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Jerry Cantrell Performs Alice In Chains Classic “Rain When I Die” For A Few Fans

Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell appeared at NAMM 2015 in Anaheim, CA, and played “Rain When I Die” in front of only a few lucky people. Watch the video below!

Jerry Cantrell discussed his late friends Dimebag Darrell and Layne Staley in an interview with Billboard last month.

On meeting Dimebag Darrell before Pantera’s big success, and how he knew Dimebag and Layne Staley would have success: “That’s why I went up to talk to him. I remember talking to [Pantera bassist] Rex [Brown] and [Dimebag’s older brother] Vinnie [Paul] that night, too. There are certain guys that you run into and you just know — you just know that guy’s going someplace. And he should be going someplace, because he damn well deserves it. [Alice in Chains frontman] Layne [Staley] was one of those guys for me as well.”

On Dimebag Darrell as a person: “[Dimebag] wasn’t any different in the center of the room with you or the center of an arena with thousands of people. He was a really genuine person. He was fun to be around. I had so many good times with him. And I had some bad times, too, where it would be about picking each other up. I’d get to see him really regularly out on the road. The arcs of our careers were fairly similar: Cowboys from Hell came out in ’90, Facelift came out in ‘90; Vulgar was ‘92, Dirt was ‘92.”

On the loss of Dimebag Darrell and Layne Staley: “I don’t remember that exact moment, but I know I got on a plane immediately. All of us, [Alice in Chains drummer] Sean [Kinney], [Alice in Chains bassist] Mike [Inez] and me went straight to Dallas to be with Vinnie and support him. We’d been through losing somebody — losing Layne — two years earlier, so we had kinda been there. It was one of the most godawful things you’ve ever heard of happening to somebody who was one of the nicest people you ever knew in your life and your friend. It’s still unbelievable.”

  • Rizz

    oh baby jesus, this is such a bad ass song. Viva la Layne!

  • Lust

    m/ m/

  • Chris Edwards

    Without the majestic vocals of Mr. Staley, it only sounds like half of a glorious whole. Speaking of which, I’m wondering if that’s Layne’s Gibson SG in that photo on the far right. Never seen Jerry with one of those before…things that make you go “hmmmmm???”.