Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder discussed the next future Smashing Pumpkins album in a recent interview with LRI. “Yeah, we’re at home in Chicago and we’re really starting to work on a new album.  We’re at the very, very beginning stages, we’re not actually recording but just starting to work on new material.  We’re actually going to be doing a few more amphitheatre and festival dates supporting “OCEANIA” through May and then June and July we are doing to be doing a  European tour.  One of the big Midwest dates here is the Rock On The Range festival in Ohio, we are playing Saturday night (May 18th) there in Columbus.  So, there are still more dates for “OCEANIA” but in the downtime we are gonna start pounding ahead and working on the next album.”


  • Undecided

    Can’t wait for their next album, hopefully it will be as good or better than Oceania.

  • Corndog

    Always loved the Pumpkins, but i just can’t get into Oceania. Find my attention drifts off when i try to listen to it. Just never seems to grab me.

    Am i the only person in the world that preferred Zeitgeist? Sounded much more like the Pumpkins of old. Too much electronic synthesizer nonsense these days for my liking.

  • johnny208

    @Corndog I feel you man.

  • Is he one?

    @Corndog, I would hang on with Oceania if I were you.

    Great news from Jeff!!! 🙂

  • paulonious

    I too loved Zeitgeist. No idea why people didn’t like it. so is the Teargarden project dead? I thought Oceania was supposed to be an album within an album? so now there’s going to be another album within an album? where’s the free single every 6 weeks or so, Billy? got tired of people not caring about your music even when you give it away for free??

  • Shoegazer

    I like the synth & progressive rock influences on Oceania. I know a lot of the sound on Oceania isn’t for people who like loud guitars, but you can’t deny these songs are amazing. I know I have more of an open mind to music than most people, but it’s my view that a good song’s a good song, whether it’s played on guitar, piano, ukelele, etc.

  • Pingfah

    I thought Zeitgeist and Oceania were both really good. I prefer both to Machina or Adore, although those two albums aren’t bad either.

  • Is he one?

    Oceania>Adore>Machina=Zeitgeist>Teargarden before Oceania.


  • Craigory52

    I like both Zeitgeist and Oceania. However, I wish there were some rockers on Oceania. That is what was missing on that album except for probably Quasar. But Billy’s vocal performance just isn’t the same since before Zwan. With the exception of Violet Rays and maybe My Love Is Winter, I don’t hear a lot of passion in those vocals. Bring back the snarl and angsty vocals with more heavy tracks on the next album.

  • Is he one?

    Panopticon, Pinwheels and One diamond one heart aren’t passionnate you think?

    And The Chimera isn’t a rocker?

  • Spencer

    I really enjoyed Zeitgeist. I’ll admit, it’s certainly not their strongest entry but I feel there’s a lot to be redeemed with that album. I really hope the next album is heavier/darker than Oceania.

  • Martin

    I liked Oceania however I miss the angry songs billy used to write.

  • Justin

    Oceania was great but definitely not the best. Hope this next album is heavier

  • fsh

    None of the bands from the 90’s that built their fanbase on angsty, angry, loud, heavy music are doing much of that 20 years later. They’ve all aged, evolved styles and interests, have families, are successful….so not much to be really pissed about any more. I guess you can say they’ve softened but its been that way for at least 10 years. Its about time we got used to it and just enjoy what they’re putting out. The majority of which is better than the formulaic crap thats being churned out by other bands.

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