Insomnium Drummer Talks New Album Plans and Increase in Popularity

Ever since the mid-2000’s, Insomnium has been a well acclaimed band in Finland’s melodeath scene. Their doom metal influenced music, dreamy atmospheres and depressing lyrics land the band a distinct sound from their scene mates. When a US tour featuring them and Omnium Gatherium was announced, the band’s American fan base jumped for joy. Though I wasn’t able to make this tour I was able to speak to the band’s drummer, Markus Hirvonen, via phone. He was quite the character.

On touring this year: Our tour is going well. This is our first time headlining in the states and people love it. Our guitarist, the other Marcus, is playing in both bands and he’s going a really good job. Sure he loves to party and gets hungover, but his performances are still really well done.

On writing process of previous album: The writing process was a lot different on this one. Our guitarist Ville now lives in the UK. We have to practice through the internet because of this. It is a lot less stressful than trying to get everyone in the room at the same time. I feel the album was very good, one of our best. It is often compared Omnium Gatherium because we both now have the same guitarist. While there were some elements from Omnium Gatherium on the last album, it is different in feeling. Insomnium is more depressing while Omnium is more upbeat.

On connection between name and music: Yes, the music and lyrics give off the same feel as the name. Insomnium is a word meaning dreams with various interpretations and that is how I feel our music is. Glad you were able to notice this!

On future plans: After this tour we plan on working on our next album. We do not have studio time scheduled but we do have many ideas for songs. We will not do another large tour anytime soon. We are waiting till we finish the next album; we see the last album and tour as the end of a lifespan.

On playing with bigger bands: I am proud that we are getting to play all these huge name metal bands. I grew up listening to Dark Tranquility and am very honored to have toured with them. My goal is to one day tour with In Flames and Opeth. Those are two of my favorite bands and have always been a big part of me.

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