Jim Ross, DDP & Lilian Garcia Preview WWE Survivor Series

In the last few days I conducted exclusive interviews with legendary former WWE announcer Jim Ross, former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page, and WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia that will go up in AlternativeNation.net’s Sports section in the next week or so. During these interviews, AlternativeNation.net was able to get predictions for WWE Survivor Series, which airs tomorrow night on the WWE Network at 8PM EST/5PM PST. DDP also gave his thoughts on the possibility of a major former WCW star debuting at the event.

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DDP’s Predictions:

You know, hearing about Sting potentially appearing at the pay-per-view tomorrow/tonight, I think that he is going to be a God there. I think Sting is going to be really well respected; everyone there grew up watching him. Sting is 55 years old, the reason you don’t really play that in is because he covers his body and stays in shape. He’s in really good shape and he paints his face. I mean, KISS is going out there and playing into their sixties and young kids are going: “Ah, I love this!” No one did it better then Sting, nobody and knowing that he could of held out and been worth so much more? I wish I could of done that! (laughs)

No one put themselves in a better spot but Sting would have never been able to make that crossover during the Attitude Era. It just would never happen because he is a Christian who [sticks to his beliefs]. He has a huge relationship with Christ and isn’t going to soil that for money. I’m sure had has stupid money anyway and I’m happy for him, God bless him. If Sting decides he is going to wrestle one last match then I think no matter what he can get there mentally and have one hell of a match. Do I think he could do it every night? Not so much, but to have one big night, going out there and popping the people? I think he’ll just tear it down.

All the new WWE fans know who Sting is now, they might not of seven months ago, but they know now!


Jim Ross’ Predictions:

Well It’s basically a one match pay-per-view and they really waited until the last week to give more information and add to the intrigue. Especially on Monday when they added new members to Team Cena who were somewhat unusual. I’ll say that it’s a one match pay-per-view or a two match pay-per-view if you count Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

By the way, I’m all for those guys, I like the both of them, they were both down in developmental when I was still with the company and I was working down there so I have a special place for both of those guys and I hope they do well. However, the match, in all honesty, is a one match show. It’s the elimination tag with Team Cena against Team Authority and you know the stipulation, if Team Authority loses, they’re no longer in power, and I think the stipulation they’re going to add is if Cena’s team loses then they’re all fired so it’s one of those real straight forward stipulations and you hope it’s going to be a good show. I think they’ve done a nice job in building that one match, I feel they are rushing the Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt match but be that as it may I think those two kids will have a great match nonetheless.


The rest of the card is what it is, but sometimes, in my experience, cards that you don’t have the greatest expectations for, as far as the undercard, that will pleasantly surprise and deliver and you gotta hope that will be the case for this show in Philly. The great thing about Philly is that they have a very vocal audience, they’re very uninhibited, they’re gonna say what they feel , the event sold out almost immediately, which is good. So, you have a major city, big arena, outspoken and defiant fans by and large, so it should be a colorful audience. However, without a doubt, the ten man elimination tag must deliver. It must deliver big time and close that pay-per-view with something that makes me want to see various members in a TLC match next pay-per-view in December. The key thing is how Survivor Series going to be executed, how will the presentation be and how will it get me to the December mega event?


I also think that people that have tried to follow Mr. McMahon in the authority figure, I don’t think a lot of it has done well. I don’t think Hunter and Stephanie have done badly but I think the role needs to be “tweaked” and it needs to be refreshed and maybe by going away for a while it will refresh it. It’s hard to say if this show is going to be good or not because I don’t know what the creative is. I wrote on my blog this week that there should be some defections, some run-ins, some surprises and all sorts of “wild west stuff” because of the high stakes.

If you lose and you get fired, you’d think you would have something special up of your sleeve. If you lose and you lose all of your power, you think you would have something special up your sleeve. So it stands to reason that this match should be creatively booked, with a lot of twists and turns in the road and then go from there. However, I try not to think too much about what the creative is going to be because I don’t care what the creative is, I just want to watch the show. I don’t want to know the outcome, I want to see how it resonates with me when I watch it live. There are a lot of guys on the card that I signed back in the day and they are still my recruits in my mind but do I need to overthink the finish? No, because I don’t know the direction they’re going.

I got a feeling that the babyfaces are going to win but I might be wrong.


Lilian Garcia’s Predictions:

I am really enjoying the build up to the Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt feud. You have two extremely talented superstars and I think they’re gonna give it their all. It’s exciting too because you get to see it for free on the WWE Network.

I also can’t wait for the Team Cena/Team Authority match. It’s crazy how it’s already changed, Sheamus got hurt, so there is so many surprises that have happened already that it’s making me go: “I can only imagine what’s going to happen!” Again, this is the dreams for these superstars, their livelihoods, their passion and when you have people working their passion I know they are living and breathing this and always putting their best out there. It’s going to be really exciting, and I think they totally shifted the dynamic by putting the now former members of the Wyatt family against each other. Nobody was really expecting that to happen so it’s like, “Whoa, what can happen here?!”


Again, it’s going to be interesting to watch. I really love the build-up between AJ and Nikki Bella, especially the secondary storyline with the twins. For the longest time the Bella Twins wanted to work against each other, and now they get that opportunity. The two of them are really good wrestlers. Watch AJ, watch all of the divas, they are really strong and their work ethic is amazing. I remember when you used to get one divas match a show, a RAW or a pay-per-view and now you are getting more then what you are expecting, you are getting two divas matches a show, you’re getting the divas that are involved in other storylines, it’s just really cool to see how these divas are being used. The two stories in one is just a perfect example. It’s just awesome!

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