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Kurt Cobain’s hometown has decided against renaming a bridge in honour of him. Aberdeen, Washington council turned down a proposal that would have seen North Aberdeen Bridge take Cobain’s name, choosing instead to rename a small area of land after the late Nirvana singer.

“Leave the [bridge] as it is and let old history live with new history,” said representative Doug Paling. Council officials voted almost unanimously against a resolution to honour the city’s most famous son. Despite a recommendation by the local parks board, councillors argued that renaming the bridge would glorify Cobain’s drug use and suicide. “Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children?” asked pastor Don Eden, according to KXRO Radio.

North Aberdeen Bridge, which crosses the Wishkah river, is known locally as Young Street Bridge. Among Nirvana fans, it’s famous for its appearance in the song Something in the Way; Cobain reportedly slept under it for a time. Although the council refused the Cobain proposal, they also rejected an amendment that would have seen the bridge formally renamed after local pioneer Alexander Young. “We don’t need to strip another part of our history away,” said Aberdeen Museum director Dan Sears.

The council did approve renaming a small strip of land that borders the Wishkah river, as a place for grunge pilgrims to pay their respects. An electric guitar statue already stands in a nearby park, with a memorial plaque.

  • http://www.twitter.com/six7six7 Joe

    **”Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children?” asked pastor Don Eden**

    No worse than the legacy of homophobia, pedophilia, and sexism in the church, Pastor Eden.

    Perhaps we should look at his positive contributions, rather than being a negative hypocritical asshole.

  • JD

    inb4 ppl pretending to know what kurt would have wanted

  • Oscar

    I had the pleasure of visiting Aberdeen on a trip to Seattle, it was an amazing
    And eerie feeling. I remember while I was there, a single white pigeon/dove flew under the bridge
    And just sat there looking at me. Kurt Lives!!…

  • kurt staley

    Kurt wouldn’t want this. I’m a huge fan but am still pissed off that he took the way out that he did. He shot the wrong person for one thing.

  • Matt from DC

    JD, it’s like you see into the future.

  • Ashley

    He doesn’t need a bridge named after him. Everyone knows who he is anyway. Why are people so concerned with naming bridges and post offices?

  • GrungerFromChi-Town

    That’s HIGHLY disrespectful, Kurt was a great musician/human being.
    Even though he was troubled, he was a great man in history.
    It’s very sad that they think of him as a “Bad Example”.

  • Guy

    Wow this is crazy. I can see why Kurt hated that town and moved away. I’m sure he has given the town a lot of tourist money from people visiting because it’s his home town. If they don’t want to name the bridge after him for his drug use and suicide, why not name it Krist Novoselic bridge?

  • King Cornell 20

    Old snobbish bureaucrats with their head up their ass. You are the council for Aberdeen, Washington, not freaking New York City. There isn’t exactly an abundance of widely known people from the town. The pastor can shut the hell up. So his lyric “Come as you are” is good enough to put on your damn welcome sign but his name not good enough for a bridge? Oh sure, “North Aberdeen Bridge” is a perfect name: just as bland as the bran cereal you eat every morning before you head to town hall and contrive pathetic crap like this you pretentious morons.

  • AJMajesticals

    Well,…I dunno, sorta makes sense to me. I’m not taking the conservative approach to this argument, but just a different perspective, I mean think about all the other landmarks (bridges, parks, buildings, places, etc.) that has inspired an artist in the past or present, should we start renaming them just to honor the artist whether it be a painter, poet, musician, whatever? Cobain was one of a kind no doubt, but when you thInk about it, it is a little silly.

  • Starbelly

    Kurt wouldn’t want this

  • kirk

    I think they should rename Aberdeen ‘Fecal Matter’ in Kurt’s honor.

  • Rachael

    Kurt Cobain.