Kings of Leon Frontman Discusses Drinking: “I’ve Never Been to Rehab”

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill denied being an alcoholic and said he’s never been to rehab in a new interview with The Telegraph.

Followill said, “Once I start to drink you don’t want to be around me because there’s a level of brutal honesty, if not just pure meanness.” He later added, “In a way, I lash out at everyone else ’cause that’s when I start to point fingers at myself. I don’t know what I’m tormented by but it’s something. Maybe I’m just a drunk.”

“I’ve never been to rehab,” he said. “I just stopped. I enjoyed rediscovering what it’s like to be normal, and not play the role people expect. It opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. It doesn’t mean there aren’t gonna be times when we all want to cut loose and let our hair down. But I enjoy not drinking. Next time you see me, you’ll probably be saying, well, that didn’t last long.”

  • jon ian

    Caleb. His name is Caleb.