Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Talks Breaking A Nose During Game With Arcade Fire Frontman Win Butler

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament discussed accidentally breaking a nose during a basketball game with Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

“But the last few years we’ve done Big Day Out Festival in Australia with Arcade Fire and Win Butler is like, obsessed with basketball. So we got out three or four times and played. That was fun. And I actually said to him “Where were you 15 years ago when I still had 35-year-old legs and not 50-year-old legs?”

He also mentioned that he accidentally broke a nose during a game with Butler, “It was purely accidental. Win hooked up a game in Auckland, New Zealand and there was a bunch of college players playing. It was game point and there was a loose ball and I got to it first. And this big herkin’ New Zealand guy is standing over me, like 6’5” and got 50 pounds on me, and he basically wouldn’t let me stand up. I sort of showed him that I was gonna stand up and pushed out my shoulders and elbows and he was just hovering over me. I stood straight up and the corner of my elbow clipped his nose and just snapped it, man.

It was bad. I felt bad because he was a super sweet guy too. We had a really great conversation before we played the game. It was the first time I’d broken someone’s nose in 40 years of playing basketball. We actually saw him in the crowd during the show that night and called him out, like, “Hey man, sorry.” [Laughs] He had, like, full raccoon eyes and a big bandage on his nose. I was like, “Look how big that guy is! Like, don’t feel too bad for him.”‘

  • Breadbitten

    How many noses does he have?

    • Boom

      The Bread. Boom figure he have just one nose like all humans.

      Also Boom say this. The arcade fire pure shit. Boom no never listen before but did the check out. Fucking garbage music.

      Boom out!!

      The Ament should have done the favor and broke all the Fire Arcade instrument so they no play shit music the no more.