Thanks to Jake Sheffer:

I thought I would pass on some local news that happened yesterday that you might be interested in. Here in Portland the famous Satyricon rock venue was completely tore down yesterday. This club is where Courtney Love met Kurt Cobain as well as the site of the very first Foo Fighters show. This is also the club where the live Deluxe editon of Bleach was recorded in 1990 and was just gaining speed as a band. Thought you would like to know.

  • kourtney

    Aww sucks 🙁 I thought I would go one day.

  • JD


  • Chrissyb

    sad, sad news. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mills

    Foo Fighters first gig was at a house party in the Seattle Tacoma area, a kegger backyard beer bash for a tattoo parlour Nate Mendel was involved in. A friend of mine was supposed to go but opted for a movie because no one knew who Foo was at this point.

  • Mills

    It was an invite only house party. but their first pro gig was indeed in Portland OR

  • Rick

    “This is also the club where the live Deluxe editon of Bleach was recorded in 1990”

    no, that was recorded at Pine Street Theater.

    my first gig ever was at Satyricon in the early 90s, and i went on to play there a handful of times. definitely a lot of history in that club. i saw dozens of shows there: Barkmarket, Poison Idea, Far, Supersuckers, Heatmiser (Elliott Smith’s rock band), Everclear… it was dark, sweaty, dirty, and horribly mismanaged most of the time, but it was an icon in rock history for sure.

  • http://www.spiralpitfall.com Jake Sheffer

    @Rick,@Mills Thanks for clearing up those details guys

  • bigmike

    sad, i loved this place, best four years working anywhere.