Is Audioslave Reuniting This Weekend?

Chris Cornell is set to perform at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas on Sunday in Los Angeles, and his former Audioslave bandmate is set to perform on Saturday in Los Angeles at a benefit concert for Tony McAlpine featuring Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Derek Sherinian, and John 5. Morello will take part in an ‘all star jam’ with Nuno Betancourt and Richie Kotzen. Some fans are speculating that Audioslave could do a surprise set in Los Angeles at one of these shows.


Chris Cornell recently told Music Radar that he wants Audioslave to reunite.

“Yeah, I think it would be great. We did a lot of songs, and with the benefit of having not done anything with those guys for so long, I can’t imagine what it would be. It would be a really amazing experience just to get back and work with the same guys again.

“We were certainly a prolific group of people; we wrote three whole albums in around five years, maybe less. And these were albums that were raw, and we had extra material, and we just never seemed to have trouble ever trying to agree on what would come out of the songs.

“They were great guys, and I really enjoyed the experience that I had with them, so yeah, I would always be open to doing something.”

Do you think Audioslave will reunite this weekend, or will we have to wait in 2016? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Felonious Punk

    Not happening.

  • Cochise

    Chris is performing in Sydney this weekend so not happening

    • TonyClifton has him playing in LA on the 13th, so he’s not in Sydney. But that’s a hell of a flight across the world, he performs the night of the 12th in Austraillia then booking it after the show to airport and into LAX by morning of 13th for Acoustic Christmas concert. I’m gonna be in LA area so if this does happen, and any notice is supplied I’ll try my best to get there.

      • Cochise

        You are right, Chris was supposed to be playing the Sydney Opera House on Sunday, but that show has been canceled due to a double booking (KROQ). THis actually upsets me as that was the one show I had tickets to for this tour.

        • Ben

          Wow that really sucks! So I guess Sydney only gets 1 show then or were they able to re-schedule to Friday 10th?

          • Cochise

            Yeah it does, so disappointed. No tickets left for the other 2 shows this weekend.

  • Junior Moore

    Click bait.

  • Rizz

    This article is what is wrong with the internet and news in general.