In Flames’ Anders Fridén Says Layne Staley ‘Described This Black Hole With Enormous Passion’

Recently, yours truly interviewed In Flames singer Anders Fridén for the Songfacts site, and when I asked what his fav songwriters and singers were, he chose a few that are surely well known by Alternative Nation admirers.

Songfacts: Who are your favorite songwriters and also singers?

Anders: Trent Reznor is a big inspiration for me. I would love to sit in the studio with him, pick his brain, or just be a fly on the wall, seeing how Nine Inch Nails’ productions go down, or any of his productions, really. I think Martin Gore from Depeche Mode is an amazing songwriter. Layne [Staley] from Alice in Chains, he was a big inspiration for me in the beginning. I thought his lyrics were very dark, but yet very beautiful and sad, I mean, if you can put those two words together. He described this black, black hole with enormous passion.

Songfacts: A word I always use to describe Layne Staley’s singing is “soulful,” which some people I guess don’t really associate soulful type singing with heavy metal or hard rock.

Anders: No, but he definitely gets to the point. Also as a singer. I don’t aim to be the best singer in the world – I know I’m not. And when we record, we’re not after perfect pitch all the time. It’s more about getting the right emotion. I want the listener to feel something: “Does this feel right?” “Yeah.” “Okay. Cool. Then that’s a good take.” Because I think sometimes perfect pitch can be awfully boring.

But if you have some soul in there and you want to hear the person sing – that’s something that Layne really, really did.

Anders discussed his admiration for Layne’s singing further in the interview, which can be viewed by clicking your clicker here.

In Flames’ latest album is titled Siren Charms, and the band is currently touring the US with All That Remains and Wovenwar. A list of remaining dates can be viewed here.

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