Kurt Cobain’s Ex-Girlfriend: ‘F**k You Courtney Love!’

UPDATE: Mary Lou Lord has now said, “I NEVER said I thought she was responsible for his death.”

Kurt Cobain’s ex-girlfriend Mary Lou Lord wrote an open letter to Courtney Love on Facebook a few days ago, where she ripped Love and revealed that she backs Tom Grant, a Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theorist and Courtney Love’s former private investigator.

“To Courtney and her sycophants and lemmings….

There is a very BIG difference between “Name Drop” and “clearing your name/history”….especially if this person/band/connection might be one of the things that will always haunt you by the fact this it is now still “a living, breathing, thing”…..and I will not go down without a fucking fight to set the record straight with that cunt. I honestly mean that. I HATE her, and why didn’t I say anything back then? I was too scared. And also, out of respect for Kurt’s daughter who was a child. I also had my own child, and it’s not cool to be putting anyone’s parents down in a place where a child might see it. I kept my mouth shut for Frances. I didn’t want to add more hate on top of what that poor kid must have already had to go through concerning the parent she had left. But now Frances is older, and married, and seems happy and grounded. That’s all that would have been important to him. And I respected him. No matter how much I did want to say what I wanted to say back then. It was the case for Many of us. We were scared shit of Courtney, her sycophants, and had to keep our mouths shut or start some kind of a flame war. None of that would have been good, or smart. Especially if there were any children involved.

But now, it appears that time did what it was meant to do, and Courtney love does not have the respect, trust, or power she once had ANd therefore, I am no longer fearful. But at one time, during the time I never said a word out of fear of a flame war with all her Courtney-tard followers. I just sat, silentely, and watched her lie about me (and everything and everyone else. She built her world, and manipulated other people’s lives by being the best LIAR and best actress in the world. Something that twisted and fucked with a lot of good people. …I know at this point, I really am far too old for this shit, but I know also, that even in my own small (and not famous or plastic life), I have just as much right to say NOW what I wanted to say then, but was too afraid of her, and her insanity, and in protecting my parents and loved ones. (she WAS that BAT SHIT)…..but now, I am fearless of that cunt, and I will say exactly what I thought of her back then. And, that Nirvana band, is still just as evident now as it was then. SO, any accusers of me ” name dropping, etc” you can just fuck off. I am FAR from done with this sociopathic money hungry, fame mongering , terribly dressed NO TALENT shit bag. Yes YOU Courtney Love. (having to read the lyrics to 13?) and your other bullshit?

You BELONG in a theater. You are an actress. You were never you. You are the BEST actress i have ever seen, as a matter of fact…..YOU SOLD A LIE. And you fucked up SO many lives. NEVER ever FUCK with me again you cunt, cause I will crush you. I have waited 26 years for this. And it’s time. I will crush you. You are a self serving sociopath. Congrats on all the money that you got, that was never YOURS to begin with. You are scum. And I am about to CRUSH YOU. Let the Tom games begin. I am behind him. You will never know this, and neither will you Tom, but I did talk to him, and I DO know what he told me……..FUCK YOU COURTNEY you piece of shit sociopathic lemming, leech, and ultimate mind fuck bully! Stop fucking with me in your stupid private shares. I have NO FEAR of you any longer. You are a joke. Leave ME ALONE! Havent’ we both grown up by now? Shouldn’t you be happy with your Millions and Millions of dollars that YOU never earned or deserved? Stay the fuck away from me.”

  • Felonious Punk

    Wow. Classy. Way to make your point that Courtney is a batshit raving lunatic, by…being a batshit raving lunatic yourself.

    That absolutely makes me believe now that Kurt was murdered. The composure and the level-headedness here is what sold me, tbh. Nothing crazy about this latest Kurt Was Murdered conspirator. Heavens no.

    I wonder how much Tom Grant had to pay her to type this..

    • Mary Lou Lord

      Felonious….you have no idea who i am obviously. Please. My post had to do with something personal to me that happened 22 years ago that sucked. Im trying to let it go. This was a real thing, with a real person, and I am a real person and it fucked me up. I don’t give much of a shit about the “Case”. But I do want to let go of the shit that Courtney put me through emotionally. If you don’t understand that, sorry. Maybe I am batshit. Who isn’t? But I do have a heart and feelings. and this is one of the feelings i wanted to let go of. It does no one any good.

      • Felonious Punk

        My apologies then, Mary.

        I was just taking the piss with what I posted above and anyone who posts here on a routine basis probably got that. I had no idea you read the site or would take the time to respond. And yes, I was going by what the header said, so I geared it towards you being another crazy “Kurt was murdered” whackjob, many of which foul up the site with their insane ramblings when something like this is posted. To be honest, when reading what you posted on Facebook, I couldn’t even really make out exactly *what* you were so upset with her about.

        I’m not sticking up for Courtney and I certainly can’t fault you for being irate with her over something she once put you through. Your post(s) did seem extremely psychotic, but like you said…we’re all a little nuts sometimes. If this was your way of venting it and letting it go, all well and good then.

        If there’s one common thread here with guys like Kurt or Weiland, it’s that we all have a shared love and appreciation for them, regardless of their shortcomings. Kurt couldn’t overcome his demons, Scott couldn’t overcome his…but that’s small potatoes when it comes to the wealth of music they left behind for the world to enjoy.

        So again, very sorry if what I posted above was hurtful towards you. The first sentence was meant as nothing more than a joke, the second part was based on what the header said and I what I perceived you were so angry about in the first place. The last sentence was meant as a joke but was generally unnecessary.

      • JOE

        Why not just stay the course on your initial implication of Courtney’s involvement? No one coming forward, brave enough to over the years is unfortunate. It’s a shame you’re backtracking.

        • Felonious Punk

          Are you kidding me? They all come HERE spouting that bullshit. And yet, they forget to bring PROOF every time.

          “He was murdered! Go watch Soaked In Bleach!”

          Oh yea?

          “Edward Norton was raped in prison because of Courtney! Go watch American History X!”

      • Toad Wallop

        I respect where you’re coming from, and agree from what I’ve read, that Courtney is a selfish narcissist. I also understand that you probably loved Kurt, and it sucks what he did. I just don’t think that he should get a free pass, just because he wrote great music, and could be a sweet man. Not that I ever met him, I was 14 when he died, but by what I’ve read. It’s also obvious that he could be a narcissist as well. He even called himself that in his very public suicide note. Nirvana was my favorite band when he killed himself, but I find it hard to listen to them now. I just don’t see how you can’t realize now, that he picked that cunt over you, or any other rational choice. I haven’t seen any recent photos of you, but you were beautiful, and you have a voice that gives me goosebumps. Why does he get a free pass?

      • Corndog

        Are you actually Mary Lou Lord? On the off chance that you are, may i say that i just googled you, and you are one damn fine looking woman.

        Courtney is not worth your time. I do not subscribe to the murder theory, but i do think she is a horrible excuse for a human being.

        • Toad Wallop

          I first heard about her in the 90’s. She used to sing in the streets in Boston. I had a friend that went to Boston with a school trip, I believe it had something to do with sports, and he met her. He played me a cd and it was pretty good. Folk style acoustic music, with a very pretty voice.

          • Corndog

            I’ve never heard of her before this article, which was why i googled her. I don’t read a lot about Cobain’s past. No real interest.

            I like the sound of the music you have described though, so i’m going to check that out. Cheers:)

          • Toad Wallop

            That’s cool. I didn’t even know there was a Cobain connection, when I first heard of her, but I believe I did find out soon after. I barely pay attention to Nirvana things these days either. I did watch both new docs though, but that was almost a year ago.

          • Corndog

            I watched Soaked in Bleach just to see what all the fuss was about and thought it was terrible horseshit. I tried to watch the other one, Montage of Money Grabbing, but it was so boring i had to turn it off. I just have essentially zero interest in Cobain or his music anymore. I would have eaten that shit up when around the time time of his death though.

          • Toad Wallop

            No doubt, me too. Watching it now was rather depressing, but insightful, and not in a good way, at the same time. I watched them both for free, because they were both nothing more than money grabs. SIB is absolute BS, and MOH is like, look how disgusting we were, voyeuristic garbage, but like a train wreck, I couldn’t stop watching half way. I know the Meat Puppets played at the Sundance premier of MOH, and I like those guys a lot, but that’s besides the point.

          • Corndog

            I may try to get through it all again someday, but i have no immediate plans. I think that it is on Netflix so i may catch it there at some point, provided i have already finished the 100 or so things that are in my watch queue:)

            For me, Cobain and Nirvana feel very much like something that i left behind in my childhood. That is in no way intended to belittle anyone that is still listening to them or to suggest that their music was in some way childish or whatever. It’s just how i feel. I associate them with my early teenage years, and although i have taken many bands that i was into back then with me on the journey into adulthood, Nirvana just wasn’t one of them. I feel like i outgrew my interest in them, whereas my interest in other bands i was into during that era (most notably Pearl Jam) has grown and grown over the years.

            Incidentally mate, i’ve noticed you around for the last few days, not sure if i have ever seen you before, but i like the cut of your jib, so welcome to the site, even if it is belated:)

          • Toad Wallop

            Thanks man, I’ll be around from time to time. I’m an article whore at times, so I’m all over the place. I do enjoy Alternative Nation though. I do get a kick out of you, and Felonious Punk, and a few other regulars. I’m also a comment section browser, and I can get sucked into those at times, especially if it’s of some interest. If an article has Disqus, and I have an opinion, strong or otherwise, I’ll usually share it. I believe I’ve spent enough time on this one though, it’s getting way too Nirvana related. Have a good one, man!

          • Corndog

            You too mate, good luck:)

        • valhalla

          I googled last night too and found at least one other post from a few years ago where MLL addressed the “van incident,” the “cat incident,” the phone messages, etc. in a rational and engaging tone. Journaling is an excellent way to process one’s emotions; however, as the “keyboard warrior” has already succinctly noted, Mary’s public post showed an alarmingly erratic and fragmented thought process. It happens sometimes:)

          From one human being to another, I hope that your post has freed you, Mary, from the emotional chaos that you have been carrying for 20+ years. I hope that you are currently physically safe and have a good support system in place. Be well and take care.

    • dakotablue

      You so funn-eee.

  • Corndog

    Here we go again…..

    • Felonious Punk

      I say let it ride this time, without any bans. Brett is clearly doing this for the site traffic and the lolz. Plus, there’s no way any of those conspiracy goofs could defend this kind of bind rage as actual proof that foul play was involved in Cobain’s suicide. The Cobain Conspiracy club had no clue who this bimbo even was before this article, but now she’ll be their fucking matriarch..

      • Corndog

        Same shit applies as normal. Folks can bang on about their conspiracy theories all they want, I don’t care about that, but if they’re being downright rude or nasty they’ll get their warnings and if they persist then there will be consequences.

        Speaking of conspiracy theories, I’m at work now and normally my work doesn’t really blook anything online but for some reason today this one particular article on AN is blocked! It has to be Courtney, right? I mean it’s the only batshit theory that fits;) Writing this on my phone right now.

        • Felonious Punk

          It’s probably Mary Lou Lord cockblocking you so her cronies can harp on at will with no warnings or consequences dealt

          • Corndog

            Ok, this is weird. Where the hell are they?

            Normally one of these articles attracts Conbain conspiracy nuts faster than brains draw zombies, but so far nothing. Something isn’t right. It’s making me nervous….

            Maybe they’ll show up on mass and crash the site. Be vigilant my friend, they may be watching us.

          • Sheiky Baby

            Oh we’re here, I’ll take your bait. Congratulations! Like I said before, most people visit the site to read the articles, not to hang out in the comments section like you two keyboard warriors. Mary Lou Lord is well known within the Justice for Kurt movement. Anyone that knows his background, knows her as his last gf before his marriage to Courtney. Also, this is really old news, she’s already basically posted a longer message retraction saying she doesn’t have any insider info on the death of Kurt Cobain, but still feels like a victim of Courtney Love’s psycho harassment.

          • Corndog

            Hey there! Not bait, i assure you. As for the keyboard warrior comment, please. If you had ever spoken to me at all on the site you’d know that is simply not true. I have no desire to fight or argue with anyone. Believe me, given a choice i would prefer we not have articles like this as it always descends into madness and vitriol with people just being downright unpleasant to one another, which i then have to sort out by telling folks off and threatening to ban them. I don’t enjoy this. I’m a non confrontational live and let live sort for the most part.

            I appreciate that you have been civil unlike many others that have come to the site only to speak about Cobain’s ‘murder’. Wishing people dead, constantly calling them vile names and questioning their parentage ETC because they don’t agree with your theory simply wont be tolerated. That is what i am here for. Expressing your opinion sensibly and politely as you have just done (for the most part) is not only accepted, it is encouraged. So, fill your boots.

            As for ‘hanging out in the comments section’, a few points. I’ve been here a long time, and you’re simply wrong. Most people that come here regularly don’t come for the articles, they come for the discussion under the articles. Sure, we read the articles too but it is the discussions they generate that keeps us here. Secondly, well duh. I’m the moderator. Hard to moderate the comments section if i am not actually IN the comment section, don’t you think?, And lastly, how else do you expect me to get my days work in? You’re not expecting me to actually work, are you?

          • Sheiky Baby

            Thanks, I appreciate you not totally jumping down my throat as a wacko (just yet at least). I know a lot of the people that think Cobain was murdered are certainly jumping to conclusions. There is some weird, and possibly incriminating things to it, but honestly it’s all a reach. I’ve researched his death and the events surrounding it pretty extensively, so I can see how some of the supposed evidence looks shady, but it’s not “proof” by any means. Tom Grant has been hyping his latest major “update” for months now, and essentially it amounted to him presenting all of the same information in a slightly different way. I really wish everyone would just let it go at this point. The big argument is his heroin/morphine blood level. A lot of people say it was impossible to inject that much and still operate a gun. I’d love to see some comparative analysis. Who’s to say the guy didn’t have a massive tolerance?

          • Corndog

            I have no problem with you or anyone else having an opinion on the subject, or even believing the conspiracy theory. I subscribe to some odd conspiracy theories myself. That’s not the issue at all. The issue is that from past experience on posts like this, the people that subscribe to the murder conspiracy do so at the expense of any kind of reason or rationale whatsoever, and will then be incredibly unpleasant to anyone that does not agree with them. This is the point where i have an issue. No one says we all have to agree, but there is no excuse for being nasty and rude to someone just because they don’t agree with you.

            You’re not doing that at all, so we’re totally good man:)

          • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

            Wasn’t Kurt fresh from a trip to rehab when he shot up and shot himself? I know that maybe he didn’t stay there long– maybe I’m mixing up my Kurt stories, but on heroin “levels,” and “tolerance,” I knew someone who died from a large dose of heroin. He had a broken cheek bone and bruising on his head. My point being that heroin, once injected, hits you immediately. Once you push down on that plunger and that shit is in your blood, that’s it. My friend injected, immediately died, then fell right on his face, already dead. And this dude had been using heroin for over a year and I knew him very very well.. he always pushed the limits of drugs and alcohol so I’m sure he had quite a tolerance built up. My point is, a lethal amount of dope will kill you instantly. Sure, you could still OD later if you took a lesser dose than would be immediately lethal. Thing is, I have no scientific numbers to compare for how much of the shit was in his bloodstream. What I know though is that you can die immediately from a dose if it’s enough.

          • Sheiky Baby

            He had spent one day in rehab before he fled, so I don’t think he was cleaned out at all.

          • Mary Lou Lord

            You rule.

          • Felonious Punk

            LoL @ keyboard warrior. Explain yourself..

          • Mary Lou Lord

            Thank you Sheiky.

          • Felonious Punk

            Lost their fight.

            In the words of Courtney Love herself: “You burn so hard, but you won’t burn long…”

            A hard act to hold up when you don’t have actual facts to a murder conspiracy.

        • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

          Seems legit. Courtney has controll over HAARP and therefore is able to be the chief administrator of the internet. Also, she invented chemtrails and was fucking hot in the 90s.

          • Corndog

            I fucking knew it!! 🙂

        • Mike

          Murders are committed & made to look like suicides all the time, are you saying that has never happened? Tom Grant has never alleged that the cops were in on it, only that they were inept so it’s not a huge implausible conspiracy as you’re implying.

          • Felonious Punk

            Tom Grant said the police were inept?!


            Tom Grant…the guy who went to the Cobain residence and couldn’t find a body 50 feet away from him…said the police were the ones who screwed up here.

            Whooooo boy, that must be some kool-aid they’re passing out to you people..

          • Corndog

            I’m not saying anything at all Mike. To be honest, after more than 20 years of talking about this, it’s not really a subject that i tend to discuss any more. Opinions are too polarised at this point. I have my opinions on the subject and i know from past experience that i am unlikely to convince anyone with the opposite opinion, just as they are not going to convince me that Cobain was murdered. So i try to employ a general agree to disagree rule and don’t really engage on the subject any more at all if i can help it. The subject matter can seem to really bring out the worst in people so i think it is better avoided.

      • Dominique Bonadia

        might i suggest you watch the recent movie soaked in bleach, i was a courtney love fan for 15 years… i stopped that day. i’m not here to get into a flame war, but 15 years… saying the same things you say or may have said… forever changed.

        the difference with this movie will be self explanatory once you’ve finished. EVERYTHING is addressed, every question, doubt, they address it. anyway take care!

        • Felonious Punk

          Again, I’ve already seen it. Several times. I don’t believe it proves anything. Sorry.


    damn….that Mary Lou Lord is in her fifties and stills hot…

    • Dominique Bonadia

      courtney love has spent probably a million dollars alone trying to look half as good 😛

    • Corndog

      Agreed. Good looking lady.

  • Dana Dan?a Dandy

    We are an international group of people who come together because we disagree with the outcome of the investigation into the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994.
    We have created a petition for reopening the case. To date, we have more than 13,000 signatures of people from all over the world who believe the case should be reopened. Please support our activity. Sign the petition and share it. https://www.change.org/p/we-demand-that-the-seattle-police-department-opened-a-case-kurt-cobain

    • Sheiky Baby

      ^^ This “Dandy” person does not represent the majority of the Justice for Cobain movement. In fact there are several small groups of intelligent Justice for Kurt Cobain people, etc that think this petition is ludicrous. Everyone knows SPD should have nothing to do with investigating themselves. That’s just common sense. That would be funny to see happen though. I imagine SPD investigating themselves would maybe last one day…. tops, and consist of eating donuts and drinking coffee, laughing, in order to fulfill their investigation against themselves. (sorry I lol every time I see this petition) Tom Grant, Ben Statler, all of the Cobain Justice people point out SPD mistakes as the primary issue here because a proper death investigation was never done.

      • Dana Dan?a Dandy

        It’s your opinion. It happens that the world is absurd things happen. The absurdity is that in 21-22 years, not a single person who would be active in opening the case and in fact to do something. Can you do it better, do it!

    • Sheiky Baby

      Soliciting “Support Funds?” Seriously you are basically doing the very thing you dissed the March for Justice committee for doing. How exactly does a petition need fundraising? Are you trying to fraud people out of money?

      • Dana Dan?a Dandy

        What are you talking about? The activity of the March have nothing in common. If you refer to the possibility of a petition to support financially, so it is a new feature introduced directly Change.org. Amount of money from supporters goes on Change.org account – (not mine) and Change.org back the money used to promote our petition.

    • Dominique Bonadia

      ALL nay sayers need to watch SOAKED IN BLEACH!!!

      • Felonious Punk

        We have watched it. Some choose to believe it, while others of us believe it’s a work of fiction. Every time the issue is raised, myself and several others here raise questions to the SIB conspiracy and present facts on why we believe Kurt committed suicide, and it turns into a shitstorm.

        But never once in my time here — or elsewhere on the internet, for that matter — have I ever seen someone who thought Cobain was murdered present a viable argument supporting that theory. It’s always just a bunch of speculation and smoke with nothing substantial as proof.

        • Mike

          What exactly is a work of fiction? That he took a massive dose of (injected) heroin bigger than anyone has ever shot themself on? That Courtney intentionally leaked fake stories to the press about Kurt being missing shortly before his death, falsely attributed to his mother? Tom Grant is a real P.I. that she really did hire & he really did record all his phone conversations with her and document all this stuff. He’s not just some guy who made it up.

          • Felonious Punk

            I never said he made it up. I said the film was a work of fiction because nothing can be proven as suspicious. Coincidental? Yes. But why has NOTHING been proven in 22 years and counting? Why has Courtney NEVER been charged with his murder or a conspiracy to murder Kurt if all this damning proof is right there in SIB?

            Because it’s bullshit. Why would she willingly hire a P.I. to find her husband if it was going to be so obvious to Tom Grant that Kurt was murdered. Tom Grant — a “real” P.I. — didn’t even have the sense to check the grounds of the house when he visited the Cobain residence. Kurt was laying dead 50 feet from the guy, and it was an electrician who eventually found him. If Tom Grant can’t even do that much, why should I believe he has all this proof that Courtney killed Kurt.

            Apparently the police, the FBI and 99.9 percent of the world’s population don’t believe this bullshit either. Hence why no arrests. Hence why Kurt asked Dylan Carlson to buy him a shotgun so he could kill himself. Hence why Courtney had TWO separate opportunities in the months before Kurt’s suicide to let him die of an overdose or a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and saved his ass BOTH times.

            Yea, she wanted him murdered sooooo bad. Show me some proof or sit down, “Mike”.

          • Toad Wallop

            Amen, brother. Why would anybody with any intelligence at all bother with the shotgun? Ask anyone the easiest way to kill a junkie, and see what their response is. Like you said, why call the ambulance in Rome? She could’ve or could’ve had someone else, just give him a “hotshot”, and walk away. It would’ve appeared like just another accidental overdose of a famous junkie. No need to fake part of a note, and then proceed to shoot him in the mouth. I could go on and on, but what’s the point? It’s like arguing with religious fanatics.

          • Felonious Punk


            “Well Courtney, we could just subdue him and inject him with a hyper-fatal dose of heroin so his murder looks like he died doing what he was addicts to, but hey…let’s troll THE ENTIRE WORLD by adding a shotgun and a forged note to the plan, too. Boy, talk about overkill. The cops won’t know what hit ’em…”

          • Mike

            Just because she maybe didn’t do it in the way you think would have been best doesn’t mean she didn’t. Why were there papers in Courtney’s backpack that that Rosemary Carroll found of her practicing Kurt’s handwriting? That is so fucking weird. Imagine that was someone not famous that you have no bias about and that was discovered in their backpack. You would immediately be like what the hell is this person up to? Obviously if someone is practicing how to do that it’s for the purpose of faking documents.

          • Toad Wallop

            Ok, let me get this straight. Woman wants husband dead, husband keeps overdosing, but wife keeps calling the police, or paramedics to save him. “I can’t let this man die this way, I need to get his handwriting down perfectly first, have him enter rehab, while brainwashed to jump the fence of this voluntary facility, go MIA for days, while having someone waiting to plant my forged note, shoot him up with an amount of heroin big enough to kill him, and two other people, but then proceed to shoot him in the mouth, with a shot gun that we’ll brainwash him to buy, a day before flying to a different state for rehab. We’ll also plant the receipt in his pocket. After that, we have to pick up the ejected shell, and move it to the other side of the body, just to make things even more curious.” “I then have to hire this P.I. named Tom Grant too, while leaving behind just enough evidence for him to figure it all out. It might even be a conspiracy theory movie one day.” This sounds like such a fun and more exiting way to do it. It’s just to simple, and less dramatic to simply walk away, and go to bed when he’s going into a life threating coma in the middle of the night. I wish you people could somehow understand “Occam’s razor”, and hear how ridiculous you sound. Don’t bother to comment back, because this is such a waste of time. All of it.

          • Mike

            “But why has NOTHING been proven in 22 years and counting?”

            I can’t ‘prove’ that you’re an actual human and not a robot writing this but anyone with reasonable intelligence could figure that out. Same thing here.

            “Why has Courtney NEVER been charged with his murder or a conspiracy to murder Kurt if all this damning proof is right there in SIB?”

            Because police agencies don’t often make announcements enthusiastically declaring “Hey everybody, we totally screwed up on this important murder investigation! Our bad!” Government agencies don’t voluntarily announce their own ineptness, and that is not a conspiracy that’s the way it is. If you think otherwise you’re a fool.

            “Why would she willingly hire a P.I. to find her husband if it was going to be so obvious to Tom Grant that Kurt was murdered.”

            For plausible deniability, duh. If she was really looking for Kurt why did she tell Grant to go look for Kurt in places where she knew he wasn’t at? It became obvious to Grant that she didn’t really want him to find him, that’s what started this whole thing.

            You ask for proof, there is proof but you don’t accept it. You’ll accept nothing short of a video showing whoever it was shooting Kurt in the head. Well that doesn’t exist but there’s enough there in Courtney’s actions and anomalies in the suicide such as the amount of dope in his system and the strange 2 part suicide note for any reasonable person to infer that foul play was there.

          • Felonious Punk

            But yet again, you can’t PROVE anything here. It’s all just speculation and hearsay.

            “Because police agencies don’t often make announcements enthusiastically declaring “Hey everybody, we totally screwed up on this important murder investigation! Our bad!” Government agencies don’t voluntarily announce their own ineptness, and that is not a conspiracy that’s the way it is. If you think otherwise you’re a fool.”

            LoL right, the police don’t want to admit they screwed up their investigation, so they’re just going to let Courtney and her merry band of murderers walk the streets, hoping they commit another murder? Wonderful logic there.

            No doubt planted in your mind by one bumbling goof of a P.I. named tom Grant, who rolled up to Kurt’s own residence and still couldn’t find the guy laying there dead 50 feet away. So by your logic, Tom Grant fucked up *his* investigation and won’t admit it. He’d just rather blame the police for stuff he claims happened, but can’t prove.

            That’s essentially what your logic what you’re saying here.

            “For plausible deniability, duh. If she was really looking for Kurt why did she tell Grant to go look for Kurt in places where she knew he wasn’t at? It became obvious to Grant that she didn’t really want him to find him, that’s what started this whole thing.”

            LoL sooooo if I commit a murder, the FIRST thing I would do is hire a detective or a P.I. to go figure out I was guilty as a way to cover my tracks. Yea, because that makes total sense.

            But hey, it worked out great for Courtney, so I guess there’s some truth to the matter. “I KNOW you’re guilty of killing your husband, I just can’t prove anything.”

            Also, why in god’s name would Courtney tell Tom Grant where to go looking for her husband? Isn’t it his JOB to find Kurt, with his own resources? Regardless of *where* Courtney may have told him Kurt might be hanging out, Grant managed to get within 50 feet of Kurt’s body and STILL couldn’t find him. So Courtney pointing him in a wrong direction is irrelevant here because he couldn’t even find Kurt and the *right* location.


            “You ask for proof, there is proof but you don’t accept it. You’ll accept nothing short of a video showing whoever it was shooting Kurt in the head. Well that doesn’t exist but there’s enough there in Courtney’s actions and anomalies in the suicide such as the amount of dope in his system and the strange 2 part suicide note for any reasonable person to infer that foul play was there.”

            Once again, there’s no *proof* here. Just speculation and hearsay. They can’t even make an arrest on “conspiracy” charges here, which proves there’s nothing.

            Again I ask you, why would anyone shoot up Kurt with a lethal dose of heroin and then take the extra, completely unnecessary time to manuever

          • valhalla

            Robotic keyboard warrior

          • Felonious Punk

            Correction: a robotic keyboard warrior with FAR MORE sense than you Cobain Murder whackjobs who always fail miserably to substantiate your theory

          • valhalla

            Oh, no, no…I was joking…I am not even close to a Cobain Murder whack job. I am very sorry if you took offense…I was just having a go…sorry!

          • Felonious Punk


  • Cowgirl

    Cue the old video of Duff McKagen telling that conspiracy guy to “leave” his book signing in Seattle.

  • Raj

    Someone is certainly angry, sure Courtney may have been a liar and a manipulator no surprise there. Yes she was controlling as soon as she entered the picture, Cobain’s close Seattle friends in other bands took a backseat. She also twisted Cobain’s ear to the point Cobain went to his accountant to renegotiate his share in the band to like 80%. All that writing in CAPS, lol how old his she having to yell to make her point. So many adults are fools, they behave like children so many times.

    Everything can be explained more or less: 1) No discernible fingerprints on the shotgun, rubbed away as the gun cocked in Cobain’s hands 2) There was a case of heroin user who also had such a high level of heroin tolerance he took a huge amount and still had enough time to pick up a gun and shoot himself 3) Kurt’s overdose in Rome was a suicide attempt, the Rohypnol pills were not in a regular pill bottle, each one had to be individually popped out 4) Look at the trajectory of the gun, if someone had shot Cobain they would point the gun down, even if someone was lying flat on their back next to Kurt and shot Cobain the angle would be all wrong. If there was someone else there they would have found another set of footprints or fibers or something and no foul play was detected either.

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip
    • valhalla


  • kris08

    Uh, I don’t knowbut this biatch seems off her rocker. This is NOT the appropriate way to express your opinion. Bottom line people: Kurt loved Courtney whether you liked it or not. HE was responsible for his decisions. Accept it!

  • Mary Lou Lord

    I NEVER said I thought she was responsible for his death. Please change the header.

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

    She was also friends with Elliott Smith, who also had his death investigated as a homicide before it was ruled a suicide. With all that tragedy in her life, it’s not a wonder she has to let it all out like this.

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  • Toad Wallop

    I like how she portrays Kurt as completely innocent of being a douchebag too. Like he didn’t have a mind of his own, and was somehow completely manipulated by Courtney. He also left threating messages on people’s answering machines. He was a self admitted narcissist. If she is such an evil person, and he considered her his perfect match, or whatever, what does that say about him? He thought ending it all, even though he had a baby daughter, was better than trying to get better for her. He either realized that he was too big of a douche bag to raise a child, or he only thought about himself, in that final moment.

  • StopandSmelltheDandilions

    Ok. I see that many people are trying hard to impose their input in this discussion. The awesome part is that I can read between the lines! Many people find this particular subject important because it means something to them wether it be money, justice, fame, whatever. So, I’m deciding to step in on this conversation.

    Have you ever wondered why governments choose to undergo a system of checks and balances (or why they don’t)? It’s simple, just answer this: If I we’re to be questioned on everything I did today- no matter how big or small- could I truly look myself in the mirror and be happy? Could I be content with the actions I took today?’. If the answer is no, maybe a reevaluation should be taken of what kind of person you are being and the message that you are putting out into the world.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I am not too pleased with the matter that has occured to Kurt Cobain, but I cannot truly sympathize with his loved ones. I can, however empathize. I enjoyed Kurt’s music because it made me feel. That’s all. His simple chords and
    verbiage spoke to me in a dark time in my life. For that, thanks Kurt.

    As much as we all try to stuff our emotions down, barely being able to breath due to our efforts to disallow anything to come up from within, we will eventually break and those feelings will come out into the open. These efforts are futile and worthless. All the time wasted over such a small problem, its so sad. And for what, fortune? Money? Power? Fame? The list goes on, yet we still haven’t been able to solve the real issue: ourselves. Why do we allow ourselves to become the things we started out hating? It happens to all of us.. The class-clown who stood up for a fellow class mate in school later becomes a wealthy comedian who preys on his fellow man for his material.. The beautiful little girl who dresses up and askes daddy to play ‘tea’ with her leaves the house at legal age to become an exotic dancer.. Or even, the small boy who loves everyone and is so intrigued by other children becomes obsolete and doesn’t share his feelings with anyone.. So why do we do this to ourselves? Only you can answer that.

    I don’t truly know what happen to Kurt Cobain, and many others don’t either, but I do know this: Kurt was a good person. He was a person that shared his short time with people so that they could answer their personal questions. But to take that away from us? Take away that raspy voice and elementary notes that stopped the world so it could listen? I cannot and refuse to believe that he gave all those gifts away because someone said he was suicidal. So why withhold another chance to examine the case and reveal the truth? Why are we turned away when asking for the case reopened? Many others have been opened, why not this one? Is it that we are afraid of losing something if the truth came into open? We live in a society these days that applauds openess and kind sharing of who we are as people. Why are we being denied this right that people- people we love, are proud of, respect-die for?

    Lets reopen this case and let the truth come out! I’m tired of allowing the secrets in the dark survive another day. Don’t you want a man who gave his time to the world to have his death justified? There’s no honor in allowing it to pass by. This death buried with time will only bite us in the end. Lets set the record straight again and give him a proper investigation!

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    this is insane.

  • Amy-lynn

    What does it even matter honestly. Let the man rest in peace, if he did kill himself it’s what he wanted and if he didn’t I’m sure he would still rather rest in peace. He wasn’t a fame loving attention whore like Courtney.
    I think Tom Grant is full of shit, sure there is a possibility it is true but I think his whole conspiracy theory is just his claim to his own fame. He saw some loopholes and knew he could get attention from it as he has. The truth will come out eventually if it is a lie and karma will come to those involved, if any. They will pay their price in hell and it will forever be on them if the conspiracy does have any truth