Guitarist Says Guns N’ Roses Have 2016 Plans: ‘We Get Along Really Well’

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus was interviewed a few days ago by Social Magazine, and Alternative Nation has transcribed some quotes from the interview.

“Guns N’ Roses will probably be doing something next year.” He added, “Hopefully you’ll be able to see both bands [Guns N’ Roses and Dead Daisies].”

Fortus said he has a great relationship with Axl Rose. “We get along really well. We come from a very similar place as far as our influences. We definitely relate on that level, and I think essentially with Axl, ultimately that’s all that really matters, the music. If we relate on that point, then everything else sort of falls into place.”

Fortus has been rumored to be part of a ‘hybrid’ Guns N’ Roses reunion lineup with Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, and Frank Ferrer. He said he was surprised when he was asked to join Guns N’ Roses in 2001.

“To be honest with you, it sort of wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t into metal as a kid, I was sort of a punk rock kid, and all of the bands I was in were all very different, they weren’t metal. So when I first got that call, I thought it was unusual, but it sort of made sense because of the people who were in that band at the time. Robin from Nine Inch Nails, Tommy from The Replacements, Brain from Primus, those were all guys that I knew, the same type of genre I was in, so it sort of made sense. Axl really wanted that, a diverse type of thing, he didn’t just want guys who were LA metal guys. GNR always had roots in punk rock as well.”

He also revealed that he heard that Axl Rose sang his vocals on Chinese Democracy in less than a week, and that surrounding issues were what were blocking the release of the album. He also discussed his longevity in GNR.

“I never really thought about it, and I’ve always done other things as well. I have to work, I have to do stuff, otherwise I get really depressed, if I’m not working, so I’ve always done other things, and it always keeps it sort of fresh, when you can step outside something and then come back to it. You have a new sense of appreciation for it, and a new perspective to add to it.”

  • Felonious Punk

    “Doing something next year” probably equates to “We’ll have mittens and galoshes for sale in our store to go along with our scarves and blankets sometime next year”

    Remember like five weeks ago when there were promises of “BIG TIME GUNS N’ ROSES NEWS IN A DAY OR TWO”? And yet, all we’ve gotten is hearsay and Perla Hudson jabs at her doofus ex-husband.

    I bet STP reunites before Guns does.

  • Varoom

    Unless its the AFD lineup, not interested.

  • jparker2000

    hybrid don’t cut it, OG or nuttin

  • Aric Forse

    Mustaine will be part of metallica again before the afd lineup ever happens