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Interview: Future Leaders of the World Discusses Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, & New Album

Future Leaders of the World is an alternative hard rock group that formed in the early 2000’s. The band currently consists of frontman Phil Taylor, guitarist Ian Severson, bassist Jarred Mosely, and drummer Russell Bullock. FLOW will be releasing their upcoming album, Reveal, on March 10th via Pavement Entertainment. You can click here to pre-order the LP. Check out our interview with frontman Phil Taylor below.

FLOW-reveal Cover artwork for upcoming album, ‘Reveal’

You guys will be releasing your next album, Reveal, next month. Can you discuss the events that led to the record and the overall writing process?

Phil: Basically, I started by writing a solo acoustic EP in late 2008 and began recording those songs in Seattle. As things started to progress, it became apparent that these songs were going to be a full-length album with the whole band. The label I was with at the time gave me free reign with as much studio time as I needed. So I recruited Ian [Severson, guitarist] and he started working on some songs with me as we moved the band to New Orleans in 2009 and enlisted our drummer Russell Bullock. We started heavily touring and doing festivals in 2010 and continued recording. After some record label offers fell through, we took a hiatus. But at out of nowhere a member of Hed PE got ahold of our disc and passed it on to Pavement Entertainment and now we’re going to release it.

How would you describe the style and sound of the material on this record in comparison to your 2004 release?

Phil: Because it started it off being an acoustic-driven record, it’s just definitely more of a straight-forward rock record. There’s a little bit of 90’s nostalgia vibe to it and it’s not as experimental and involved in the rap rock sound as some of our previous material.

What lyrical messages our themes in particular were you hoping to convey in these songs?

Phil: The first record was definitely more political and a lot more young angst. For the new record, there is political themes, but it’s more personal and spiritual. I would say it’s overall more direct and clear lyrically.

Stream player for hit single “Live Again,” off upcoming ‘Reveal’ album

There was also an impressive group of people working on the technical aspect of the album including Toby Wright (Korn, Alice in Chains, Metallica), Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damage Plan, Hellyeah), and John LeCompt (Evanescence, We are the Fallen). What was it like working with these big names?

Phil: They’re really good at what they do. I worked with Toby Wright in my other band, Machina. He uses a lot of experimental techniques and props during the recording process. I got to kinda learn from him and apply his knowledge to this album. We’ve been really blessed to have these people help us push this product without having a major label budget.

As of now, are there plans to tour in promotion of the release of Reveal?

Phil: Yeah, we have a gig we’re doing in Japan this week and then we’ll start announcing dates for April to June.

You’ve toured with some huge acts like Scott Weiland, Alter Bridge, Helmet, and more. Can you reflect on sharing the stage with these bands and who you’d ideally like to tour with in the future?

Phil: Like you said, we’ve been around with a lot of big bands because we’ve been around awhile and it has always been awesome with them. But yeah, there’s still a lot of bands I’d like to tour with like System of a Down, Korn, Deftones, HIM, Tool, and/or A Perfect Circle. There’s a lot of good bands that I enjoyed growing up that are coming back strong like Pearl Jam or Linkin Park.

Can you also discuss your other group, Machina, that features members of Evanescence, and if you think there will be more material from the band in the future?

Phil: I’m just focusing on one thing at a time right now. We may or may not re-release the To Live and Die in the Garden of Eden record later down the road with the proper backing. But, Future Leaders of the World is my main focus right now.

Stream player for “Not Forsaken,” closing track off upcoming album

I read that Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder is a fan of Future Leaders of the World along with Chester Bennington. How did it feel hearing of their statements and what is your relationship with their bands?

Phil: I don’t have a personal connection with either of those guys but those are statements that kinda came to me through word of mouth. I was talking to the guys of Stone Temple Pilots and they said Chester was a fan of our music. It’s definetly cool and I would love to work with those guys in the future. Grunge and alternative metal in the 90’s was a big influence on me. The Ten record was one of my first albums and I listened to it religiously. Linkin Park helped bridge the gap for our modern rock sound. I’ve been a big fan of them since day one.

Besides the album release on March 10th, what else is coming up for the band?

Phil: Like I said before, we have the live show in Japan and we’re working on going to Europe for a tour. There’s a potential reality TV show that we might be in for a handful of episodes. It might be on the History Channel or A&E and it’s based on how the music industry is changing.

What do you see for the far future of your musical career?

Phil: Grammys, plaques, and golden diapers. (laughs) We just want to keep making music and records without having a ten-year gap in between. I see this album reestablishing the band and our fanbase. I think we’ll have our next record out in twelve to sixteen months.

  • Shane99

    We already have 400 of this band.

  • Chris J.

    These guys are actually one of the good bands, nice to see them get some play. Seems like the fell through the cracks on most people’s radar through the years…

    Listen to their LVL IV album, the tracks “Everyday”, “Let Me Out”, and “Unite” are beyond killer. Listen to those tracks and you will be a happy camper…

    Shane99 (below) is an idiot clone, tell me another band we have 400 of that have 3 tracks that good. Please, go listen to your mumford sons… I just pre ordered the new Future Leaders album.

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      These guys are shit. Just an opinion, don’t get your little skirt in a bunch.

      Eat a dick.

  • Jim Kirk

    Pearl jam is coming back strong? Stone,Jeff,Eddie, and Mike could eat chili and shit out better music than you could ever write…originality. ..its a thing. Your band should try it

  • CraigPW1984

    “Let Me Out” is great track!