Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil told Spinner in a new interview that he played with with former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, former Queens of the Stone Age drummer Alfredo Hernandez, and Bubba Dupree from Void in a band that ended up never being heard during Soundgarden’s hiatus. Thayil said, “We were jamming on and off for a couple years but there was no singer. A lot of instrumental stuff and beer drinking.”

He also discussed avoiding joining other bands during Soundgarden’s break and being selective, “I avoided playing in another heavy rock band,” he says. “Which, if I’d pursued that, would have been a B-grade Soundgarden. I was perfectly comfortable denying the expected ambition of a successful pop culture participant.”

  • Spoonman

    would have loved to hear those jams and had a few beers with them

  • Ben

    I would love to hear some of these tracks – even a digital copy of some would satisfy.

  • max

    im pretty sure it was called No WTO Combo

  • max

    they’re on youtube, at least a couple live songs are

  • Kristin

    Oh I figured it would be about The No WTO Combo, though this one sounds interesting too, and I’d be interested in hearing when it happened and if it sprouted from them playing in The No WTO Combo, or vice versa.

  • Smokey-Hell Nelson

    Just throwing it out there… Thayil would’ve been a bad-ass replacement for Homme in Kyuss.

  • Duh

    Not trying to be rude but the band he is talking about is NOT NO WTO COMBO! He said there was NO signer. NO WTO had a singer.. a guy named Jello!

  • Dak

    I kinda wish he had played all the guitar parts on Probot.

  • swyche

    “B-grade Soundgarden” hahaha. being held to a double standard are we?