Here’s an excerpt from‘s new Soundgarden retrospective, which features an interview with Kim Thayil:

The album appropriately kicks off with a song called “Been Away Too Long,” with Cornell asserting that “You can’t go home, no I swear you never can.” However, what most long-time fans will get from the album is the satisfying feeling that Soundgarden have never been gone. “I wouldn’t want to use maturity as a euphemism for age, I would interpret maturity more as a different focus or a tension that we have,” Thayil says. “Chris is older and he’s a father now, and if I were him I wouldn’t want to be screaming all the time. Would you believe him if he was doing that? You might start thinking it’s a gimmick. But this is Soundgarden, so he’s going to have to yell and scream, although I wouldn’t expect that of him for a whole record.” The guitarist adds, “We’re old enough that we don’t have to mince words. It’s been 30 years that we’ve basically known each other, and all the pluses and minuses that go with that. I think everybody is really happy, or else we wouldn’t be doing it.”

  • Shadow on the Sun

    If the screaming is limited perhaps this means they’ll do more tour dates, since it might not strain Chris as much. Then again, how many new songs will they do live?

  • Is he one?

    It is however important that he screams a lot IMO.

  • Spoonman

    he didnt scream a lot on DOTUS

  • korn

    if he would had just sticked to smoking bud he wud had been strate but chris was a stoge smoker so hes gonna become a robert plant but plus 2

  • Scott McLean

    What I really dig is that bands keep comin’ back nowadays and that’s groovy. I used the words dig and groovy just for laughs. Hey, I’m happy the Rolling Stones are back with a new song too.

  • dakotablue

    Have I run too far to get home? Am I gone, left you here alone…

    At first I thought Kim said “Chris is older and he’s fatter now…”–but Cornell is still lookin’ good imo.