Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed the similarities between Alice In Chains and AC/DC’s careers in a new interview with The Quietus, with both bands moving on after the deaths of their original lead singers:

“Oddly enough we went through a few things that they had to. Down the road we would go through the loss of a member and make a decision to continue on and do it successfully. I thought it was such a brave thing for AC/DC to triumph over that sort of tragedy [the death of singer Bon Scott in 1980], to continue to have their sound, and also to have Brian on such a fucking impactful record – it’s obviously charged with a ton of emotion from losing Bon. That process, it was a fairly quick change. Brian wasn’t trying to sound like Bon, but it’s still AC/DC. Our band is a kind of parallel in a way.

When I started I was more of a rhythm player in whatever band I played in, so I really identified with Malcolm [Young], yet I was wanting to play lead like Angus. He’s a phenomenal lead player, but I’ve always thought the backbone of band is the rhythm guitar. I guess a lot of the bands that I like are dual guitar bands. And I actually really wanted another guitar player in this band when we first started, but the other guys didn’t want one, so I had to learn to play a little bit [laughs].”

  • ShaneC

    I think it’s cool that they carried on. Of course, the music will never be at the level as that of Dirt, but it’s cool that they are still out there.

    One major flaw with this whole NuChains thing, however, IMO, is that fact that if a band gets a new singer, shouldnt they let him sing?


    Didn’t we already have this discussion a few threads back? No comparison to AC/DC.
    @Shane No, it’s best to keep William in a gag. They should have recruited someone who can actually SING like Lanegan .

  • Big M

    Nothing against Duvall but he just sounds like Layne Stayley w/o any passion. The Diet Coke of Layne Stayley, if you will. Brian Johnson on the other hand, I would argue was a better lead singer than Bon Scott and helped make Back in Black such an amazing album.

  • Raj

    I’ve been saying this all along, if AC/DC did it why can’t Alice? I wasn’t born until the early 80’s so I’m not sure what the backlash was when they Brian Johnson took over lead duties from Bon. Regardless, as more time passed less and less people probably complained about Brian. Brian Johnson has done a great job with his old material, but can’t sing the older material to save his life.

  • Brad

    These are two of my favorite all time bands, it’s too bad they lost both of their lead singers. Both bands have awesome records before AND after their losses!

    Get it hot!

  • Jeff

    Right, I’ve always made this comparison re: AC/DC and AIC and totally support it.

    Only difference being AC/DC actually let their new singer, you know, SING from time to time!

  • King Cornell

    Jeff’s right

  • Mark

    Oh, and what if he does not want to sing?

  • bbuttssmellgood

    Jerry is the lead singer for most of the songs.
    Fuck Duvall he’s the backup and knows his role.

    And now I see why jerry doesn’t grow a beard looks like a fucking creeper plus it is not full its missing parts of hair and is thin.

  • Kirill

    my fav song is Phantom Limb from the new album, and the reason behind is Duvall singing

  • tom

    I listen to certain songs…and they’re not the ones that feature Will prominently

  • GwynnKatie

    I agree with Raj, and the big difference is the lack of the internet in 1979/1980, and the fact that AC/DC’s choice to replace Bon was immediate, and Alice In Chains’ took a good four to five years.

    I will speak of this only because I lived it. I remember waiting in a LONG, hot, humid line at the local record haunt in Biltmore Village the day Back In Black was released, and then hanging out with friends while the record was played (heavily) that summer, and also riding in cars while the radio hits were being aired from that record, and then hanging with friends who had traveled to the concert shows in August 1980 with Brian as Bon’s replacement. My friends and I talked a lot about how sad it was that Bon was dead, how sad it was the way he died, some people disliked Brian but they accepted that without him, Back In Black would never have been released – – so it was cool. We were ok with it.

    What amazes me to this day is that they were able to complete the writing, recording, and release of that record in 5 months – after losing Bon. They asked Bon’s parents about it too. That is similar.

    I truly believe that the internet (unfortunately) breeds a streak of hatred and negativity that grows daily.
    There are haters, we have free speech. So the haters seethe and hiss…
    Had the World Wide Web been around in 1980 I believe it would have been the same, but not as intense – it’s human nature.
    It’s unfortunate.

    William leads on Phantom Limb and Hung On A Hook. He also sings harmony on every other song on TDPDH. Somehow I feel/believe that the band made a decision on each song as to how it would roll.

    AIC/LSMS Forever

  • GoodNPlenTy

    Jerry did right and the new music shows they still have a lot to give us.
    Be happy they still have it. STP wishes they had a singer like Duvall who should be given more Lead time but it is Jerry’s band. Duvall will eventually get more time hopefully if not then it’s still great to hear them together.

    Out of all the bands from Seattle they are making the best music and are keeping close to there trademark sound. Unlike PJ and SG whose last two albums were nothing special and just show how they abandoned a Good thing to say see we can sound different and not for the better. Glad AiC has there soul still alive.

  • john

    why are all of you people telling AIC how to run their band? they obviously don’t want Will up front. you pushy bastards…

  • bbuttssmellgood

    @John that’s what fans do. Dingbat. He’s the lead singer poop for brains, so duh. Look it up on wiki you rat trap.

  • Sam

    ^^^doesn’t take a lot to set the simians off
    tossing a banana

  • Realist if anything

    There really isn’t any comparison between the two bands, just because they both continued without their original singers doesn’t exactly mean they are the same. Here’s the difference, AC/DC continued right away without Bon, while it took a while for AIC to return, as a matter of fact, rewind back to say 2004 if you asked Sean or Jerry if they ever thought about regrouping, they would say “fuck no” out of respect of their fallen friend, they didn’t even want to come back under the name Alice In Chains because they thought it would be disrespectful, but the fans requested they keep the name, hence why I have no respect for AC/DC and have all the respect in the world for Jerry, Sean, and Mike, they did it for the fans, not the money and fame like AC/DC. heres the other difference, depending on who you ask, some will say Brian is better than Bon, or that AC/DC is much more well known with Brian, and as much as I like and respect William, There is only one true frontman to Alice In Chains, and his name was Layne Staley. I love William but I think no matter what everyone will agree this band was at it’s best when Layne was singing with his tortured, haunting yet comforting and powerful voice, he was truly one of a kind, and I’m fairly certain for as long as I live there will never be a singer like Layne.

    • Bonscotland

      Gonna call you out for having no respect for AC/DC. You do realise it was Bon Scott’s parents that encouraged the rest of the band to continue. They were more than ready to call it quits. The toughest phone call of Malcolm Youngs life was to tell Bons mother he had died, but the Scott family told the band to keep going and Bons parents accepted Brian Johnson and continued to attend AC/DCs shows up until their passing on. It is also testament to AC/DC that Bons family still receive royalties for Bons work with the band. No so much in it for the fame or money but for keeping his legacy going. So in that sense I have no respect for your comments.

  • Euphoria

    You guys don’t slam William like that, he gives a good effort and they all work well together and he had some big shoes to fill & nobody can ever be Layne. Just make peace with it & respect Jerry’s choice. I like a lot of the music they’s ve released without Layne, the Black Gives Way to Blue album especially just blew me away and surpassed anything I’d hope for them to accomplish without Staley. If at least one good song here and there still comes out this band, it think it’s a great thing and they should keep doing what they love to do. This is unquestionably one of the best rock bands we have left to appreciate.

  • Roger

    Good effort?? A street whore gives good effort too. So what’s your point?

  • GwynnKatie

    And of course you would know this because…

  • Roger

    ^Short memory, huh…?

    • Lit

      ^^ Is that your tent? Did you kiss the girls and make them cry?

  • ExposeitALL

    Respecting one another is an interesting thing…
    Love Thy Neighbor…What does this mean?
    “Well……I…….wanna put a gun to my head because I Hate To Feel everything.
    Well……I……Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier…….but the Killer Is Me.”
    This makes Love Thy Neighbor a little confusing you see.
    Are we all One? Maybe The Truth hurts.
    You are not respecting Death if you don’t know how to respect Life.
    Disrespecting one brother is disrespecting the whole tribe. Throwing your negative energy at others is cruel. Those in the spotlight must learn coping mechanisms to deal with this or they will be drained by YOU. And the irony is they still want to try because no matter who you are, it’s hard to just get by.
    They are people too. Just like you. Is it easier to shut it all down and turn the lights out? To carry on with an added light is everything beautiful to me. A shared dream deserves to Live and it deserves to be respected. It is a gift to YOU, be inspired to feel it all, for YOUR journey. It’s not about painting it pretty or saying the right or wrong thing, this is meaningless. What you really feel shows on the inside.
    Music heals, it touches the soul, it is an escape in a world that is cold.
    If you open your mind and listen with your soul…
    You might feel the difference…
    and it might be remarkably the same…

    Peeeeaaaaaccceeeeee…Dive Deep.

    • GwynnKatie

      You’re a cool person. I like what you have to say.
      Please keep posting in the AIC articles, if you have the time.
      What you say makes tolerating the horrible negativity and cruelty easier.

      Oh, and this needed to be said again…
      “Music heals, it touches the soul, it is an escape in a world that is cold.”

      AIC/LSMS Forever

  • Pavlov

    did someone ring the bell?

  • Hel

    Baths are free…

  • PBx

    Might get kinda messy and wet. . .especially with a really dirty dog …and God forbid, you ever try to bathe a cat