Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson clarified the story about him claiming there was a unreleased Kurt Cobain solo album on Twitter:

@LucaChinaski @nwpassage1 i never said there was a solo album. I was misquoted. thanks tho!

Like we reported, Erlandson merely claimed that there were some acoustic demos Kurt had worked on and that he had lots of song ideas for an acoustic solo album, but that he never got to record a proper version of the album.

  • Ben

    Somehow I doubt these songs (supposing they exist in a recorded form) will ever get released.
    Hopefully I’m wrong.

    It would be really interesting to see/hear where Kurt would have gone musically had he survived and continued to make music.

  • Brooks

    LOL northwest passage. that site sucks.

  • Andrei

    “Somehow I doubt these songs (supposing they exist in a recorded form) will ever get released.” – DO RE MI is one of them. What did you people expect? Actual studio demos? This guy was talking about some basement boombox demos that Kurt recorded in 1994.

    The fact that some idiots thought that he was secretly recording a solo album simply astounds me.

  • Uncle Tupelo

    I believe it would read much better as “As we reported” not “Like we”

  • Brooks

    I dont know you say as “you” reported. you just copy and paste news articles from other peoples work.