Interview: Trapt Frontman Chris Taylor Brown Discusses Next Album, Three Days Grace & Modern Rock

Trapt is an alternative rock/metal group that formed in 1997. They hit mainstream success with their major-label debut self-titled album and single “Headstrong.” The group continued their success with four more charting albums and a fair share of headlining tours. The group is currently on tour and have just released a compilation of acoustic songs, which you can purchase here. We got the chance to speak to frontman Chris Taylor Brown about the band’s upcoming seventh album and the future of rock music. Check it out below.

Trapt is currently on their self-titled tour. How is the tour going so far?

Chris Taylor Brown (frontman): It’s going great, man. We’ve been playing live since the summer with The Veer Union and we’re going to keep going until November and play in the UK.


Promotional poster for previous dates on Trapt’s self-titled tour

You guys just released an acoustic collection of your songs. Can you talk about what it was like going back and recording these songs in a stripped down fashioned?

Chris: We write a lot of our songs on an acoustic guitar, so we kind of thought about expanding that direction and having everyone in the band playing their instruments acoustically and do their thing. It just had this nice vibe and turned out to be a cool record.

Were there any other songs throughout Trapt’s discography that you were either curious or tempted to record in an acoustic form?

Chris: Well all 13 songs that were included on the album started out on an acoustic guitar so we wanted to revisit their original form and release them. That was the main reason that we chose the songs that are included on the compilation.

Acoustic version of hit-single “Headstrong,” featured on “The Acoustic Collection”

You’re currently working on your seventh studio album, “DNA.” Can you talk about the status of the material so far and when it may be released?

Chris: So far we have a bunch of great songs written out and we’re going to start recording the album later in the year. Regarding a release date, maybe next year. But, it’s definitely got a heavy groove in it and cool rhythms and things that people don’t expect from us. Right now we’re just concentrating on promoting and getting the word out about “The Acoustic Collection.”

Was there any artists in particular you were listening to while writing the songs for this album?

Chris: Not really, we were just kind of jamming and coming up with our own music. We listen to all different kinds of music so there were definitely different influences from each member of the band going into the material.

Similar to your 2013 release, “Reborn,” you are releasing your next album independently. Can you discuss why you decided to go without a record label?

Chris: We did “Reborn” on our own independently and same with “The Acoustic Collection.” So with “DNA,” we decided to do the same thing. It allows us to have the freedom to do what we want. Right now we’re running an Indiegogo campaign for the album so fans are able to witness the process.


Cover art for 2013’s “Reborn,” which was independently released

Recently Gene Simmons spoke out claiming, “rock is dead.” What’s your personal opinion on that statement and the current state of music?

Chris: There are so many different versions of rock that are present in the mainstream and industry right now. Like Dave Matthews is considered rock, but so is a really heavy rock band. There are so many types of rock that are still alive and making music that I can’t really agree with him on that statement.

Back when Trapt began, the music industry was really big on nu metal, but now it’s sort of shifted towards more indie rock. Where do you see rock going in the future?

Chris: Everything goes in cycles and trends so I’m sure heavy rock will come back as a very popular form of music in the next few years.

Trapt has been active for over 15 years, looking back, what are some highlights you’ve experienced in the band?

Chris: Our self-titled album in 2003 hit platinum, which was just a great feeling. And every record since then, our fans have really received them well. We love all the support and love we can get from our fans.

Live performance of single “Echo” from platinum-ranked self titled album

You have toured with the likes of Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Thousand Foot Krutch, Halestorm, Buckcherry, and more. If you could choose any group of bands, what would your dream tour consist of?

Chris: I don’t know, there’s just so many. We’ve toured with Disturbed and that was great. Our tour with Three Days Grace was some really good times. So I guess the dream tour would consist of something like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Trapt.

What do you see in the far future of the band?

Chris: Just keep doing what we’re doing and making good music and playing it live.

You can listen to “The Acoustic Collection” in it’s entirety by clicking here. You can also click here to purchase the compilation on iTunes right now.

“The Acoustic Collection” tracklisting:
1. Headstrong (from “Trapt”)
2. Echo (from “Trapt”)
3. Only One in Color (from “Only Through the Pain”)
4. Contagious (from “Only Through the Pain”)
5. These Walls (from “Trapt”)
6. Ready When You Are (from “Only Through the Pain”)
7. Black Rose (from “Only Through the Pain”)
8. Waiting (from “Someone in Control”)
9. Lost Realist (from “Someone in Control”)
10. Made of Glass (from “Trapt”)
11. Too Close (from “Reborn”)
12. Who’s Going Home With You Tonight? (from “Only Through the Pain”)
13. Love Hate Relationship (from “Reborn”)