Kings Of Leon Offer Advice To One Direction

In a new interview with The Sun, Kings of Leon offered some sound advice to pop group One Direction. Drummer Nathan Followill offered the group some words of wisdom on how to be better party-goers:

“If you’re going to have a party in a hotel room, have a box at the door and take the girls’ phones,” he said. “That’s what gets kids into trouble these days. Every phone is a camera.”

Kings of Leon lead singer, Caleb Followill offered the following career advice after One Direction claimed their newest album, entitled Midnight Memories will be a more “rockier” effort over previous 1D material:

“Don’t try to turn into a rock band or anything. You are already there and have your music and your fans, so don’t try change what you are”

  • whisky

    My advice to One Direction: fuck off, you little twats.

    • shoegeezer

      Amen, bro whisk. Preach it!

    • Boom

      Fuck them. The Whisky. Boom see you stuck up for him again on other comment music section. Thank you.

      Boom in bad place now. No music for 2 days, Boom can’t find sober with no music.

      Fuck you haters. Boom is best and always be here. Try no heroin and no drink booze hope I do it.

      Team Boom to rock the fuck out. Boom recommend “Flying Burrito Brothers” or “Birds”
      Gram fucking Parsons music pioneer. Fucking heroin got him too in the ’70’s at Joshua Tree.

      • Duncan

        true words boom. wish you the best

      • whisky

        I feel for you, brother. I’ve been in the grip of the poppy myself, and it’s fucking rough. Best of luck, and rock the fuck out!

      • Rigby

        I think he died at the Joshua Tree motel. Then someone stole his body from LAX before being flown to wherever for a burial, and brought his body to Joshua Tree National Park for a burning funeral. Upon his own wishes. If you decide to go to JTNP, camp in the high desert campground Jumbo Rocks. Go in the fall or spring, and expect it to be cold as shit at night. Good luck.

  • ShaneC

    The advice should have been to just go away and never return.

    • Duncan

      fuck off ballshitter

  • Peace Frog

    I’m not going to listen to them nor will I hate on them. Their music has no impact or effect on my life whatsoever. Go make some money while you can boys. Good on ya.

    • Rigby

      Right on.

    • whisky

      That’s an admirable, positive, tolerant outlook, and I would agree with you if it weren’t for one thing – they’re little twats who should fuck off.

      • Peace Frog

        I appreciate that comment and my outlook on you is favorable. Half of it was well thought out and half was well written. “A” for effort. And thats sincere.


        • whisky

          Actually, it was all well-written, though acerbic. But thanks, dude. You seem like a decent human, so no worries.