LAYNE STALEY’S MOTHER NANCY ASKS FOR STOLEN BELONGINGS TO BE RETURNED TO HIS ESTATE posted an article a few days ago about an eBay auction for Layne Staley’s sunglasses and TV Guide magazine (some new photographs that were used as proof that they were Layne’s glasses). The glasses sold for $1,800. Layne’s Mom Nancy McCallum posted this comment on David de Sola’s blog.  For the record David verified to me that Nancy did indeed leave the comment:

“This is ghoulish. Layne’s things still belong to him, and should be returned to his estate, where his belongings are lovingly cared for by his family in “his room”.

The items can be returned to PO 63, Mukilteo, WA 98275, no questions asked.”

There have been rumors online for years that many of Layne’s belongings were stolen around the time of his death, and this is obviously an example of that. So whoever won the auction, please send the glasses to Nancy!

Also if Nancy is reading this, I just want to let you know that the articles I’ve been posting recently about the Layne Staley picture from 2001 are in no way intended to disrespect Layne or his memory. The photo has been on message boards for a year or two now, and I simply was able to put a date to it. Fans are just very curious to know about some of Layne’s activities during this time of his life, besides the obvious that moronic publications like Rolling Stone have beat into the ground. For fans I think it really is a closure thing, since we really do not know much about what Layne was up to in his last 5 years.  I’m trying to avoid posting anything that may be specifically drug related or anything nasty like that.  Finding out new things about Layne is a way of keeping his memory alive.  Regardless of what Layne looked like or what he was doing, we all love him!  Rest in peace Layne.

  • Limo Wreck

    Whoever won them would be out 1800 bucks, tough call. Maybe she should get ebay to go after the seller.

  • Nanette

    The auction was easy to find. Took me all about 3 minutes. Whos to say that the seller/buyer is going to read the blog. It would be super simple to contact wither of them directly. The listing did say the sunglasses were obtained from some one close to Layne.

    I hope Nancy gets them back. It sucks that people have to be such vultures.

  • brian

    I think anyone that is sick enough to steal a musician’s things, especially after they are no longer is living, is SO disrespectful and sick in the head…not to mention a LEGEND in music, and is lovedf by millions, EVEN IF, they have ‘strifes’ in life..I totally respect Layne staley, and I have a facebook page that alot of people that I know, also maintain honoring alice and chains and layne staley.. please get in touch with nancy, whoever is responsible for this act, and return his belongings.. you SICK person!!!! R.I.P. Layne And Mike Starr, GONE but NEVER forgotten

  • Ash

    Good luck getting those sunglasses back. Whoever paid for them would be out $1,800.

    Why not go after the guy who STARTED the auction and SOLD the sunglasses. All the buyer did was snag some memorbilia. He’s got no fault in this.

  • Grungy

    Watching that show Pawn Stars, Rick the owner said if they buy something stolen they have to return the item. Regardless of the price which in one case he said the item was like $65,000.

    With this EBay auction the seller should refund the money and the buyer should return it back to the seller.
    Then the seller should send it back to Laynes mom.

  • GrungeAttack

    That’s so messed to steal things from such a LEGEND, someone more than a mere man or addict, and then try to sell them after death.

  • Kris

    Whoever stole from Layne is really messed up but the eBay buyer can’t really be at blame – they were only buying memorabilia. The whole situation is really fucked up and I hope people find it in their hearts to do the right thing and return things to Nancy.

  • Gsushc

    Legend or complete unknown makes absolutely no difference, stealing from a person who has passed is just plain & simple wrong & low.

    The mother should contact the buyer as it is a legal matter in which if the item belongs to her son she is still the rightful owner of the item and should seek legal avenues to get it back even if the buyer paid $50,000 for them they are still the rightful possession of the estate unless the glasses or any item can be legally proven to have been acquired above board, and it is for the buyer to do this!

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      I have information on Laynes Dats to jar of flies album,and all original songs written by layne.

  • pretty penny

    So Layne’s mom wants his stuff back so she can put it in “his room.” OK, that’s the family’s perogative I guess, but how much of Layne’s stuff is already stuck in “his room” that his fans would love to see or hear? I personally would really like to hear some of the music Layne recorded in his home studio and see more of his artwork. And it’s because I love him and his work, not to make a buck off him!

  • Millz

    What if Layne gave the guy his sunglasses?? Or threw them in the audience, and this guy caught them?? What if they weren’t even Layne’s sunglasses just old sunglasses?? Does she want them back still??

    Does she really want his TV guide back?? I doubt it holds any memories.

    The flyer was for the public to pick up in case they wanted to buy his condo. Does she want that back too??

    I do agree 100% with Nancy and Layn’e family. I am simply pointing out some flaws with this whole situation.

  • Millz

    I doubt this guy broke in and stole TV guides and sunglasses after Layne’s passing. Anything is possible I guess. But if it could be proven that he sold bigger ticket items then you might have something there.

  • Krista

    I agree with pretty penny. It would be nice to just see a photo of the room Nancy has Layne’s belongings in.

  • Laura

    Wow…I am shocked at some of the comments here. Understand that this Mother..say it again..THIS MOTHER of a SON that passed away so tragically almost 10 years ago is wanting back the few items that belong to her only beloved son. He is Layne Staley to all of us…but to Nancy it is her little boy. Please people think outside the box a little would ya…..

  • steph

    Millz…this guy has sold many things from AIC & supposedly Layne. Layne had things stolen from him. So let me put this in perspective for you. NO WAY should this guy be making money off of stolen items. The only way he could get Layne’s mail is to have stolen it or gotten it off of someone who stole it. PERIOD. So yes had I lost my son and he had belongings that were all over the place from people robbing him and taking advantage of him, I wouldn’t care if it was a fucking gum wrapper. Give his mom his belongings back.

    And Ebay auctions that are paid for through Paypal are covered for the return of money if items are stolen. Ebay or Paypal would be so compelled to go after the seller themselves then. $1800 is grand larceny,I believe. So either one of 2 things…He either stole them from Layne OR he is lying about them being Layne’s. Either way he is a douche canoe.

  • Millz

    Hey I agree with the fact that he should not be selling, or making money off stolen property especially from Layne. But we don’t know if the sunglasses are stolen or even really Layne’s glasses. This guy could be lying, and probably is.

    The TV Guide is probably stolen, and it is a federal crime to steal mail, no matter how un-important it is. It is however not stolen property if he found it in the trash at Layne’s condo. Then it is discarded property.

    I’m on Layne’s and Nancy’s side here. I’m a huge fan and have seen Alice with both Layne and William. I’ve met Jerry, Sean, William and Mike Inez and have the utmost respect for them. They were the 1st grunge band I ever heard on the radio and saw perform. They opened the doors for SG, Nirvana and PJ.

    But as a person with an interest in the law, I have to point out the obvious grey areas here.

  • GrungeAttack

    It’s just fucked.

  • Robert

    I don’t blame Nancy at all. If the items were stolen then the family has every right to want those items pass. It is low thing to be making money over dead person.

  • Jon

    The guy who paid for them did nothing wrong. It’s a shame that the thief was such a lowlife prick but you can’t really expect the buyer to give up $1,800 of his money.

  • Ali

    Was there a police report filed for these so called stolen sunglasses after Laynes death? Did anyone even notice them missing until now that they have sold? Maybe she should offer the buyer their money back as they have no duty to return these glasses to her. And is it just me or is the timing of all this (Laynes name back in the media) perfectly in time for the rumors of a new Alice in chains album to be released? Just sayin…

  • Ace Chandler

    Has a rock star never thrown anything off a stage to eagerly awaiting fans. Could Layne Staley have borrowed a pair of Mike Starr’s sunglasses just before he went on stage. Maybe Layne gave them to Mike after the show and Mike gave them to a friend or they turned up after Mike’s passing (rest in peace). If everything he ever possessed is that important how come we as fans have no memorial to visit and see these artifacts that Nancy seems to find so important. Why did his “friends” and “family” not buy his condo to keep his possessions, could these things have been thrown out with the trash during the clean out. Who ever bought them is the rightful owner, could Nancy even pick those glasses out of a set of ten glasses to prove she even knows they were his. Is there a receipt where Layne purchased them. Some fan was willing to pay $1800 for what they believe is a small piece of Layne, is it possible they need or deserve them more than Nancy. Without the fans of her son, she would not be where she is today. There is no way to prove they were stolen not a gift and were they ever missed until she saw how much they sold for. Be thankful Layne is still relevant after all these years, it’s we as fans keeping him alive in our hearts and yet Nancy believes everyone that came in contact with her son and he was gracious enough to give them something are subject to ridicule and are to return those items to her. We will never know how this person came to own these glasses but I’m glad someone was willing to pay that amount and I’m sure they will cherish them forever. Layne may you rest in peace brother. Hopefully some day we will have a place to come and pay our respects to our heroes like you.

  • Ben

    Hopefully Nancy gets Layne’s sunglasses back , I can’t imagen how it must feel to lose someone and see their personal items being solid on the internet that’s messed up man. :/

  • FartHead

    Before Layne died, people broke into his storage unit and his 2002 Trans Am to steal things knowing they could get some Layne Staley possessions.

    His mother stated something along the lines that the last time he had stuff stolen from him “it was the last straw”.

    Fuck who ever is selling these items.

    By the way, the people saying we would like to see pictures of his room or estates (pretty penny) – “It’s none of your business!”

    You think because you are a fan your entitled to see and know everything about this person – Well, You’re not!

    Layne would have published music or given interviews (yes, even in the state he was in) if he wanted to share these things with the public.

  • Luke

    Any real fan would return those glasses to their home, regardless of price do the right thing for fuck sakes!

  • redhead

    i agree with ash and pretty penny

  • FartHead

    I think we have a lot of teenage girls on grunge report.

    Lets see how smart the grunge report viewers are:

    What happens to someone who receives or purchases stolen property? (Even though they are not aware it was stolen):

    The item or property is taken from them, they are not reimbursed for whatever they paid for it, and they may actually GO TO JAIL!

    If this wasn’t simple enough for you watch The Cable Guy.

  • Louderthanshit333

    @ Farthead

    Just because he never did publish anything like his demos, it doesn’t mean fans of his don’t want to hear them because he never released them.

  • L’Angel

    You know what’s fucked up? If someone spends $1,800 on stuff that supposedly belonged to Layne, they must be a serious fan that knows what his mother has gone through to get stuff into “his room” (which by the way was never his room, “just” a room where Nancy keeps his belongings). So why would they try to buy these things when they clearly know where they belong? As for the seller…People will always try to make money, it’s up to US to prevent them from doing so.

  • L’Angel

    Ace Chandler, if you were in possession of said glasses bc Layne had given them to you, would you sell them?
    I don’t think Nancy expect us to return things Layne may have given us but things people came in possession of unrightfully and/or unlawfully.
    No, she may have not known about those glasses before bc she did not have an inventory of things that belonged to Layne. And she may have not wanted to purchase the condo where her son passed away and where she had to recognise him.
    If you want to pay your respect, you can, you don’t need a grave. You can go to his condo and lay flowers.
    She is very thankful to all of us fans.

  • Blipo

    Without coming off as disrespectful, how cool would it be to be able to own that ram air trans am that layne owned? I mean im sure his family will sell it or have sold it already. I’m a big car guy and that year trans am (if it’s was a ws2) was a beast for its time. I’d love to have it to preserve laynes ride!

  • azhiaziam

    I also recently saw an eBay posting about a ring that supposedly belonged to Layne Staley. Also, in it, the seller was implying that it was stolen. It was described to be around a $300 ring of a beetle. Wonder if Nancy is aware of it/could verify/know that it’s stolen.

  • Ace Chandler

    L’angel it seems she does expect us to return them because she has no idea of the origin of those glasses. The now owner is expected to just give her the glasses back by sending them to a P.O box no questions asked. It sounds like she believes this fan, obviously a very devoted fan did wrong. Calling them ghoulish and implying that they would not lovingly care for them. No I would not sell those glasses if they were in my possession but there are circumstances that could force a person in this economy to do so. Maybe Layne’s glasses saved their home or child’s life. And yes I see that people are saying well this person had pictures taken just of the autographs just so they could sell them for more money. Maybe it’s just another way of Layne being unselfish and helping out someone by giving them the chance to make some money and give back because he felt fortunate to be where he was. I have tattooed a large portrait of Layne on my Wife’s back and I too have one, both were featured during The Layne Staley Fund concert a couple of years back. We also donate to the cause. So trust me we love Layne as much as anyone on here. I just find it a little petty to have all this argument over glasses that she never missed until this fan gave $1800 for them and he should just lose his money. Would you be willing to spend that much for a little piece of Layne or take the chance of spending that kind of money to be scammed? I’m sure there are lot’s of things out there that were Layne’s that he may have given to fans but now Nancy is turning that nice gesture by Layne into a personal attack on the fans that received them. If they were stolen there would be some kind of proof and even then the seller should be the one under attack. Also is it possible that these items were once in Mike Starr’s estate and now that he has passed are beginning to surface? And to address the comment that there is a place to go we could leave flowers that’s another persons home now and why should they have to clean them up. I just believe that if she wants all these possessions at least display them for all of us to see. I would love to have a place to take my daughter who is 6 years old Azley Icess Chandler (AIC) to see and learn about the Legend she was named in honor of,then the items could be curated and kept safe from any kind of possible theft in the future and his memory could live on for future generations to see and learn his history. He deserves it and so do we as fans. People still visit Graceland for Elvis, yet we have nothing. Even the Hard Rock Cafe in my town has not one picture of Layne on their walls, I’m sure they would “lovingly care” for any items they would receive to be displayed there. Layne and Mike we love and miss you both very much.

  • Southern Discomfort

    I’ve got some used Layne needles if anyone is intrested…

  • Ali

    I still can’t find anything that said the items were stolen. Can someone give me the link to that? I read the original blog that Nancy commented on and she never said they were stole, just that they belong to Layne and should be returned? People are commenting on laws and buying stolen propery etc. but I just don’t see it???

  • FartHead


    They had a tv guide with Layne address, here is the link that would tell us its stolen:

  • L’Angel

    From Nancy’s newsletter ( I believe this has been on the website for at least a year.

    “I feel compelled to tell you that throughout the past eight years we have had to deal with: the theft of Layne’s art (which we recently bought back with Layne’s hard-earned “blood” money, from someone who thought “Layne would want [them]to have it”…absurd!!); the theft of his Harley (which was then driven 50 miles on two flat tires and put on display in someone’s living room, later to be parted out!…addiction, grrrrrr); the theft of his journals (addiction…grrrrr); extensive vandalism of (and theft from) his car; extortion; lies; ghoulish behavior; the truth about some “friends”; loss of privacy; misunderstandings; complicated legal and accounting issues; huge expenses; unfamiliar business territory; fear; exhaustion; and disappointments, etc. If you see someone making money from merchandise that is not estate-authorized, let me know. I can send a “cease and desist” letter, which clarifies the estate position. Ebay is not a place to make money off of my son. Nor is craig’s list. It is a breach of conscience to do so. If you have something not legitimately acquired, return it to the estate, where it belongs. Many of Layne’s things were pilfered over the years and should come home.
    No remanufacturing, copying, or use of band logos, artwork, signature, pictures, etc., is legal. It’s okay to sell your owned goods (that’s your business); or, just keep your mementos and tell your children about Layne, Mad Season and A.I.C. someday. If you don’t care, give them freely to someone who does (if they are legitimately yours to give). The law allows for a “caregiver” of someone else’s things to return them to the estate without being suspect or charged. It is not alright to “negotiate” a “thank you” fee. That would be known as ‘extortion’. The estate may make that choice.
    “They parted his garments, and cast lots.” Ghouls.”
    The items should not have been bought in the first place.
    I hope you enjoy the read!

  • L’Angel

    Was it a white car? If so I’m pretty sure it’s with his family.

  • Brett

    Reading that newsletter from Nancy makes my heart break for her.

  • GrungeAttack

    Poor Nancy.

  • dakotablue

    I sure would like to read some of Layne’s journals, though.

  • GrungeAttack

    Poor Nancy has to deal with these vultures who need to be arrested if they knew this stuff was stolen. Ebay should be contacted and bring in the troops to stop this travesty.

  • Jeanne

    Don’t kill me for what I am about to say, I am just thinking here. Okay, there have been NUMEROUS rumors for years, that Mike Starr (RIP) might have “stolen” some things from Layne, near his time of death (if you believe Mike was there when Layne actually died). Now, isn’t it possible, if that was true, these items were actually from Starr, and are now surfacing because Starr died? Nothing disrespectful to Starr, I know if he did take things, which was never substantiated, it was out of love for Layne, and wanting to have things to remember him by.

    But just thinking, could these “items” that are appearing be from what Starr (could have) taken from Layne’s place? They might really be from Layne…maybe Starr took them, and now they have gotten into other hands?

    It is sad all the way around really. If I was on Ebay, and saw these items, yes I would assume they were stolen…unless there was other proof, because that is just how this world is these days. Anyone looking to steal to make a quick dollar, especially from dead celebrities. I don’t know really, just have to wonder, cause reports surfaced things Layne made for his nephew Oscar went missing, and stuff, in the time frame that could have been when Mike was last with Layne. Again, not disrespecting Mike here at all, I don’t fault him for anything, if he did or didn’t or if he was there or not there. Just trying to make sense of it all I guess, and them being from Mike or at one time in Mike’s possession does make sense.

  • steph

    Those so called “reports” are from that eMetal shit on FAD. That’s where those rumors started. That’s the only person I have read that shit from. And then idiots believed her and repeated it and then it was all over the net. There is no one or nothing to substantiate these ridiculous rumors. I am not sure why people find it necessary to repeat the rumors over and over again. Poor Mike Starr died with enough guilt, and I think that guilt helped do him in. It’s time to let him rest.

  • Ali

    Thanks L’Angel but I still didn’t see anything that proves the glasses were stolen. I did see where Nancy wrote “It’s okay to sell your owned goods (that’s your business); or, just keep your mementos and tell your children about Layne”.
    I agree about what Jeanne said about Mike Starr’s estate. But not about Mike stealing items, I would say Layne gave the items to him. They were best friends after all.

    And to Farthead…I read that TV guide was dated for a year after Layne’s death, and if that is wrong maybe he threw it away? Have you never received mail addressed to prior residents of somewhere you lived? I know I have.
    BTW there there may be statute of limitations on certain things, so maybe that’s why these things are surfacing?

    At any rate I am and have been a huge Layne fan for many years, I have a portrait of him on my shoulder. I am sorry that all of you guys don’t like my statements or opinions (because they were just that, opinions). I was not intending to make everyone mad at me nor put down on Nancy. I just felt bad for the poor person who paid good money to have a piece of Layne. If he finds out that these were in fact stolen and wants to return then to the state great but should not be out his money. If there is proof these were in fact stolen the seller should be held responsible. If the buyer used paypal I know for a fact they have laws protecting people against these types of thing.
    Anyway this will be my last post about this since obviously my fellow Layne fans don’t wish to hear what I have to say. I will not apologize for any of my opinions I will however apologize to Grunge Report for causing such a huge uproar of comments on here, I do enjoy your site and thank you for all that you do.

  • Ace Chandler

    I still see no proof from anyone that these glasses were stolen I’m sure Layne Staley gave his fan a lot of items over the years. Is it that unreasonable to believe he gave someone a pair of sunglasses, what importance could they have possibly have been to him he could have bought a million more if he wanted but I imagine he knew what they would have meant to a fan. It’s not like Layne was never a music fan, I’m sure he could sympathize with a fan wanting something as disposable to a big rock star like sunglasses. Layne was an amazing man who gave all of himself through his music. Anyone that did steal from him they will eventually get theirs but let’s not outcast a fan that bought some memorabilia from E-Bay. They just wanted a little piece of the man, I assume, we all here love. Who here would not want to have something like that to be able to look at the world through the same lenses that Layne saw the world through. If in fact they can be proven stolen, not sure how that can be done, he was a victim. But how can we expect the fan to give them up if in fact it is not true. We all want to keep Layne’s memory alive here so let’s not all turn on each other. We will all know who is right and who is wrong if Nancy gets the glasses back and someone goes to jail. Let us all not turn Layne’s memory into this:

    Losing Layne was devastating to an entire generation and all we have are the items he left behind with fans, not everything could have been stolen out there. Not everyone is a ghoul that has an item of Layne Staley’s. Now they say don’t buy anything that doesn’t comes from the estate. I would never, ever want to give up anything that Layne Staley had ever given me but there are some circumstances that could force it I suppose, but now I would be villain if I had to. Quote Nancy “If you see someone making money from merchandise that is not estate-authorized, let me know. I can send a “cease and desist” letter, which clarifies the estate position.” but wait maybe I’m not. Another quote “It’s okay to sell your owned goods (that’s your business); or, just keep your mementos and tell your children about Layne, Mad Season and A.I.C. someday. If you don’t care, give them freely to someone who does (if they are legitimately yours to give).”
    This whole thing seems to be petty and really making all those involved look foolish. If it were me I would graciously allow the fan to keep the goods or ask them if I could buy them back for what was paid. Then do research and prosecute the seller and if in fact the goods were stolen and get my money back and then some. Instead of making such a public spectacle of myself and pitting fans against each other. This could have been handled privately instead of throwing around Layne’s name and “dead son” for sympathy. We all feel for Nancy but that does not make the accusation true

    However if we want to argue let us argue this who is making money from Nancy’s dead son? Jerry Cantrell,William DuVall,Sean Kinney,Mike Inez as Alice In Chains (BTW Layne’s name for the band..Oh wait Jerry gets credit now too because they changed the spelling. During the commercials for them touring on the radio, seems I heard a lot of Layne singing and that’s not what the fans got in fact they got the Jerry Cantrell band that brought you Degradation Trip. I assume it was better to use a band name made huge by Layne Staley rather than carry on with one created by Jerry Cantrell (who apparently decided the other members of the band were not as important as him as the singer I assume because he was finally in the spotlight out of Layne’s shadow) he named the band Jerry Cantrell.
    From what I’ve read not to many people were a part of his life while he was near death, I mean the poor and horribly despairing and dark soul (just listen to his lyrics)lay dead and alone for weeks, just as he himself predicted. And how was it suspicion was raised that Layne had passed it was found out his financial records were not showing any activity. Who was protecting Layne while he was alive? Jerry and the other members of Alice In Chains. Layne himself said “”Don’t try to contact any AIC (Alice in Chains) members. They are not my friends.” a quote from Layne himself I wonder why? Here are some of the Lyrics Jerry was writing while Layne was at Death’s door.

    Everything you heard I did and maybe then some, ok
    Does it make you happy and now is it out of the way?
    Everything you heard I done and probably then some, ok
    Does it really matter, of course I took it all the way
    What more can I say
    Locked on-what’s the deal?

    Faded rock star, push and needle
    You don’t know, well that’s alright
    You do your thing, I’ll live my life
    Every word is true, baby, I won’t deny

    Don’t you push me over, I ain’t even finished my ride
    Every word you read is true and maybe that is a lie
    Strap session closing and I’m going out of my mind
    What more can I say
    Every song I wrote I meant what I said at the time
    Yeah, I spent some time looking death right in the eye
    Every song I wrote I captured a fragment of time
    Dying a little bit makes you appreciate life
    Nothing more to say
    Locked on

    Again if everything was so great without Layne why go back to using A.I.C. … To cash in on Layne. I find the whole thing appalling and I am amazed when I see that Jerry and Nancy are so close to each other. And to read about William Getting a blessing from Layne’s family and fans convincing them to keep the name put out good music and the name wouldn’t have mattered, let’s face it the wanted “brand” recognition to keep credibility with the label and sell more records. I spoke to a young man while tattooing him and he was just discovering Alice In Chains and had no idea Layne Staley had passed and was excited to hear that the band was coming back after so many years being away. Imagine his surprise going to a concert that the singer was not Layne after listening to the catalog and hearing commercials with Layne’s voice. There is no replacement for that no one will ever fill that void no matter how hard they try but I’m sure there is great money in it for everyone involved. I personally boycott the new A.I.C. by changing the channel whenever I hear their songs start to play and I refuse to purchase an album from them. I know people are going to say ” it’s a great album, you should give it a listen.”, but I choose to honor Layne Staley in my own ways one being not participating in this abomination. I know , I know “awww amn you’re just stuck in the past.” the next time a singer can touch my soul the way Layne did then I will give them the same devotion but I will not settle and I do still have Mark Lanegan giving my soul what it needs and he has a new album out right now and if you don’t know check out his catalog of music, outstanding. Also he performed with and was one of Layne Staley’s best friends and performed with Kurt Cobain singing Where did you sleep last night with Kurt on guitar and back-up vocals check him out.

    • Marzy

      Good to know someone else is less than thrilled about Jerry exploiting Layne and the AIC name. When he came through here this spring the TV showed Layne’s image and played his vocals to promote this tour. I actually felt sick to my stomach. A decent person would have at least altered the name to Alice Unchained or something. Seems like Jerry continues to be the user he always was with Layne. Probably knows he never would have achieved fame without Layne’s star power. Layne would have made it big regardless of what band he performed with, because he was just that good. Also love Mark Lanegan. Anyway, on subject, celebrities don’t owe us anything but a good product , anything else is icing on the cake. I understand that we love Layne and would cherish anything connected to him, but we should not encourage people who exploit him, no matter how much we long for a part of him to keep out of love for him.

  • Daniannie

    I thought & still think that “Locked On” sounds more like a statement to a woman rather than a commentary on Layne Staley. Of course, unless Jerry Cantrell cares to clarify things, we won’t truly know.

  • L’Angel

    Since everybody is entitled to their opinion, here is mine:
    As far the glasses go: first of all, no spectacle has been made. Nancy didn’t even post that on her website but on a blog that was captured by this site. She has had this added in the meantime: “Sharing of your owned goods is legal. Reproducing for financial gain is illegal.”.
    The glasses were sold with a stolen TV guide and apartment Realtor flyer, stolen, I believe. It just seems logic to assume the glasses were stolen. If they weren’t and this person was really trying to cash in $1.8k because they needed it, I still would have written to Nancy. Had they e-mailed saying “I have Layne’s glasses and I’m forced to sell them to pay a medical bill”, knowing her, she probably would have started a fund raise, LOL.
    The whole Alice thing has no place in here and I won’t even get started. What I do know is that people have been able to enjoy live Alice (myself included) and I have met a few teens at a concert in Paris who had got to know Alice thanks to their new album and totally knew who Layne was but were glad that they could hear those songs live since they were not around when Layne was.
    That said, you have every right not to listen to them, it’s your decision.
    As far as “protecting Layne”, anyone who has a little knowledge about addiction will know that there is no “protecting” anybody from this DISEASE. If it was as simple as that, the death rate would not be as high as it is.
    Then again, that is just my somewhat informed point of view.

  • Ace Chandler

    L’angel Quote
    “The glasses were sold with a stolen TV guide and apartment Realtor flyer, stolen, I believe. It just seems logic to assume the glasses were stolen.”

    The T.V. guide could have been thrown out. How many stacks do you have piled up in your house. Or possibly given to one of the people in these pictures we are all seeing in these surfacing pictures. Either way its an assumption that it was stolen.

    Macmillan Dictionary

    FLYER :
    1. An announcement or advertisement that is printed on a sheet of paper and given to people.

    A flyer is free.

    Glasses you assume were stolen.

    Macmillan Dictionary

    ASSUME :
    1. To believe that something is true, even though no one has told you or even though you have no proof.

    We all know about the problems Phil Staley caused for Layne. Would this even be an argument if Layne’s father was posting that he deserves the glasses. Would you assume they were stolen then or assume Phil (being a known addict) just wanted to have them to cash in on Layne? He too has the “it’s my son” argument. I’m sure I know the answer but again it’s all opinions and assumptions. We have no proof here. I’m arguing that there is no proof. Ignorance of a situation of how, when and where that person came up with these items is not proof, just because you assume does not make it fact.

  • steph

    Ace…seriously. You got a problem with Nancy, all the surviving members of AIC, William Duvall, Phil Staley. You read what you want into Jerry’s lyrics to try to make them mean what you want. What are you doing? Nancy made provisions in her statement, that if you are the owner of the goods, then you can do what you want with them. Nancy has had to buy her sons property back from thieves. Things that belonged to him to begin with, think how you would feel if that was a loved one of yours. Layne’s condo is on private property with trash service provided on that private property. In order to get the tv guide from his trash, if in fact this was the case, the guy would have had to trespass. So any way you look at it, these are ill gotten gains. And you keep going on & on about Layne giving his fans items that belonged to him. He was reclusive the last 6 years of his life. I doubt he was often hanging out with fans. The seller of the auction says that the glasses were obtained by a close friend of Layne’s. But he doesn’t say whom it is or have any proof whatsoever. And any true close friend of Layne’s wouldn’t sell something he gave to them. This Ebay seller is SHADY. I am not so sure why some of you can’t see that.

  • steph

    Also…Phil Staley inherited 1/2 Layne’s money because Layne died without a will.

  • L’Angel

    The bottom line is: no fan of Layne’s that knows what Nancy has gone through, would have bid on these items before contacting Nancy or a representative of Layne’s Estate, in my opinion.
    Try and put Empathy in your dictionary and see what you come up with.

  • Cam from new zealand

    Ace,come on,seriously,if stolen or not family should have the right to all belongings its stupid disrespectful fucks that try and make a buck with items like these that have so much meaning to people that should own them and the seller couldnt give a shit,its bullshit.I really hope that they find the glasses and that they are returned,no questions asked like nancy said.Rest in peace Layne,still listening to you evry day man!

  • RR

    I understood Nancy. It’s sick to sell illegal stuff of a dead person. But also Nancy has some guilt of the situation. so much drama, from her and supposed fans. He was a rock star for crying out loud, a musician who sold millions and still sell music. What Nancy expected an easy pass to manage his state?! I haven’t see so much drama about pictures. belongings, this or that, from other dead starts. Right now, seeing clearly the overpowering, possessiveness of Nancy over anything from Layne, has helped to slow, burn recognitions of Layne. I do think that Nancy’s over protective behaviour has help in keep Layne unrecognized.

    there are stuff that belong to his family, but there are other stuff that in a way belongs to the fans. what nice would be to see some of his glasses, jackets, etc in a Hard Rock Cafe. Nancy’s overprotecting behavior has made anything from him more valuable in the black market. something that its legal value is a thousand , in the back market will be 2, 3, etc, thousands. Nancy has made Layne’s stuff super attractive to collectionists. she need to loosen up. and donate some of his stuff to a rock museum would be more than great. if she really wants her son recognized. she need to get rid of of that overprotecting thingy. or she can take example in the family of other musicians families who share and/or donate their stuff.

  • Todd

    First of all, Gsushi or whatever your name is back there, it is the burden of proof on the plaintiff’s to prove that the items were stolen, not the defendants responsibility to prove they did not steal them. Secondly, the “crime” covers so many jurisdictions, no law enforcement agency would bother with it, it’s a pair of friggin’ sunglasses !!!! Whoever called him “more then a mere man or drug addict”…..grungeattack or whatever your name is………how high are you ? someone more then a “mere man” would have beaten that illness. Steven tyler has been clean for decades and probably still has a buzz from all the heroin he and his toxic twin, joe perry, ingested, and has been pointed out by many first-hand informed people ( including myself )many people get off of the junk for the simple reason that they want to.period. It is sad that some people become accustomed to being “victims” at a very early age, and it is a role they are comfortable playing the rest of their lives. The person who quoted some of Laynes interviews and said “does that sound like someone who WANTED to be an addict ?” No, it sounded like someone who was comfortable being a victim. On the “remember layne” website, his best friend, darin lamb, says that anyone who told layne what to do or what he needed was immediately dismissed from his life. He also stated that he, himself, spent 80 hours ( i believe thats what was said, hence I am not using quotation marks ) trying to find a detox that layne was comfortable with. He found something wrong with each one of them. NOW DOES THAT SOUND LIKE SOMEONE WHO WANTEC TO BE AN ADDICT ? I didn’t want to skin my knee riding my bike when I was a kid, but I sure as hell didn’t mind the ice cream I got to “make me feel better”. Layne obviously did not want to hear from his friends what he needed to get off the junk, and his “efforts” at detox ( apparently having someone else make a bunch of phone calls ) were not exactly whole-hearted attempts on his part. What he liked was having a bunch of “caretaker” personalities around him. Actually, i hesitate to use the word “liked”, because it is more like that is how his brain was wired from an early age, it is just how he was comfortable. Oh yeah, the person who thought jerry cantrell was being disrespectful or whatever with the lyrics to that song….artists write about what they are feeling at the time…the friggin song even has a line close to that in it !!! ( what I wrote, i meant it at the time ) but what the hell is so disrespectful about telling a true story ? Layne Staley was an amazing talent, and from what I have gathered from reading on the internet, a pretty nice guy. Losing someone like that to drug addiction sucks,big time !, but to call him “more then a mere man” and that sort of thing is ridiculous. The fact that he WAS a mere man is what caused him to fall prey to the same thing millions of “regular people” fall to daily. He was a human being, with all the faults that come along with being one, and he was given a talent and opportunities that millions were not, and they persevered. That other person was correct……they wanted to, he did not. period. I also read from one of his friends that one of the biggest things that Layne wanted was for his mom to accompany him to the methadone clinic. She did not. Apparently she has more time to chase around a friggin tv guide and a pair of friggin sunglasses then she did to help her “little boy” when he needed her the most. Sounds like she is more comfortable being a “victim” also, could be where it was learned !!!!!!!!

  • Todd

    oops….one more thing. It was not in this thread, I believe, but to the friggin morons who spent a whole page discussing the paint cans found in the apartment and how Layne may have huffed when his dope didnt get there quick enuff, etc………………HE WAS A FCKIN ARTIST !!!!!!!!! HE PAINTED WITH THE PAINT YOU USELESS WASTES OF SPACE !!!!!!! That, to me, is being disrespectful. Looking at everything as if he used anymeans to get high while you are on his blog purportedly because you loved the man……..yet looking for something negative in everything that he did.

  • GenXLady

    Very good food for thought and insights, Todd. Your portrayal of being comfortable as a victim rang true with me, through experience with a step family member. The problem I have seen through years of seeing people try to help her is that she is somewhat of a bottomless pit. The people around her become drained by the drama over time. She doesn’t have drug issues, but painful stuff all the same. Maybe it was this comfort zone of being a victim trait that was the key that kept Layne locked in his addiction. And if he was not aware of it, that would lead to many rationalizations based on his world view of himself that would prevent real change from happening. That is not to say he was an unlovable or bad person, just flawed in the ways that we all are. Unfortunately his way of coping, drugs, proved to escalate his life into crisis mode pretty quickly. Most of us just learn about the flaws we carry throughout our life experiences over a more extended period of time. He was a tremendous talent. By all accounts, he was a great guy and a compassionate person too. Being close to him and watching him choose to slowly kill himself must have been truly maddening. RIP Layne.

  • Todd

    Genxlady, Thanks, you worded it much better then I did. I did not mean to make it sound like I was slamming him, I have become a fan of his just recently on this level. I barely knew the story, was an alice fan, and just thought he was another singer who had o.d.’d and when I moved here to Seattle recently, I started reading about him. I have battled drug addiction myself, along with depression, and I think what got me started really reading about him was when I found out that he was passed for so long before anyone found him. I think that was incredibly sad that someone was not missed until an accountant called to see why no one had spent money in two weeks !!!! Any of his so-called “friends” who said that they didn’t make a call because he wouldn’t be their friend anymore, well, I would rather HE not be my friend because I tried to do SOMETHING to help him, then ME not be his friend by doing that……..NOT BEING A FRIEND and letting him just die. He didn’t want to watch Demri kill herself, so he would probably understand one of his friends doing the same thing. By all accounts I have read, he was a very nice guy, looked out for others instead of himself, and his talent, don’t have to look too far to see that. I guess what I stop short of saying is I am pissed when I read about the mother saying things like “I never listened to his music while he was alive” and shit like that. Take a friggin interest in your kid, LADY !!!! How the hell you profess to love someone, yet never take an interest in the most important thing in the world to them ??????? I won’t keep rattling on, but it really bugs me that he was ( apparently to me, anyway ) screaming out for his family, and trying to fill a hole inside of himself, and they never saw it. Someone, anyone, dying that lonely is something that tears at my heart strings, and to hear people talk about “more then a mere man”, etc. grates on my nerves. He was a human being, just like us, who needed love, attention and everything else that goes along with being a human being, not a rock star, not someone that was above the mental ills that can strike us all. We all carry things from our childhood that form who we are, make the connections in our brains that form our ability to have relationships with others, etc, and it is sad to see what happens in the extreme when someone is neglected. He played the victim because he was “taught” to, I never meant to imply that he was some kind of weak person or anything like that. I also shouldn’t “post” when I read a bunch of stuff that irritates me,lol, and oops, it looks like I kept rattling. But thanks again for your reply, and seeming to understand a little that I was not just slamming him. I think his story is tragic, and it could have been avoided at some point.

  • Todd

    …..and he was probably far from being unlovable, he just felt he was. Sorry to hear about the trials with your step-family member. They just don’t seem happy, or rather comfortable, without the chaos or the drama, which leads me to believe that they missed out on that one thing I mentioned before……ATTENTION !!! they seem to crave it, almost all the time, because they never got it when they developed. Just a regular human being, looking for someone to take an interest in their life,a real interest. He sounded like a really nice guy, and it has been my experience that someone like that who treats people as well as he did, as considerate as he was, and as interested in their lives and well-being as he did, was practicing a very old philosophy……..treat others as you WOULD LIKE to be treated.

  • Todd

    The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep, loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
    – Elizabeth Kubler Ross

  • Todd

    ….and since I mentioned his mom…..should mention that it was far from being all on her. She may have had her own issues and be a nice person trying to deal with them and did the best she could, but you, MR. Staley, you sir, are a friggin useless piece of sht.

  • Todd

    MR. Staley being the father of Layne.

  • Todd

    ….and so much for not rattling on….fuck it !!!!!

  • kevin p

    thats bullshit. people who are paying that type of money obviously love layne. if i had his sunglasses i would be wearing them proudly, rather than them sitting in a room where no one can appreciate them

  • Mike

    I have nothing but respect for the mother and the memory of Layne. But sunglasses? tv guides? I’m sure Layne’s Mom has plenty of keepsakes and now someone else does too- to the tune of 1800 bucks. Good for them, probably not real, and the ways these items could have been obtained by this guy you’re all “demonizing” are limitless…

    The bond between a mother and lost son is (should be) far beyond items of clothing and keepsakes. Do you think Layne would care who ended up with some of his basically worthless stuff? She has a “room” full of items and gee, probably more than a few million dollars to remember our lost poet with.

    I’m not even cynical and I love every second of every AIC song…so jees, let it go, Layne already gave us the gifts he came to give.

  • Mike

    @ Kevin p, absolutely!

  • anthony p. magda

    Love and miss layne lots as of late. He was a fixture up on capitol hill in the early to late 90’s, he is missed both as an artist and friend. To all of you that wonder, he was a. very sweet and kind man, not to mention an incredible talent. I just think of him as the funny, cool, young vibrant guy he was in the time I spent with him. He hid his use back in those days, he was always trying to get clean, layne had trouble being thought of as better than, or bigger then life, he was just layne, warts and all, god I miss AIC with him, but we must soldier on… I got clean during a time he was also trying to kick, and I’am clean to this day, and things like this sad story help me toe the line, so to speak… so layne will always be “anti-drug” to me, love and miss you bro, ant…

  • Yasmin

    I feel sad everyday lately…Layne has been on my mind alot. He was a great friend to me, I know he was making a cartoon for his nephew…Wondering if that got to him or if that was one thing that was stolen.
    I miss him everyday, and will always love him.