Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament discussed Pearl Jam’s upcoming plans in a new interview with The Toronto Sun: “There’s nothing really scheduled right now. That’s a little bit by design. Whenever we come out of a time when we’ve had a bunch of stuff lined up, we like to have a few months where we just kind of clear the plate a little bit. I’m sure once we get through the holidays, we’ll get on the phone with each other and figure out what we’re doing next.”

  • olive

    Aus-tra-li-a!! Please!

  • lol


  • Ben

    Al-bum!! Please!!!

  • lol

    Al-bum!! Please!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAAH YEAH also!! the most important!!! 😀

  • Is he one?

    Oh yeah screw touring PJ, you’ve been waaaaay too cheap in terms of new material released since 1998. It seems like it’s getting worse, come on dudes! You’ve always been my second favorite band (After the Pumpkins) but if you keep on doing nothing new, I won’t love you less necessarily but some others might take your place on the podium haha! 😉

    I love you PJ, release an album. With a different drummer if needed. (And yes it’s needed now IMO)

  • Zach

    Screw all you people who want PJ to play in Brazil, Austalia or some other foreign country. PJ is an american band and they should start acting like one by playing in their own country. They haven’t done a regular US tour since 2010. So if you live in South America, Europe or anywhere else, you have no right to complain that PJ doesn’t play there enough.

  • James

    Zach u are a knob

  • Richie

    Release an album, then do an American tour! PLEASE!

  • lol

    PJ is doing time with the fans, sad … 🙁

  • Is he one?

    I would like to know what the 4 original members of the band think about going on without Matt at this point. Let’s be honest, it would serve us greatly.

  • Patrick

    keep matt, put out a double album, tour the US.

  • Josh

    Ranking the PJ catalog:

    1. Vitalogy
    2. Ten
    3. Yield
    4. Vs.
    5. Pearl Jam (would be ahead of Vs. with better production)
    6. No Code
    7. Riot Act
    8. Binaural
    9. Backspacer

    I love the top six albums on my list. I really like Riot Act too. Binaural would have been a classic if PJ would’ve gone with the original track listing and included songs like Sad, Education and Fatal. Backspacer is the only album in the bunch that I really don’t connect with in any memorable way. PJ is and will likely always be my favorite band. I am hopeful for a 2013 release, but more importantly, I am hopeful for some songs with greater depth than Backspacer gave us.

    On a side note, I would love to see a return of Jack Irons to the band. I know this has almost no chance of happening but I think Jack’s playing was a perfect fit for PJ. They were probably at their creative best with him in the mix as well. Matt seems like a good dude and is obviously a fantastic drummer. And I think a lot of credit has to go to him in keeping the band together and relevant after Jack’s departure. With Soundagarden’s return and Matt’s (rightful) place in that band, it seems that this may be the time to explore possibilities. That’s just my two cents on that subject.

  • c.addle

    just dont break up please

  • Is he one?

    Again, really?

  • B

    Speaking of Ament, you can stream the new RNDM album here

  • drew

    i’ll pass on a tour or new album or all those other requests above if too much to handle!

    just come over to my pad for a night of jamming on whatever and some brews!

  • BlownUpWorld

    I agree with Richie. How about some new tunes and a full blown US tour. I just renewed my TenClub membership and I have no idea why.

  • Craigory52

    @Josh Your list is pretty similar to mine except for your ranking of Backspacer

    1. Vitalogy 2. Vs. 3. Yield 4. Ten 5. Pearl Jam 6. Backspacer 7. Riot Act 8. No Code 9. Binaural

    Hoping for a new album next year!

  • Zach


    You’re a faggot

  • Paul

    Summer time – Red Rocks!

  • Jack Irons

    Please just break up already!!

  • Mawhonic