I arrived yesterday at LA Live for the MusiCares MAP Fund Awards Show, headlined by Stone Temple Pilots with the main honoree being their new lead singer Chester Bennington. When I first arrived I saw the red carpet for arrivals, and at around 6:15PM the stars began to show up. The first person I recognized was Scott Stapp, the infamous lead singer of Creed and the namesake of my Ten Club Community name (scottstappsucks). Stapp took his sweet ass time on the red carpet, I swear to God he was on it for at least 45 minutes, soaking in all of the reporters pretending to give a shit about him. When Stapp finally left the red carpet I sarcastically yelled ‘Stapp!’ at him and he sarcastically waved back before his wife dragged him away. The poor guy never got to hear my rendition of “My Sacrifice.” I also saw Slash, Duff McKagan, and Andy Dick.

But Stone Temple Pilots were the main attraction, showing up last. As the band moved their way near the end of the red carpet I called out to Robert who saw my STP shirt, and I was able to get a picture with him. I also briefly spoke to him, asking if STP actually did re-record “Only Dying” post Mighty Joe Young. Robert told me that they never re-recorded it, ending the near 20 year myth that they did. Next I saw Dean, and got my picture taken with him. I asked Dean when the Shangri LA DEE DA documentary would be coming out. Dean, likely taken aback, thought for about 10 seconds and sarcastically said, “We’ll have to find it again first.” I also told Dean that STP were one of my favorite bands and he was very humble. Last but not least was the Kretzel, who I also got my picture taken with. I could have gotten my picture taken with Chester Bennington, but I didn’t want to screw over the Linkin Park fans (and I still do have some loyalty to Scott Weiland). Speaking of Scott, Dean (it might have been Robert) refused to sign a group picture that included Scott in it. This scared me away from asking the guys about their issues with him, but it was a dream come true meeting them. I met Scott Weiland in 2008 (who was also kind, like his ex-bandmates were last night) so I have now met all four members of STP.

Once I walked up to Club Nokia they didn’t allow cameras unfortunately so I only got some iPhone pictures. The actual show focused on MusiCares (foundation to help musicians struggling with addiction) a lot, as it was a benefit show/awards ceremony. Bobby Lee from MadTV was the host. Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers made a speech.  One performance that stood out was Ida Maria, she really rocked. I had heard her song “Bad Karma” during the credits in Scream 4 a couple of years ago and that song immediately impressed me. Her performance was solid and she was in full on punk rock mode by the end of her 3 song set. Andy Dick also came out for a speech that was pretty funny, he told a story about walking into a black barbershop last week.

Chester Bennington received the Stevie Ray Vaughn Award. Bennington was very humble in his speech, mentioning that he believes many deserved this award before him and that this is all about MusiCares and not him. He talked about the satisfaction he gets from helping out at children’s hospitals, and helping out musicians struggling with addiction.

Stone Temple Pilots kicked off their set immediately following Bennington’s speech. It felt quite weird at first seeing the guys perform “Wicked Garden” without Scott, I saw the band 8 times from 2008-2012 and the final image I saw of the original lineup was last September on stage with their children. It’s been a very weird 10 months or so since then. “Big Bang Baby” made me forget about any hesitations I had, Chester killed it on this song. “Big Bang Baby” was the one song that Scott never seemed to get right during the reunion era, but this performance was fantastic. “Out of Time” was a highlight of the set, and got the best crowd reaction. It sounded great and you could tell the new incarnation of STP were thrilled to be playing something they’d written and recorded together. Dean’s solo during ‘Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart” was fantastic, better than at the September 2012 STP show I attended. Dean in general seemed more energetic and happy to be there, unlike the last year and a half the original STP were touring where at times Dean looked bored on stage. Robert was Robert, if the band hate each other’s guts or are getting along great (like tonight) he is always fantastic.

The best moment of the short set was when former Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver members Slash and Duff McKagan came on stage to perform a cover of “All The Young Dudes.” For this song Robert switched to acoustic guitar. Chester blew me away on this song, his best vocal performance of the night. Robert was all smiles during this, everybody was hugging before and after the song. It was quite surreal to see the most important people in Scott Weiland’s career all on stage together performing without him. Overall this was a great experience, I got to meet the STP guys and the set (while short) was very inspired and it has me excited about the future of this new supergroup/incarnation of STP. I don’t give a shit what they call it, as long as the performances and music is solid. I’ve never been a big Linkin Park fan but Bennington impressed me, and I think Scott Weiland is totally wrong in his assumption that CheSTP will fail.

Wicked Garden
Big Bang Baby
Out of Time
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart
All The Young Dudes (with Slash and Duff McKagan)

  • yeahwell

    This situation is both sad and stupid. Scott & STP get your shit together. You only live once.

  • Bruce (aka Long Way Home)

    Does anyone else see the kick in the junk to Scott by the six people playing “All The Young Dudes”? It’s a song written by Bowie. Man, they really despise him right now. Can’t say I blame them.

  • Rodrigo

    Nice review as aways!

    Funny that thing with Scott Stapp! hahahah

  • Is he one?

    Cool review Brett, thank you. Nice that you could meet the STP guys, they seem cool. That reminds me when I met the 4 people in the Smashing Pumpkins in 2000. Only Iha was kind of a dick but Jimmy, Melissa and Billy were awesome and I still cherish that moment.

    I agree Scott Stapp is the worse but is Gavin Rossdale much better in any way?

  • J. Chris

    Regardless of my opinions and everything going on right now with STP… Cool you got to meet em and get pictures Brett, that’s always a treat when you get to meet the dudes you listen to a lot, sure you’ll remember it a long time… Ha, funny you bring up Ida Maria – she sounds SO much like Janis Joplin!

  • Pingfah

    @Is he one?

    I’m not a Bush fan particularly, but yeah, Rossdale is far preferable IMO. Bush have a smidgeon of credibility. Creed just remind me of Nickelback.

  • Jake

    Scott Stapp and Andy Dick. I’ll take “People who mattered in 1999” for $400 Alex

  • BillyL

    Cool, but not cool behavior toward Stapp. Keep it professional. Stand out from typical media asshole BS and be graceful. It’ll get you a lot further.

  • muthafuthinASH

    CheSTP…that’s awesome. Haha!

  • Dennis

    Man, I want a picture with Robert. You suck Brett.

  • Hoohah Hreh

    Dean looks like the lead villain in a horror movie in that picture w/Brett.

    CheSTP – too friggin’ good.

  • Is he one?

    From now on I call this incarnation “CheSTP”. Awesome.

  • cosmicatomic

    I’ve seen STP once in my life and it was within the last year, and I also thought that Dean seemed very bored and that resulted in him seeming very boring. Glad to hear it may have been just him sick of a possibly toxic situation.

    Sounds like you give Chester very positive reviews…interesting.

  • CLoDown

    Don’t understand y they refused to sign a pic of the band with Scott, I’m team STP throughout all of this but that is bullshit.

  • Pingfah

    Who knows. When I met Scott during the STP hiatus he did the same thing. Refused to sign my STP record, he would only sign VR merchandise.

  • Me

    Poor Scott… brought it upon himself, though 🙁

  • cosmicatomic

    STP loves contracts, legalities, rights, etc. I could never envision anyone in AIC or Soundgarden pulling this crap, but maybe I’m wrong.

  • ShaneC

    Sounds like Scott really did some douchey shit.

    I hope he creates something new instead of just The Willowbats.

    Great pics. Wish I could have been there. Stapp was obviously the main attraction.

    Glad the band is re-energized with Chester.

  • Kelly

    To the writer of this story: I was quite taken aback the way you shared your inaccurate comments about Mr. Stapp & others. I was on the red carpet (the examiner ) and I interviewed him, he was the ONLY gracious one that took time to answer ALL my questions about an IMPORTANT CAUSE FOR ARTISTS IN RECOVERY! That’s what the evening was about. As you are spending needless times passing judgment on celebrities try interviewing them first and getting to know them before your unnecessary comments. This was an evening to celebrate those in there journey to sobriety, please have some respect.

    The Examiner

  • Anthony –

    Stapp , Slash , & Chester all signed my drum head!! Best day ever ! Music Cares rocks! Good cause, felt like the rock Grammys yesterday, all the front men of major bands under one roof!!

  • Triz

    Well Stapp’s G/F has a nice arse!

  • cosmicatomic

    Hey, it’s a Stapp fangirl!

  • Anthony –

    Music Cares is a mom profit organization for artists in recovery. They assist them in all areas of there kids. I was really surprised to see all of these front men that are in recovery. Wow, guess that’s why they are so successful. STP Band, Lincoln Park, Slash, Duff, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed, Velvet Revolver, Blind Melon, and list goes on. Mad props to all these guys fighting! Rock on!

  • Christine

    Well Done Sir, Well Done Indeed! (awesome)!

  • Sharon

    Slash totally ignored me after I called his name 3 times for a measly autograph??

  • Pingfah

    @ Anthony

    If only the (ex) singer of STP WAS in recovery. Sadly though he is not, he is in denial.

    Also, props to anyone who supports this cause, but that doesn’t change the fact that Creed suck, and so does Scott Stapp, musically speaking.

  • Billy boy

    Stapp wife & Duff’s wife were super hot!

  • Kash

    Yeah VERY cool to see ALL of these rock legends in 1 place? Seriously it was a dream come true. And they all signed photos and took pics with fans! Wish all celebrities were like that!

  • Ben

    Yeah, sad Scott weiland still running. He needs to get himself together. Same with Axl. Would have been awesome if both Axl & Weiland were there!

  • John

    Blown away with Music Cares! Finally & real cause that helps real people!

  • Steve Mac

    If anyone wants to laugh search ” you shit here with me” by creed on YouTube.

  • lilrockable

    The Scott Stapp thing was lame. I get you don’t like Stapp but if you want to be taken seriously maye you shouldn’t behave like a 12 year old. As for the rest of your review fantastic. Congratulations on meeting STP, now all that’s left is Bennington.

  • Calvin McLain

    Great review! Brett! Wanna hear that Big Bang Baby too. It’s an interesting hold they all are using on you also.

  • Todd

    Long live Shit Temple Pilots!

  • Arthur Chagas

    I don´t like Chester, but the reason they picked him is even more disgusting.

    Chester is a “good guy” singer, easy to control.
    And that´s pretty comfortable for the rest of the band, but where the fuck is the rock´n´roll?

    Thanks, but I prefer my fucked up, unpredictable, suicidal and junkie idols.

  • Nep

    “Chester is a “good guy” singer, easy to control.
    And that´s pretty comfortable for the rest of the band, but where the fuck is the rock´n´roll?”

    -Oh yeah because that’s worked out beautifully so far. It’s a wonder the band didn’t go another 20 years with Weiland…

    “Thanks, but I prefer my fucked up, unpredictable, suicidal and junkie idols.”

    -Good, you can have him then. Go enjoy him at the 45-person venues and county fairs with the others.

  • Amy

    Funny how some of the most talented rock stars are in recovery or suffer from substance abuse through out there careers.

  • Raj

    Brett you are one lucky guy, I’ve seen STP three times and while have been close to Scott, I’ve never had a chance to get a photo with any member or even meet them. I’d probably lose my mind. Scott Stapp looks terrible. Bush is far better than Creed or Nickelback, they may not be in the upper echelon of the early 90’s bands but they belong in the second tier.

  • GwynnKatie

    Bruce (aka Long Way Home) said:
    Does anyone else see the kick in the junk to Scott by the six people playing “All The Young Dudes”? It’s a song written by Bowie.

    Yes – I latched on to that immediately. Clever little rock stars…

    Brett!!! 😀 Congratulations on meeting some of your rock idols.
    I like that you showed your human side – that you were all agoogle and kind of pumped to talk to them. Makes you more of a person – peer.
    It’s a human trait to get excited when you meet someone you really look up to and respect – so good for you. I guess since the lawsuit they are probably bound to not signing anything that has SW on it.

    At least they were not dicks about the fact that you were wearing a STP shirt with the old lineup on it. Great writing, enjoyed reading all of it. Have a great weekend.


  • the keeper

    Glad you had a great time Brett

    I still am not into Scotless Temple Pilots but hey can’t win them all 😉

  • Soundwave

    Say what you will about Axl, but he isn’t an addict that we know of. His and Scott’s issues are a bit different, I think.

  • Brett Buchanan

    I’m poking fun at Stapp! And he was on the red carpet for a long ass time!

    Also all I yelled was ‘Stapp’ at him lol.

  • all stp

    Cool shirt with Scott on it.

  • Roamin Roaming Roam

    You had the opportunity to ask anything, and decided to ask about a Shangri LA DEE DA documentary?

  • Doug

    Raj, what planet are you loving on dude?? Bush has not sold no where near what Creed , or nickel back has fold. While your entitled to your opinion, get your facts straight bro. There’s a reson Creed sold 50 million records w 9 hot singles. Don’t hate and go off on a band, obviously there’s millions of people that buy there albums and go to there converts. Bashing Creed & Nickel back gets old, let them have there success, and be artists without jerks constantly attacking them. If you don’t like them go away and keep your needless opinions to yourself. You seem a bit obsessed with Stapp, leave the guy alone.

  • Mel

    Well said Doug!! Far more bigger things in the world going on then attacking celebrities, wtf

  • Brett Buchanan

    Roamin Roaming Roam,

    The two questions that die hard STP fans have wanted answered for years is regarding Only Dying and the SLDD documentary.

    There’s no point in asking about Scott (especially with only a couple of minutes of time). They don’t like him, we all know it, the end.

  • AnyColourYouLike

    This new “STP” will fail miserably.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Super happy for you Brett! I met Cornell at a meet and greet in Minneapolis (2007) so I know how special it must have been. Sounds also like we had a similar situation. Dean seemed surprised by your questions, when I met Cornell I threw him back by asking why he used the same lyrics from the bridge of Drown Me Slowly on Sound of a gun.
    They must be so used to answering the same questions over and over that I think they really appreciate it when u make them think

  • Brett Buchanan


    It won’t based on Linkin Park fans. Even if it’s not a big smash hit, they’ll fill up the venues and they’re already getting good radio play.

  • Leslie chow

    after the picture was taken did he ask for your review of the movie brokeback mountain.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Never heard of it. Sounds like your favorite movie though!

  • Nep

    “I still am not into Scotless Temple Pilots but hey can’t win them all ;)”

    -Thanks for mentioning it yet again Mr. Scotless Temple Pilots. Same time tomorrow? 🙂

  • Raj

    @Doug, regardless if Nickelback or Creed sold a ton of albums doesn’t mean they are a good artist. Justin Bieber and Britney Spears sold tons of albums but doesn’t mean they are good quality musicians. Mark Tremonti is a talented guitar player but when he starts talking trash that Stapp is better than Eddie Vedder I lose a lot of respect for him and the band. If it weren’t for bands like PJ, Creed wouldn’t exist. Nickelback had some catchy songs but the fact all their songs sound pretty much the same tells you their talent as a musician. Gavin is not only a good guitar player but a great lyricist and singer. People don’t hate Nickelback or Creed because of their popularity, mainly its the low quality of their music.

  • scott

    Why was stapp there???

  • Monster Robert

    I am glad you had fun Brett.

  • NevertheMachine

    Awesome review. Hope the new STP goes somewhere. Velvet Revolver needs to get back in gear next…