Guns N’ Roses Will Make Nearly $100 Million On 2016 U.S. Tour

Billboard is reporting Guns N’ Roses will likely be paid $3 million dollars per U.S. stadium concert that they are expected to play this summer. With the reported total of 25 shows, that would be $89 million total with $75 million for the stadium shows along with the rumored $14 million pay day for Coachella. Tickets will top out at $250 to $275. This total number doesn’t even factor in rumored shows in Europe and South America, which will easily push the band into grossing hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Police’s 2007/2008 tour is the reunion to beat, taking in $362 million from 151 concerts around the world.

“It might very well be a home run,” Washington, D.C.-based indie promoter Seth Hurwitz told Billboard. “It might very well be that it’s not. I prefer not to take part in these kind of all-or-nothing bets myself.”

Former GNR manager Doc McGhee (2010-2012), maintains, “If it’s done right, it should do amazing [business]. If they have their shit together and go out there to kill, I think everybody comes to see them. If not, they’ll have a tough time selling it.”

  • truthrevealer

    Kurt cobain is rolling in his grave hahahahahaha

    • NYJ

      Quitters never win

  • Raj

    That’s a lot of money but it will go two ways, things will go smoothly and they will play all the shows or the band will implode because of antics by certain band members.

  • Felonious Punk

    If they can keep it together, I think this has a good chance of topping the 2007/2008 Police tour as far as profitability. That would be pretty remarkable considering it’s essentially Slash that makes the difference in how much money Gn’R makes.