Interview: Mac Sabbath, The World’s Only Fast Food Black Sabbath Tribute

While the legendary outfit Black Sabbath is ending this year, drive thru metal creators Mac Sabbath are starting to get a lot of attention. Mac Sabbath are a Black Sabbath parody band managed by Mike Odd of the comedy metal band Rosemary’s Billgoat. The band covers Ozzy era Black Sabbath songs, but changes the lyrics to be about a certain fast food chain. Though a parody band, they have already shared the stage with huge acts such as Elton John. They are to embark on their Rock,Sham,Shake tour starting on March 3rd. Over the telephone I was able to speak with manager Mike Odd. He talked about the crazy story of how this band came to be and how to best experience them at home.

What made you decide to come up with this project?

I got an anonymous phone call and went down to this burger place. This abomination of a clown dressed in red and yellow and had skull make up notices the food i’m eating and then starts spouting this incredible banter, saying it was my destiny to manage his band. I was looking for the hidden camera. I thought it was a practical joke. He then invited me to a secret show that was happening in the basement of one of these places. So I went to this secret show that only certain people were invited to and it was nothing I ever seen before. So I thought what the hell? I’d work with this guy. He was obviously crazy and was talking about how music and food haven’t been real since the 1970’s and how hes going to bring that back as well as all this talk about tyrannical food control and the government poisoning us. It’s been a hard long road dealing with him, but it’s also been amazing cause it moves so fast because people respond to it so well. Before we even left California, we played a festival in England with Motley Crue, Slipknot and KISS. We then did a tour were we played in Cali and then a festival where we went on right before Elton John.

Can you tell us a bit about some of your song parodies?

One of our most well known songs is one called “Frying Pan” a parody of “Iron Man”. The lyrics are much different. The song is about this clown who is kinda forced into this fast food culture. Here are some of the lyrics: “It’s a culinary crime, our future is pink slime, everybody wants it, turn this grease into gold, excluding the veggies, trimming the cheese of mold”. We also have “Brand of Doom”, which is obviously a parody of “Hand of Doom”. We take every Black Sabbath concept and make it about the ominous evils of fast food. When you are watching the band you are looking at four characters,Ronald Osborne, guitarist Slayer Mac Cheeze,bassist Grimalice and drummer The Cat Burglar. It’s an amazing theatrical show, its not just music and costumes. Ronald does magic and pulls crazy things such as pulling giant straws and burgers out of his pants. We also have lazer eyed skull clown statues! It’s a crazy, over the top show.

With lyrics like that I’m guessing you guys are more against fast food.

Though the band coined the term drive thru metal, they are against drive thru culture.

Ah, kinda like how Sabbath had lyrics about Satan, but because they were warning us about him not worshiping him.

Exactly! I’d say Ronald Osbourne is as misunderstood as Ozzy. I always wondered if Black Sabbath was going to find out about it and then on January 1st, they re-posted our “Frying Pan” video on their Facebook and Twitter and it went viral. It’s now almost at 1,000,000 clicks, so that really helped.

It’d be funny if your “Hand of Doom” parody is what inspired them to play the original song on their final tour, since they haven’t played it since the 70’s.

(laughs) I’d like to think so.

Any plans to put out a studio album?

That is being talked about. Ronald is literally stuck in the 70’s and all new technology angers him. He wants the album to be put out on eight tracks, which no one will buy. Maybe one day they will make a comeback. I never thought cassettes would be back and look what happened.

If you were to cover a song from the Dio era, which song would you choose and what would the parody be called?

I was thinking about covering the “Mob Rules” as “The Swob Drools”, but I don’t know if that will ever happen.

If you were to start another heavy metal parody band based on a different kind of food chain, which food chain would you choose and which band would you parody? 

Funny you ask that cause Ronald is always going on about other drive thru metal bands and how they are ripping him off. He goes on and on about how he started this genre and how all these newcomers are stealing food out of his mouth. He’s always ranting about Cinabon Jovi and Burger King Diamond. This guy does want me to manage KFCDC. I’d be down do it as long as Ronald doesn’t kill me.

KFCDC that would be pretty funny. I notice you play a band called Rosemary’s Billgoat. Does Sabbath influence that band at all?

Absolutely! In my opinion Black Sabbath influenced all the best bands. They are my all time favorite band and I feel they didn’t just influence all of heavy metal but also punk,goth and hard rock in general. Not only am I influenced by them but I’d argue with anyone who said they weren’t.

I‘d definitely agree. Speaking of influences, if you were trapped on a desert island and could only bring one studio album with you which would it be and why? 

I think it would be Master of Reality and a cheeseburger. Thats what I say to people who get on me about making a Mac Sabbath studio album. Closet thing to a Mac Sabbath experience at home.