Leland Cobain, Kurt Cobain’s grandfather, died yesterday in Montesano. He was 89 years old. GrungeReport.net sends its best wishes to the Cobain family. Cobain frequently communicated with fans of his grandson and Nirvana, exchanging letters and inviting fans into his home to discuss Kurt. Leland was the only member of the Cobain family who stated that he believed Kurt was murdered.

  • Kirill

    God bless such ppl! RIP

  • PiE


  • Mills

    I wrote him a letter in 2007. He was real nice a wrote back and sent some unseen family photos too. RIP Leland.

  • Niccy

    Rest in Peace, Leland.

  • Ona

    Few? He was the ONLY one.

    I know it isn’t the best time but all I can think is who’s getting first on Frances Bean’s death wish list now that Leland’s dead? It’s well-known Leland was a child and wife beater, but for Frances to despise so much a person she doesn’t know is nuts.

  • Mills

    Where did you find this out Brett? Looking for more information please.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Twitter and some Cobain fan Facebooks.

  • Mills

    Thats sad I have a facebook friend that’s real good friends with Leland.

  • Ona

    The Daily World (grays harbour newspaper) broke the news via twitter. They’ll write an extended obituary as they did when Kurt’s granma passed away two years ago.

  • Unglued

    No Way. . . . I just make a plan to get there next year.
    RIP . . .

  • King_Luken

    We had actually been looking forward to seeing him in September

  • Jen

    Well now he can learn the truth, and more importantly, see his grandson again.

  • Brian

    RIP Leland…. I believe kurt was murdered as well… Our best wishes to Frances… And, who honestly gives a shit about courtney cunilinugs??????

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  • http://twitter.com/closure4cobain Closure4Cobain

    My deepest simpathy for the Cobain’s. I only wish Lee would of got his dying wishes before he left us. On the bright side Lee is no longer in pain & his with his wife Iris and Kurt now! We’ll keep our promise Lee! I love you and I’ll miss you & I wish we could of met face to face

    Closure For Cobain

  • unglue

    My best wishes for upcoming 20th anniversary In Utero…
    I can’t forget Cobain family yet!!!

    Still My band and My Metal-friends taik about the nirvana and Kurt…
    R.I.P Leland Cobain….and Kurt, too.

  • Kathrin

    I am sad, RIP Leland Cobain

  • Big M

    RIP. It must be terrible for a grandfather to outlive his grandson but it is great how much passion he had for Kurt and Kurt’s fans.

  • GrungeLuv

    R.I.P Leland.

  • Creep

    R.I.P sir. Leland is quite an interesting name.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Leland Palmer!

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  • fans nirvana

    Descanse em paz Leland Cobain ;(

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    God bless the only man who truly knew what Kurt Cobain was going through šŸ™

  • Milucka

    Estou muito triste mas tenho certeza que agora ele estĆ” num lugar melhor e quem sabe ao lado do Kurt! RIP

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  • NiceNcleaN

    @Jen “Well now he can learn the truth, and more importantly, see his grandson again” How is that going to happen? Just because he’s dead now you believe based on what? The Bible even says if you believe it, others who don’t then fine but back to Jen it says. They sleep and Know nothing. I just kept it short to make the point. So I think you should study it yourself Jen and any others who want for whatever reason.

    RIP and when you are reawaken then have that chat with him and see he killed himself and wanted to many times but failed. some just want to keep up the myth with no HARD FACTS. Just like Bigfoot keep on looking and maybe you will see one.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    @ Ona, why is Francis despising this man “nuts”. Because she does not know him? I don’t know GW Bush Jr. and I despise him immensely along with Cheney and crew. If this man’s opinion causes Francis pain, or keeps the issue ‘raw’, I believe she is entitled to her view.

    @ Grungecaster, Kurt is the only man who know what Kurt was going through.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Maybe he will be enlightened now. RIP.

  • Ona

    @Christine Frances wished Leland dead when she knew he was indeed dying.

    User: Frances, Leland is ill and dying, he wants to see you
    Frances: oh good, that means I can scratch him off my kill list


    To publicly air your despise and be happy when you’re told your great grandfather is ill and dying, is nutty nutty. I don’t like Bush, but I do think wishing the death of a person you don’t know is mental. We may have different views thou šŸ˜‰