Guns N’ Roses Will Reportedly Reunite On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Guns N’ Roses will make their first reunion appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 5, 2016, journalist Mitch Lafon is reporting on Facebook and Twitter. It is unknown if they will perform, but it will definitely be a can’t miss night for Guns N’ Roses fans. Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan are the only original members confirmed so far for the reunion, the statuses of Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, and Matt Sorum uncertain. Rose gave his only televised interview in the last 20 years on Kimmel in 2012.

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro had a funny reaction to the Guns N’ Roses news, comparing it to the Star Wars franchise.

As we have been reporting for months, the reunited Guns N’ Roses will be headlining the Coachella festival in Indio, CA in April 2016. Billboard confirmed our reports earlier today, also reporting that the band will play the new Las Vegas Arena, which is set to open in April. Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan so far are the only confirmed members.

Alternative Nation has learned that Guns N’ Roses will announce additional United States stadium tour dates in late January 2016. We previously reported on December 1st that around 25 dates were planned, and this still appears to be the case. A show at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (where the New York Jets and New York Giants play) is reportedly in the works.

Consequence of Sound
is reporting that Matt Sorum will be the drummer, but there have been many contradictory reports, with Frank Ferrer even hinting at his own involvement, and Steven Adler publicly lobbying for his job back just a couple of months ago.

  • Jimmy Intense

    “Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan so far are the only confirmed members”

    …except they’re not confirmed. Nothing has been confirmed. Do you know the difference between reported/speculated and confirmed? Jesus christ!


      At this point, its very clear to me that this shit is real.

      • Corndog

        Around my mid thirties I had that exact same revelation about my life.

        • ITURBIDE

          haha…I know that feeling.

  • Felonious Punk

    I wonder how Adler, Stradlin and Sorum feel about all these rumors that aren’t confirming their involvement?

    • Jimmy Intense

      Adler always said he’d be the last to know 🙂

      • Corndog

        That’s just the face to brain delay.

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  • Corndog

    Does anyone from UK/Ireland know if this show is on tv here? Like on Sky or something?

    • intheshadow

      No, its not. It will end-up Youtube shortly afterwards though.

      • Corndog


  • Carlos Plaza

    Brett, that wasnt Axl’s first tv interview in 20 years. Before that he did the VH1’s That Metal Show and it was an hour long tv interview.

    Can’t wait for this reunion!!!

  • LostBoyPA

    Well, at the very least, Guns N’ Roses has reunited with the sense of uncertainty that always surrounded their appearances. I have a feeling “Around 9” will become a thing on tickets again…

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  • Chris Carter

    January 6th is a Sunday. Is Kimmel doing a special?

    • Anonymous501

      It’s a Wednesday.



      • Corndog

        Dude had a one in seven chance of getting it right. Give him a break:)

  • Too Funny.

    I hope you’re ready, Jimmy, in case this goes south fast…I hope you’ve learned how to tap dance to fill up tv time.

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  • metalhead65

    if after all this time they do not have the lineup everyone knows loves and wants to see again then what is the point? it is not a reunion without the AFD lineup plain and simple. if Izzy chooses not to participate fine but he has to asked and everybody knows what adler’s response will be if asked. if slash and duff do it without the others then they are no different than axl using the name for his tribute band he has trotted out the last 10 years.

    • Derek fraser

      Yeah you speak for everyone! F’n douchebag if you dont want to see it stick your head up your loser ass

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  • Jade Smith

    Obviously we won’t really know anything until Jan. 6th or later. However, there has to be some truth to some of the rumors. Otherwise, I would think Duff or Slash would’ve posted on FB/Twitter/ETC. that the rumors aren’t true. Any other time rumors have come up, they’ve pointed out that they’re untrue pretty quickly. Yet, this time, it hasn’t happened. So, Something is happening, we just can’t be sure of what exactly. I highly doubt Izzy will be fully involved if a tour is happening; he’ll more than likely only be in a few shows if he chooses to be involved at all. Don’t know what to think abut Adler or Sorum. Steven really wants to but who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see…

    • Dame Judy Denture Cream

      comprehend my potato…

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  • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

    Izzy Stradlin must be part of this. He was one of the main songwriters and apart from Axl is the only one that can sing.

  • James Martin

    Without Adler, it’s worthless.