone. He had a sence of humor like no other and kept you laughing until it hurt. He was a clever prankster and always kept a step ahead. He was happy more often than most know. Most of all he was accepting of people and was a true friend. Liz, u are always in my prayers, just know how much he loved you and continues to love you. When he talked of you, he was smiling wide and his eyes were sparkling! u know what i mean…luv and blessing to u and all who miss Layne. However, he hasnt left you…keep and share the love he brought to us.. Debby

  • itswhip

    @groovyeddie Obviously no one will ever know the truth of that particular statement, but as someone who knows a few addicts I know that they tend to see things a bit differently than the average person. Maybe he did feel that he had no real friends anymore, maybe he did stay in his house all day. Heroin does a number on an addict’s brain, and especially their social life. They might feel like no one understands them, and honestly though who really wants to hang out with an addict besides other addicts. If not for his incredibly angelic voice, I’m sure AIC would’ve parted ways with him a decade earlier than his actual death.
    Back to the topic though, f all journalists. They either lie through their teeth, or create a story that is based only on carefully selected facts in order to paint a picture of the subject that would sell a story more easily. The sad part is that people actually buy that shit.

  • itswhip

    @groovyeddie Obviously no one will ever know the truth to that particular alleged statement. That said, I know a few addicts myself and on certain days or certain weeks even, they just aren’t themselves. Maybe Layne did feel like he had no friends, or that he didn’t leave his house for days at a time. To me that sounds like the life of a typical addict. Just because he was Layne Staley doesn’t mean that he was any different than any other junkie.
    Back to the actual topic though– f journalists. They are all liars and manipulators that prey only on certain truths to achieve their final goal regardless of who they hurt and what the effects may be. They are only outdone in their evil ways by liars– I mean lawyers, and politicians.

  • itswhip

    damn! Sorry, I thought my first entry was lost sorry folks! Mod you can delete first entry if you are out there somewhere.

  • Roxy Tornado

    I choose not to believe much of anything I read or see on tv – but that’s just me. Layne was a very kind hearted tortured soul who had the most amazing talent this world has seen. Drugs are tragic – they almost always lead to death and once you’re caught in the trap, it’s nearly impossible to break it with your life in tact. As far as Layne, there is a void that will never be filled and hearts that will carry the burden of his untimely death. The rest of us can learn an awful lot from the short life both he and Mike lived. DRUGS ARE NOT THE ANSWER! As a recovering addict, I am most thankful that I only tried heroin once and luckily I was so messed up on crack that I don’t remember the experience. I know first hand how hard it is to stop and I feel Layne’s pain in not being able to save himself. LEARN from this people!
    Layne, always in my ears and forever in my heart! Rest easy baby..

  • Robert

    I am glad I never brought the book because I knew it was full bullshit and lies.

  • Jay

    I never read it. Never wanted to. I would have rather read a book by Layne himself,band members, or his mother. A book agree upon by all. I don’t believe everything I read. I would make my own judgement of what I believe to be the truth. But I think a book from better sources would be more truthful.

  • Mills

    That piece of shit book sells for big bucks on ebay. Sad that people buy that crap. Someone should write a real book on Layne. Sadly his friends and family and band mates probably wouldn’t want to participate because of bad experiences like this one.

  • Animaan

    Book is a piece of shit – not worth reading nor even discussing at this point. The only books which have ANY truth to Layne’s later years would be “Grunge Is Dead” and “Everybody Loves Our Town”. Both insightful on his reclusive years…few people say they saw him and he looked like an 80 yr old man with no teeth, gray skin, yellow eyes…haunting and sad. Nevertheless he greeted them with joy, but he wouldn’t have done an interview.

  • Shells

    It never ceases to amaze me just how far people will go for a quick buck,riding on the back of a person so deep into his not so personal hell must have seemed like a great idea for this loathsome person.It was never a hidden addiction that Layne wen’t through, his daily pain was out there for all to see and hear in every word that dripped from his chapped and broken lips.Perhaps in his own way reaching out to so many others that were also in the firm grasp of addiction like myself i found his words a very real account for my own daily struggle with the harshest of addictions being that of our master heroin.Every word,every note of the music that backed this man’s pained and yet amazing voice cried out to all of those who knew what the daily pain of with drawl felt like and how all you wanted was to make it stop.The body screaming out for what it wanted so bad just to be able to function in a normal way.On many of those day’s i fought my personal battle with the band that was and is Alice In Chains,unable to tell those around me what i was going through i knew all i had to do was put on any given c.d by this band to find some support in what most would say a rather bizarre way.There was never a need to write a book about Layne in my opinion,he wrote his own in every c.d that was put out,every interview and every live performance there he was his pain and story for all to see and hear.Unabashed and unrelenting just like the addiction that finally took him from us all.This person should be ashamed and by the god’s her so called real account of the life that was Layne Staley should leave her broke and black listed by the rest of the writing community.

  • Johnny

    This book has been bothering me because I’ve been wanting to read more about Layne but have read allot of bad things about the book and it makes sense that its just a bunch of BS.
    I wish he would have gotten the help he needed, such a loss to his family friends and US fans who absolutely love the guy.

    Thank you Liz for letting us know that this book is just a bunch of trash.
    Rest In Piece Layne- you will be missed for decades.

  • johnatan

    I was so keen to knew what kind of a person layne was. so i stumbled upon the get born again “biography” in (online format). and i think it’s really a tough one to read. the constant references to a specific kind of zodiac that adriana tought layne was somehow manifesting in his art and music really got me frustrated and the spiritual connection between her, her grandma and layne was just compleatly fucked up.

    after i finished the book. it left me a very bad taste in my mouth
    a very confused look on the man.. not trusting either adriana or the interviews.

    so i really hope in the future we would see a real biography done with respect and good taste.

    off to delete that piece of crap –>


  • dakotablue

    By all accounts Layne loved Liz and his mom.
    And I presume they loved him, although fans including me have no idea how this love was shown in the last years of Layne’s life.
    That said, perhaps you don’t want to involuntarily commit him to some sort of enforced rehab. But do you really want to leave him alone in his condo, knowing he’s getting loaded, not eating, etc.?
    Also by this point he had nodded out over the stove, I believe, and burned some of his hair. And his condo was filthy.
    So if I was his sister, I’d be going over there weekly or something and cleaning up the place, trying to fix him some food, etc. Yes, you can say enabling but isn’t that better than what happened–which is we don’t have Layne in this world anymore.

  • Debby Brawford

    dakodablue: u are way out of line and u hav no idea what u are talking about…
    I’ll be clear..The only thing to blame in Layne’s death is Heroin.
    It is what it is.
    Nothing more, nothing to read into…heroin.
    So put your energy into helping addicts not blaming others who are not to blame.

  • Grungeluv

    rubio’s a fuckin piece of shit parasite.

  • dakotablue

    hey Debby B, I didn’t blame anybody, just have the nerve to ask some obvious questions. Like how you leave your loved one alone when he’s an addict, a skeleton because he’s not eating, and could get some horrible infection or illness from his unhealthy condo.
    Not to mention everyone is “OK” with not hearing from Layne for weeks at a time because “that’s the way he was.” So he’s dead on his couch for two weeks.
    Perhaps his family tried to help him a lot and just doesn’t want to talk about it. That could be the case.
    But get off your high horse about knowing him “very well” and putting down fans who love him but have concerns that you consider out of line.

  • Gary

    I’ve never heard the band comment on the book!

  • wall1970

    I’m sorry dakotablue, but you are so far off base, it isn’t even funny. Your “concerns” are ridiculous. I’m a huge fan of Layne and AIC as well, but never, ever, in a zillion years would I even THINK of questioning his family, or where they were in his last days. Keep that shit to yourself. Who do you think you are to question ANYTHING that his family did or did not do? Plain and simple, it’s none of your fucking business. You call yourself a “fan”? LMFAO! The only thing you “know” is what you have “read” or what you have “heard”. You weren’t there. Just like that parasite bitch Rubio wasn’t there. Your comments here are no better than than that piece of shit book that horrible soulless bitch wrote. It’s called tact dakotablue. Try it sometime. Fucking asshole.

  • Jenna

    Whenever we loose someone that we love I think that it’s human nature to become a member of the coulda, shoulda, woulda club. I think it’s a natural part of the grief process. This reminds me of a interview I saw Sean and Jerry give, I think a few years ago, the interviewer ask if they felt like they could have did more to help Layne. I really felt bad for these guys because I’d bet you that everyone that knew him wished they would have did something different. The facts were, he had money+addiction which is a toxic combination, this coupled with the fact that he was unlucky enough to never get caught and thrown in jail didn’t help. I personally think the money was probably the biggest enabler. It leaves family, friends and even the judicial system powerless to help. I thought what Debby Brawford wrote about Layne was beautiful. Really gives insight to what kind of a person he was. Very few people that walk this earth are worthy of such kind things said about them. And yet we read things like this time and time again about Layne. Very few people are blessed to have such wonderful personalities. We lost a rock star but the people that really knew him lost a very special person. Makes me think, why wouldn’t God want Layne?

  • lifeless dead

    Wow i am so glad to hear that, I did buy that terrible book & have never thought that Rubio interviewed him as she claimed, I had heard in the past that Layne disliked journalists & had not done an interview since one commented on his trackmarks. I think she took advantage of Laynes family who were beside themselves trying to think of ways to help him. Would love to see a proper book that does him justice,he is such an inspiration & i love his voice, so sad that alot of people dont realize & recognize this wonderful man for his amazing talent…rip layne xx

  • lifeless dead

    oh & im glad i only paid $10 for it quite a few years ago, they want $200 or so for it on amazon, ebay & some other online book sites…highway robbery for a fiction book! Someone should do something about that disgusting that she is ripping off laynes fans like that.

  • ricki

    I think the book is interesting. most of it may be fabrication but lets face it, there are photos and even quotes that liz says here that are in the book.

    I dont believe layne was interviewed. he rarely answered his phone/door according to sean kinney so im very doubtful he would phone her up a month or two before his death.

    @wall1970 you need to realise that maybe your view on layne and his family is less than realistic. he loved his family, but for two weeks he was never seen. and thats ‘the way he was’ is probably the answer. you never stop, as a parent, wondering where your child is but youd never expect them to die if you neverr hear of anything.

    besides, it was an accountant who alerted nancy to no money requests/withdrawls that lead to his discovery.

    let his memory rest in peace.

  • JennyF

    It’s such a shame that someone would write such an awful biography of such an amazing artist, such an amazing human being as Layne. he deserves better than that. There should be a nicely done documentary or a behind the music about him.
    BTW there is a Layne Staley fan petition. feel free to sign. It is ran by people form the Layne Staley fan group on Facebook. ?
    here it’s the link:

  • Austin Kage

    This one’s kinda long…

    I interviewed Rubio in late 2002 and it was subsequently published in my college newspaper. This was several months before MTV and Rolling Stone published interviews with her about the book (which ran in early 2003).

    Like most AiC fans, I found about the book on the message boards, and saw that there was already a website (created and operated by Rubio herself) that hyped the book as Layne’s figurative last will and testament, since it allegedly contained the last interview the singer ever conducted in his lifetime.

    I remember the reaction among the message board community at the time was decidedly mixed, as most AiC fans saw this as cheap opportunism-cum-gravedancing, especially in the wake of Staley’s death, which at this point had happened only 6 months prior.

    Nevertheless, I gave Rubio the benefit of the doubt and reached out to her, asking her if she’d like to be interviewed for my college paper to discuss the book.

    Rubio sent a very gracious and courteous response and stated that she’d welcome the opportunity. And to sweeten the pot, she’d send me a free copy of the book upon its publication (since the release date was still several months away). “Fire away the questions!”, she told me.

    I wrote a detailed list of questions, e-mailed them to her, and eagerly awaited the response.

    I should’ve seen the red flags when I got the responses, but I was a 20-year-old college student with no real journalism experience (other than writing angry music/movie reviews for my school paper) who was overly anxious for a publication, any publication about Staley, to FINALLY get it write.

    Nonetheless , with hindsight being 20/20, I should’ve noticed the following:

    1) Her grammar, spelling and sentence structure was garbled enough to suggest that English was NOT this woman’s first language (and it’s not–she’s Argentinian). I didn’t find out until a later correspondance that our e-mail conversations were being translated on her behalf.

    (RED FLAG: How does a woman whose grasp of English is so poor that simple e-mails need to be translated for her, and how does such a woman: a) Gain access to one of the most reclusive singers in rock n’ roll; b) Construct any type of biography about said singer with the American market in mind? Wouldn’t one want to learn English BEFORE attempting to crack the American literary market? This was clearly not a case of Flaubert’s French writings being translated into 50 languages. This woman was a journalist trying to break the States with an English-language biography of an American rock singer.)

    2) Her answers were almost unprintably vague, especially for a written correspondance, which always reads better in print. At first I was excited to be conducting an e-mail interview since it would save me the trouble of having to translate spoken conversation (full of the usual sentence fragments and half-finished thoughts that we all speak in) to full, complete thoughts.

    She responded to most of my questions with “That’s in the book” and “I got into a ton of detail about this in my book”.

    (RED FLAG: Authors, journalists and celebrities do this all the time when they’re pimping books in interviews. However she didn’t give me ANYTHING to go on, other than she was tired of reading interviews with Layne where the journalist obsessed over sunken eyes and track-marks on the fingers, such as the ’96 Rolling Stone piece. She provided NO quotes and no insight that would make a La Salle University reading my interview want to go out and purchase the book. She seemed too guarded, especially for a promotional interview).

    3) My interview was conducted about a year or so after the release of John Brandon’s virtually unreleased Mike Starr book that probably 5 people read.

    I hadn’t read the book but I remember reading the Amazon reviews which TRASHED it, and read sample pages on Amazon which were atrociously written, using the most trite rock journalist cliche’s imaginable. At one point in the book, Brandon stated that Kurt Cobain wanted to “get to know Mike a little better”, implying a gay crush. I laughed and clicked right out of the site.

    I asked Rubio about the book, mentioning its horrible reception and the fact that it seemed to be a horribly written book. She replied, “Oh! John’s a great friend of mine! He was a great help with this book and I cherish our friendship!”

    (RED FLAG: When a journalist who speaks English as a second language counts as a collaborator an amateurish, parasitic author with 8th grade writing skills who wrote a universally derided rock bio that nobody read, you know you’re in trouble.)

    Still, Rubio seemed earnest about her quest to set the record straight, telling me that Layne knew he was dying and wanted an opportunity to speak his mind). She also pointed out that the book was written with full cooperation and support with Layne’s mother and sister and that the book would even feature never-before-seen photos and poetry written by the singer.

    (RED FLAG: Hindsight being 20/20, I should’ve immediately jumped on the Google and tracked down both Nancy and Liz to corroborate Rubio’s story. Had I done this, I would’ve learned that the family pulled their support of the book and wanted nothing to do with it. But I, as a 20-year-old, inexperienced journalist, didn’t think to do this, and even if I had, I would NEVER have had the gumption to call a grieving mother just 6 months after she lost her only son to drugs to corroborate a story about a silly book.)

    (RED FLAG #2: So you’re Layne Staley. Your the “Howard Hughes” of rock n’ roll, your body is ravaged by drugs, and death is near–we now know that the interview allegedly took place just 8 weeks before he passed away. Why in the WORLD would he reach out to an unknown South American writer with absolutely NO journalistic credentials, no CV other than an unreadable Dave Mustaine book that maybe 2 people read, and no zero experience writing for any rock publications to confess his dying thoughts? That didn’t make sense to me, and still doesn’t.)

    Granted, I wasn’t expecting Staley to suddenly pop up, call Neil Strauss, and collaborate on an oral “Staley on Staley” autobiography. But it seemed (and still seems) to stretch credibility that this notoriously private and rock journalist-phobic singer would pop out of his shell to speak openly and candidly about his addictions to a woman none of us have ever heard of.

    Rubio implied to me that it was Liz and Nancy’s involvement in the project that led her to Layne. Apparently they put in a good word for her and that was the impetus for Layne to open up, albeit briefly.

    So I conducted the interview, wrote up a nice little puff-piece about the book, the interview was published in my school paper, and we all got on with our lives.

    A couple of months later, Rubio’s interviews with MTV and Rolling Stone were published, this time with actual quotes from the dying singer, and for the first time all my doubts were alleviated. Since I was the first “journalist” to put Rubio’s name in print (an exhaustive Google search prior to my interview brought up ZERO interviews–this woman really was an unknown quantity), I was feeling high and mighty that MTV and Rolling Stone picked up the story. It definitely brought a modicum of legitimacy to the project and left me feeling ahead of the curve for running a story several months ahead of the mainstream media.

    Rubio promised to send me a book but never did. Had she done that, the waves would’ve crushed down on me a lot faster, as I soon found out:

    1) The book was as atrociously written as her interview answers to me were. Badly translated English, bad sentence structure, bad everything!

    2) She broke the cardinal rule of biographers in that she took up pages of this supposed Layne Staley biography TALKING ABOUT HERSELF and her struggles with bulimia. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That is the amateurish writing technique to end all amateurish writing techniques. You NEVER write about yourself in a biography of someone else.

    It’s one thing if she had written about herself in the Foreword, talking about how much Layne’s music affected her life (as she repeated over and over to me in our correspondance). But within the actual body of the book? Seriously? Has she ever studied Journalism for one second of her life?

    Apparently Layne “suggested” to her that she should write about herself. Had he said that, he was most likely joking. That she took this advice seriously and published accounts of her struggles with bulimia in the book just shows how amateurish she is.

    3) Also within the book, she gave John Brandon a forum to write his own lyrics inspired by Layne and published those in the book too?! That one had me cringing. Total Amateur Hour, and totally unforgivable. At this point, I’d have given more credence to a book that said Layne was the Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll (he would’ve been -4 years old at the time) as long as it was written and structured than this junk.

    4) The book, based on the Amazon description, was only 160 pages, which was the final straw. 160 pages? I’ve read 500-page biographies of James Dean, and the guy had a professional career that lasted 4 years, acted in three whole movies, died a decade younger than Layne, and all of his immediately family members didn’t live much longer than he did.

    Layne, on the other hand, lived to be 34, left behing a rich musical legacy complete with albums and tours all over the world, collaborations with other artists, and a professional career that spanned at least a decade (not counting the garage or the recluse years), and the best Rubio can come up with, with full cooperation of Layne’s still-living mother and sisters, is 160 pages?!

    Plus, you factor in the lyrics, the pictures, the stories about herself and her bulimia, and then you realize the material is stretched even thinner.

    It’s at this point I realized that we’d all been duped. I thought the book was going to be this super-detailed history of Layne, the Seattle music scene, Layne’s roots in glam, Alice N Chainz (which I still know next to nothing about), and how that evolved into the Black Sabbath-inspired band we love and cherish today.

    One of the things that most interested in me was how little AiC “fit” with their Seattle counterparts. They didn’t have the punk energy/influence that Nirvana and early S-G did. They were NOT apart of the romanticized-to-death Sub Pop scene and like Pearl Jam they seemed to hit the scene and endure with a sound all their own.

    I thought the book would touch on all these subjects, plus the final Layne interview, but I was sadly let down. I had no further contact with Rubio after early 2003 and to this date have never read the book. Nor do I have any plans of doing so.

    As the years have progressed, Rubio has kept going, apparently publishing a book about Jim Morrison and an “updated” version of the Layne Staley biography.

    I never read too much about the second Staley biography because it seemed at first glance to be another amateurish gimmick. And then I read the “expanded”, “uncut” interview excerpts from the new book where Staley was quoting his own or Jerry’s lyrics that were so obviously fabricated and I just tuned out. Don’t care what the second book is about.

    But I do want to point out, for the record, that this business of “Layne and I had a two-and-half-hour phone conversation” is complete and utter crap! She told me in 2002 that the convo they had was very, very brief, and that the dying Staley was not in the mood to go into too much detail.

    Many AiC fans, including Staley’s own sister, are on record stating that they don’t believe Rubio ever interviewed the singer at all, especially in light of the fabricated Layne-quoting-his-own-lyrics interview excerpts. If she lied about A, it seems, she obviously lied about everything pertaining to B through Z.

    However, I have my own theory. I do think a very brief conversation took place between Rubio in Layne Staley in early 2002. I think the quotes you saw in the MTV and Rolling Stone stories about the original book are authentic. I certainly can’t prove otherwise.

    HOWEVER, and this speaks to Rubio’s unbridled amateurishness, I think Rubio decided to stretch the thin material even thinner by writing the expanded book, and resorted to another insane gimmick in order to generate publicity for herself. The expanded interview excerpts are so obviously fake, but Rubio seems detached enough to think Staley’s fans are as stupid as she is.

    Depending on how much longer Rubio plans on flogging this horse, if I were Nancy or Liz I’d seriously consider filing legal action against her to make her produce the original audio recordings of this alleged conversation. I bet you it exists, and is all of 10 minutes long (if that).

    It’s a serious offense to claim to have conducted someone’s last interview and then attempt to profit off of it. I could easily go around claiming to have interviewed Whitney Houston the day she died. Wouldn’t hurt anybody unless I tried to publish a book about it. And then the burden of proof would be on me to produce audio recordings of the conversation to back up my story. This is Journalism for Dummies. Rubio can’t be THIS incompetent.

    Or maybe she is. I, for one, am sorry for having contacted this woman and given her the publicity she didn’t deserve. I was too willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because I wanted so badly for an honest truthful account of Layne’s life to be published, with the truth right from the his own mouth.

    I think a lot of us fell into that trap. Rubio, meanwhile, dove right in and kept on swimming.

    Another grave-dancing parasite…

  • Alyson

    Austin Kage:

    – 1. I beg you, use some economy of words.
    – 2. Why in the whole world Adriana has to answer anything to you? Who are you?
    – 3. If you have that book, read it please, seriously, cause there is no one line tha says “last interview” or something similar.
    – 4. That was not an interview! Was a phone call, made by Staley to Rubio, from Seattle to Buenos Aires.
    – 5. Adriana made all this job when Staley was still alive, cause she’s always been a fan of his art. No one else care in that days about this man. Nobody do that. Not even you and me.
    – 6. Ask Lizzy the truth, perhaps, something about the inexistence of an autopsy, or why Staley was so ashame of call 911 that night with Mike Starr.

    By the way, i’m chilean, sorry if my english is not perfect. Try to learn spanish, it’s a little bit more rich of words and complexity, so don’t me jokes about it. A little bit of respect.


  • Alyson

    By the way, Adriana isn’t a rich person. She don’t became some kind of millionaire because of this book.

    And guys, read it, it isn’t a byography, is just a harcore fan telling a story about his journey to know his idol. In that, she doesn’t succed.

    Liz and Nancy wan’t privacy and i respect that, but with these things, the people become to ask question, and there’s a lot that none of you know about this story, and is pretty dark.

  • Jane

    Well, Rubio’s books are definitely not Layne Staley biographies. I’d be more inclined to call them fan fiction than investigate journalism.

  • XIX

    I haven’t read the book. I guess Rubio may lied, changed stuff, but she also said that she kept secret many stuff his mother and sister told her. so Rubio didn’t wrote all she talked with them for respect. His mother and sister talked with her many “off the record” stories. I wonder what they try to hide. you don’t find this type of mistery with Kurt Cobain’s family or any other musicians.

  • allie

    i feel for liz and nancy. but i dont believe much of what they say. in trying to protect layne they seem to slander anyone who trys to tell a story unless its approved and sugar coated by them. so sad.

  • Rafael

    I don’t understand why you people hate Adriana’s work! Most of you didn’t even read the book! COMON!!! Even layne’s sister said she wouldn’t read the book, and just because she said that (with no argument, she just said something like “DO NOT READ IT”)you wouldn’t read it?? and besides of that you would talk bullshit about someones work?? You’re not smart at all..

  • Mills

    The Layne Staley book is awful. So is the Mike Starr book. Avoid both like the plague. They are pure shit, written by amatuers.

  • Dave

    I’ve read the Rubio book and it is awful. So awful in fact, so amatuerish, so misguided, so opportunistic that I was inclined to beleive some of the Staley Feb 2002 interview was real, mainly because I didn’t believe Rubio was clever enough to make it up.

    However the fact that some elements of her quotes from Layne have turned out to be from his sister’s mouth does cast a pall over that. Really the ‘interview’ was the only thing she had to promote the book which was otherwise worthless so it wouldn’t surprise me. The fact that she later said that Staley had said ‘i hate to feel’ in the interview seemed like obvious lies to me. A writer like Charles Cross or someone should do the man justice with a proper bio.

  • Lizzie

    Liz and others- Thank you for putting my curiosity to read this book to rest.

    Rather than support the ill intentions of a so called “journalist”- I am content with know what I know now of the Beautiful Layne.

  • Kelly Wilburn

    I haven’t read the book and that can be contributed mostly to fear of reading lies and embellishments of Layne’s life…. I would of loved to of known the real Layne– he was truly gifted and its sad he is no longer around to share his music with the world… He was definitely an extraordinary man and I choose to “know” him by listening to his music– that was a part of him he chose to share with the rest of the world and for me that just has to be good enough. My thoughts and prayers go to the ones who really knew Layne–his family, his bandmates, etc…. they are the one’s who were left with a genuine, painful void in their life.

  • doofus-dubcheck

    guys! stop your fucking denial! most of you probably know nothing about addiction what so ever. that “supposed” phone call from layne to rubio is for reals. anyone who thinks it’s not is just in denial. it doesn’t make layne any less of a very talented and sweet human to just speak very openly and honestly about his addiction and the consequences of it. and to do so in his very last months alive. of course he knew he was dying. i love layne more than anything and not a single day passes by without me wishing he was still alive… but he knew he was dying. he knew his body had started to shut down years before he eventually passed. there’s nothing wrong with admitting the consequences of addiction and why would he not do that whilst knowing this rubio woman was writing a book on him and being in contact with his mom and his sister? get with reality saps! love you layne for ever and miss you dearly!

  • factualstatementfromafamilymember

    a friend of mine is working on a possible REAL biography of Layne. the interviews will possibly be filmed. we are in process of talking to attorneys, the rest of Layne’s family, band members, etc. to see who will participate and who REALLY wants the truth about Layne’s life out for the aching fans. personally, i do not want Layne’s personal life on blast, nor my own, nor anyone else’s in the Staley family. but, if it will set some minds and hearts at ease, and give the world something REAL about Layne other than all these lies and BS, i will support it– if it is meant to be, it will be. -family member.

  • Jennfons

    Layne’s family has endured so much to have to deal with a dishonest, mediocre journalist that claims to have spoken to him. How heartless can you be to come out with a book after he had passed without considering his family’s feelings? Im glad Liz spoke about this. My heart goes out to Nancy and Layne’s family Im sure the pain will never ceased but I hope that they have found some solance in their hearts. Layne was a idol truly loved by many.

  • Mellysa

    What an awesome sister! RIP Layne, one of the greats! <3 <3

  • anthony p. magda

    Layne was a personal friend of mine from, “back in the day”. Sadly we did some things together that I will not speak of here (use your imagination) due to my respect for he and his family. I will relate one tale to smash this so called “journalist’s pack of lies. Firstly layne did NOT SPEAK TO JOURNALIST whatsoever following the smear job good ole RS did on him with “the needle and the damage done”. Liz nailed it HE DID NOT TRUST JOURNALIST, and I know for a fact he would not even say hello, let alone open up to this hack.
    Here is my statement, some time in 96 I met Demery on capitol hill, she was not well at all (she already had one open-heart surgery to install a pig valve in her damaged little heart, the result of bacterial endocarditis) and she and layne still “saw” one another, but more as best-friends than lovers, anyway I was at MY BOTTOM, and after meeting layne and Demery I was on the fast track to death (not to mention I had not the money or tolerance of Layne and Demery. Long story short, Demery and layne had spoken about “helping me” a few times, but I did’nt realize they

    ere speaking of getting me into a MMT program, which layne had tried apperently with little success. However he agreed to pay upwards of $4000.00 to enroll me and cover a year of fees, sad and hurt by this I reluctantly agreed to accept, and in retrospect was saved by this act of love, kindness, and TRUE FRIENDSHIP, I love and miss them both daily, and TRUELY OWE MY LIFE TO THEM, and look forward to seeing them both on the other side, though niether one was religous, they were both in touch with their spirituality. Love and miss you both, lil ant….

  • Sam Van Meter

    All I want to say is that, I love Layne and his obvious passion in his singing. I know that his death was a heavy loss for all of humanity. I feel so heavily sorry for those who knew him, I can only wish I had a friendship with the guy… I have listened to the band’s music so much over the past couple of years. Layne, you were such a awesome person despite the struggles you had to endure. You beat Kurt by a ways, in my opinion. He was cool too, but not on your level. Tears for him too.


    sometimes its hard to tell the truth. but in the end i think Many will be surprised with the facts and who are the deceptive ones. its a real shame.