John Frusciante Talks To Director Gaspar Noé In First 2015 Video

John Frusciante, who has taken an exit from the public spotlight, has kept a relatively low profile after his second departure from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2009. He has released a few solo albums since that time (some tracks featuring ex-bandmate Flea) and produced the album Medieval Chamber for the rap duo Black Knights. Earlier this year, Frusciante stated he longer writes music for public release and distribution, presumably other than the music he may produce.

John Frusicante, however, by all accounts is a very amicable person and his friendships with people like Johnny Depp, Perry Farrell, River Phoenix, Gibby Haynes and Stephen Perkins are well noted. Surface has footage reportedly from November 10th, 2015 of him and Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, California. Noé is known for his films Enter the Void and I Stand Alone. In the brief clip featured below, Frusciante casually smokes a cigarette with Gaspar Noé and looks to be in good spirits. Through the background noise, he appears to be saying, “I was listening to the song and I realized it was me.” We at AlternativeNation hope he is doing well and creating music that furthers his development as an artist as he sees it and we respect the choice to keep it to himself. The video is below:

For those interested in Frusciante’s limited (?) artistic endeavors, he did release a collection of electronic music under the name Trickfinger earlier this year plus a new album from Black Knights entitled The Almighty produced by him. Some of that work is featured below, as well as a 2014 interview with Frusciante and Black Knights: