Kurt Cobain’s Thoughts On Foo Fighters Song Revealed

On the latest episode of Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways, Dave Grohl discussed writing songs while on tour with Nirvana in 1991. Grohl remembered a January 1992 demo tape featuring: Floaty, Alone + Easy Target, and Heavy Handed. He recalled playing “Alone + Easy Target” for Cobain, “Kurt heard that, and kissed me on the face, as he was in a bath. He was so excited. He was like, ‘I heard you recorded some stuff with Barrett.’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He was like, ‘Let me hear it.’ I was too afraid to be in the same room as he listened to it.”

“Alone + Easy Target” later appeared on Foo Fighters’ self-titled 1995 debut album.

Dave Grohl also discussed being a rock star in a recent interview with The Guardian:

“There really weren’t too many musicians or bands that imagined life outside of the Washington DC music community. There was no music industry there, there was just this sense of camaraderie, everyone knew each other. Now you have famous musicians locking down a backstage area at a festival so they can go up onstage. It’s like a power trip or something. I’ve written letters to musicians before after I’ve got stuck in their fucking lockdown, like: ‘Dude, come on, we’re all in this together.’ Maybe people just don’t understand that there is an alternative to what you would imagine a rock star to be. You don’t have to have a needle hanging out of your arm, you don’t have to fucking lock down a festival backstage. Why not just go fucking knock on everybody’s door with a bottle of whisky and say: ‘Hi, I’m Dave, how are you? Nice to meet you,’ and see who’s going to fucking join the party? That’s the first thing I do.”

He later discussed being in the shadow of Nirvana for Foo Fighters’ first few years, “Oh God, there were times where I’d get questions that were just … questions you’d never ask a total stranger, someone that you’d just met, who had been through something really terrible – it’s just not fucking polite. There were a few years of that, and then it quieted down.” He has long resigned himself to never quite escaping the shadow of his former band – “it’s always an anniversary of something” – but seems tickled that at least some younger members of the Foo Fighters audience seem to have missed the connection: “It’s started happening that kids go, ‘Aren’t you the guy from Foo Fighters? How did your band begin?’ ‘Well, I was in this band before, called Nirvana.’” “You were in Nirvana?’”

  • Raj

    Cool, no idea that Alone + Easy Target was written that early. Kurt got to hear an early FF song way before anyone else.

  • Guest

    Imagine this song with harmonies from dave and kurt

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    Imagine Kurt sings ‘Alone + Easy Target’ and see the booklet of Next Nirvana LP. maybe ‘this song wrtten by Dave Grohl’. and Nirvana got the real Beatles and made more albums. maybe ‘Written by Kurt and Dave’ or ‘Written by Krist and Dave’ and ‘Written by Nirvana’. also Pat Smear. Ah…..Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!