Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil was interviewed on 99.9 The Fox and had the following to say about Soundgarden’s new album. You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.

-Mentioned he and Ben record guitar and bass parts when Chris and Matt are out of town. Chris records some vocals at home in Los Angeles and does some writing on the road. They share ideas via e-mail too.

-Almost all the writing is done with the four of them in the room initially, but recording is an entirely different process.

-New album is still untitled, joked maybe the new album will be “Soundgarden untitled.”

-The new album is primarily all new songs and ideas, but some are based off of old riff ideas from the Superuknown and Down on the Upside sessions.

Kim sounded very excited when talking about the new album and revealed a lot of stuff. Definitely fun to listen to this after the secretive tone of last year’s interviews.  Also it is not irregular at all to hear about a band recording parts of their album separately.  Stone Temple Pilots did this for their self-titled album from last year.

  • Ben

    Interesting! Good to hear Kim is so excited about the album!

  • Riley R

    Well STP’s latest album was sub-par to me, so hopefully this way of writing doesn’t affect the overall album

  • Ben

    I don’t think that was the reason why STP’s last album was sub-par.

  • King Cornell 20

    It’s been done before, but it’s still a little weird for me. I think they would agree, in private, it’s not optimal. But it’s out of necessity because the band is so busy so I understand.

  • Andre

    I’m crazy excited that new Kim Thayil riffs will be out there. And his excitement only fuels my own. A band’s excitement often flavors their album, so this can only be a great thing, regardless of how they’re recording it.

  • Brett

    I thought STP’s last album was great. It had 3 instant STP classics (Between The Lines, Take a Load Off, and Maver) Also with STP recording separately doesn’t effect the sound of the songs because the DeLeos write the music themselves and then pass it off to Scott to write the lyrics/melody.

    Soundgarden already wrote the songs together so the recording separately shouldn’t adversely affect the songs.

  • nicb115

    Its the age of the internet.

  • Ashley

    @Brett: Wooo-wooo! I’m with you there mang!

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    I know Chris is busy with his solo stuff, and Matt’s somehow involved with possibly the 2 greatest rock bands of the last 20 years, right now, in this very exciting time… But Soundgarden has a history of not seeing eye-to-eye on things. I hate to be a pessimist, but this bothers me slightly.