In a new interview Jerry Cantrell discussed Alice In Chains headlining the Uproar Festival Tour this summer also featuring Jane’s Addiction and Walking Papers. Cantrell also said that Bush were almost part of the tour, and that he is disappointed that they aren’t on the bill. He said he is happy with the lineup though, and that AIC did have input regarding other bands.

  • Dan

    Saw Bush in 2011 and thought that they rocked.

  • steph

    Yep….just saw Bush at ROTR in Columbus, Ohio last week. They were badass. Gavin’s voice is still awesome, the band plays tight. Loved it!

  • Raj

    Bush has a lot of great songs, they should be playing with bands like Alice rather than opening for Nickelback and playing an 8 song setlist. That’s a travesty.

  • steph

    Raj….I totally agree. Since they haven’t made the rounds in a while, I thought they would be stale. But they were easily one of the best bands at ROTR this year.

  • ShaneC

    I’ve always thought Bush was a solid band. They have some songs I don’t really like, but alot of great tunes as well.

  • Big M

    Well, they would certainly be better than a lot of the other bands on the bill.

  • Huh?

    Bush is one of the worst bands of all time, along with Nickelback and Creed. Only stupid people buy that shit. And they’ve all sold MILLIONS of albums apiece. Lots of morons out there.

  • Raj

    Huh? you are way off, Nickelback and Creed are garbage. Bush was a solid band in the 90’s and still are today. To put them in the same category is just plain wrong.

  • Kurt Killer

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  • Kurt Killer

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