According to Times Union Eric Erlandson, Melissa auf der Maur, and Patty Schemel will reunite for a performance in Hudson, New York at the Basilica Hudson on April 8, 2012 (Easter Sunday). This is 3/4 of Hole’s classic 90’s lineup, Courtney Love will not be in attendance. Eric Erlandson will do a reading from his new book ‘Letters to Kurt’ at 6PM and there will also be a screening of Patty Schemel’s documentary Hit So Hard.

  • GrungeAttack

    Interesting…Wonder how Courtney will respond.

  • Pyro

    without Courtney Love, there’s no fun

  • Felicity

    Omigosh, I wish that C-love and Eric would just get over their tidbit and just get the w(hole) band together! Hole fans are dying with this weird breakup. But I’m glad Eric, Melissa, and Patty are still good. Cant wait for Letters to Kurt and to see Hit So Hard.

  • Kris

    I don’t get this. Love or or hate her, Courtney IS Hole and without her, I don’t get why anyone would be interested.

  • Maverick785

    They’re pulling a Tadgarden.

  • Brett

    Well Courtney pulled a Corgan with her Hole reunion, so it’s fair game.

  • Tonya

    Courtney would never do it since it’s free, I think. Plus she dislikes people giving Kurt attention, like will happen when Eric reads from his book. I think it’s pretty cool they’re doing this without worrying what Courtney thinks. She had too many years already of playing the sole power holder. Too bad for her. Oh, it’s cool too that the Basilica they’ll play at is owned by Melissa!

  • slatesphanboi

    That would be cool if they decided to re-unite, put Melissa auf der Maur on vocals (I like her more then the psycho-hose beast Courtney Love anyways!) and then get into some protracted legal battle over using the Hole name!

    Such a scenario would serve Courtney Love right given how she has been a neo maxi zoom dweebie for like decades now!

  • Millz

    This is what Guns N Roses should do. Go on tour with just Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven and Matt with Miles Kennedy on vocals. I wouldn’t give a shit what it was called as long as they played nothing but classic Guns material. Hell bring Gilby Clark along too. That guy deserves a paycheck for all the shit he put up with. They can call themselves “Paradise City”. I know they aren’t grunge, who cares.

  • Millz

    Axl can’t sing anymore. Get Miles.

  • http://facebook.com/itsgonnableed dollyparts

    Nobodys Daughter wasnt Hole. THIS is Hole. The best line up in my humble opinion. Since Courtney lives in NY I could only wish she would take her limo and join them, lets witness excellence just one more time with this classic line up. Such an underrated band. I would fly from CA to see the three of them anyway and I think Ill look into tickets now!!

  • http://www.lastfm.es/user/Sugar-Coma Medea


  • holelotta

    Sorry it’s just NOT Hole without Courtney Hole is her band she came up with the name. It’s going to suck without her. Though it is best when Eric is in the band. Courtney I hope you join forces with them!

  • GeofB

    Without Pfaff it isn’t Hole too! people can said..! It will be a awesome day on Sunday. Can’t wait to be there! I think it will be more for Kurt than Hole.

  • Lucy Kelly

    Oh really! This is really fantastic news all of us. We are eagerly waiting to see your great performance. Thanks to hole members.

  • http://www.tonyscrivener.com Tony Scrivener

    Eric, Melissa and Patty are all important former members of Hole. Any project they do together will be great and looking forward hearing more from them. They and other former members like Jill Emery are an inspiration to myself as an artist and others everywhere.

    Tony Scrivener, London, UK