Kurt Cobain: The Previously Unseen Final Photo Session

Two months before Kurt Cobain’s suicide, Nirvana had been in Paris, and had posed in an unplanned photo shoot with photographer Youri Lenquette. Lenquette and Cobain were friends and the singer arrived at the studio with a gun, which he used as a prop in many of the photos.

Twenty years on, Lenquette is exhibiting all the photos from that session. Many have never been seen before.

Lenquette spoke to the BBC’s Alain Galès about a day that became part of rock’n’roll mythology.

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    In Other News…

    It’s official — 1 April 2014 interviewed by BBC

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    Counter # 9:00 to 11:21 specifically

    @ CourtneyRocks, you’re going to want to listen to it from the beginning to 15:00 in (the entire conversation was 3 hrs but the excerpt it to a sensible interview).

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    PS: not that sad for him if he is making money exhibiting them in a gallery. some images don’t need to be shown. it is NEVER the right time.