• EvenFlow

    Who’s the dipshit in the fucking bunny hat?

  • Shadow on the sun

    It’s just a pic of dumb ass Corgan. Is the name change update cryptically hidden?

  • Justin

    wow, make fun of billy for wearing a hat. assholes.

  • Ten

    Why so many haters? Why waste your time acting like children? Just ignore the story. Peace.

  • Slaves and Bulldozers

    Seriously Billy Corgan haters are more pathetic than anything.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    This is what it says on front page of site about this article: ‘Happy Easter and update on name change.’

    my comment questions on where this name change update will be,since there’s no further mention of it. Clearly 3 ppl below me didn’t have the attention span to read my whole comment,which isn’t even long.

    Just because someone writes music you enjoy, doesn’t mean they are ppl you would ever want to associate yourself with. Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra were also despicable ppl but are/were loved the world over because of their talents. Corgan falls into that category. I don’t care if you want to admit that because it doesn’t matter, this site is a testament to this;read the interviews with Corgan yourself.

    I’d rather be pathetic than ignorant.

  • EvenFlow

    Shadow on the Sun, the voice of reason. Well said.
    There is no name change update because the people that put out this website don’t edit or proofread their work.
    They also can’t give us updated pictures of bands, or can’t supply a picture of a band during the appropriate era.

    Site is lacking professionality and heart and sole.
    Seems like anybody with basic website Nd computer knowledge could run this site.

    Articles about Easter, dead dogs, top hats and sunglasses.
    Articles of setlists and news that a band is writing a new song.
    Hardly earth shattering reporting.

    That’s why that Boom guy was good for this place, a little levity And some comedy.
    He might as well have done the reporting, give him a job

  • ty cobb

    ^ This x100…This site only gets this much attention as it is because there aren’t many options online for hard rock/grunge news…Even then, the majority of its content can be found in other sources (band pages, forums, major music new outlets) before they even post it…

    Mediocrity run amok —-> Grunge Report