Interview: Infinika Supergroup Featuring Ex-Korn & Anyone Members

Infinika is an alternative rock group featuring frontman/multi-instrumentalist Riz Story (Anyone) and drummer David Silveria (Korn). The group recently released their debut LP, Echoes and Traces, which is now available on iTunes. You can check out Alternative Nation’s interview with Riz Story and David Silveria as they discuss their previous bands, the state of rock music, and the new album.


Can you discuss how you two got together and how the overall band formed?

David Silveria (drummer): Riz and I have known each other for many years, dating back to his days with Anyone and when I was in Korn.

Riz Story (frontman): When I was making my film, “TogethermentT,” which was this weird/psychedelic documentary, I interviewed Munky [James Shaffer, Korn guitarist] and David [Silveria, Korn drummer]. And that was the first time they heard my band’s album, Live Acid. Pretty much right away Munky offered me a record deal with Elementary Records. I just remember right after that encounter, Korn became the #1 band on the planet, literally. And then we ended up signing with Roadrunner Records. Ten years later, I got a call out of the blue and was asked to sing on David’s new album and that’s how this band was formed.

You guys released your debut LP, Echoes and Traces, last month. Can you talk about the writing process and how it differed from your previous musical endeavors?

Riz: There’s two writing processes for the material on that record, some songs that we worked on together and some that I had previously wrote and David put his touch on top. It was interesting for me to see how the songs went from my version to where they had David’s signature sound on them. But for “Echoes,” David would just groove along and we would do a lot of improvisational work. We didn’t set ay rules or boundaries. Everything is so one-dimensional now. You’re either a heavy band or a mellow band. We wanted to just go through a musical journey. Back in the day, you’d throw on a Led Zeppelin record and you’d go from their heaviest song to their mellowest.

Official music video for “Beautiful World,” the second track off the debut LP

Was there any specific artists you were listening to as inspiration while writing the material for this album?

Riz: No, David and I aren’t even listening to many other artists. We’re just so into Infinika right now. As a matter of fact, we specifically lost ourselves in what we were doing. And I think that’s why it sounds so separate. If we were listening to the latest trend, it would of ended up sounding like it was influenced by the latest trend.

Are you planning on experimenting with other genres or musical styles in the future of Infinika?

David: I would say anything is possible.

Riz: Yeah, there is no limits. I mean we are a rock band, so we’re not going to do a R&B or rap record. The beauty about rock and roll is it can be anything from Metallica to Simon & Garfunkel to U2 to Rush to Pink Floyd.

Korn-Korn Cover art of Korn’s hit debut self-titled album in 1994

You just hit the 20th anniversary of Korn’s debut album? Looking back on that album, would you say it had a positive impact on your life?

David: Absolutely, that’s for certain. 100% positive in fact. I still love that record and listen to it sometimes. In my opinion, it’s the best record we ever made and it’s what started the whole band.

Would you predict a reunion with Korn is out of the picture at this point?

David: Definetly.

And Riz, you were previously in a band titled, Anyone, that disbanded in 2006. Can you talk about this band and your time in it?

Riz: Anyone was this very experimental, ‘maximum acid’ trio that I wanted to explore something tribal and spiritual. It’s funny that you should ask about the 20th anniversary of Korn’s first album because they invented nu-metal and I was right there in the scene and the same clubs. It was really cool to see Korn bring back rock and redefine it. Anyone was doing the same thing and I was really proud of what we did. We did all the festivals like Reading, Lead, Pinkpop, and all the rest. To be honest, I see Infinika as a continuation of Infinika to a degree.

MI0002174296 Cover art for Anyone’s 1999 LP ‘Live Acid’

Are you planning on taking Infinika live soon and who would you want to tour with?

Riz: We’re going to start some shows in southern California. If I had my choice, we’d be opening for The Doors (laughs). But we kinda missed that opportunity. You should expect a show on a theatrical scale though. All the bands that I loved were a big deal live like Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

What do you see for the far future of Infinika?

Riz: If there is a future, we’ll be making records. Everything is in collapse right now. The music industry in collapse. The environment is in collapse. The dollar bill is in collapse. But everything stays up, Infinika will kick out a couple more. I think this creative energy is just starting up.

Anything you’d like to tell current fans or anyone interested in checking you guys out?

David: I’d say listen to the whole record, front to back.

Riz: Just put on some headphones and listen to the entire thing. Feel the lyrics and get into the music. I also want to say thank you to all of our fans. We’re getting a lot of love and support without a lot of promotional backing.