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Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland unexpectedly released his covers album digitally online yesterday (it could have even been a few days prior since there has been no advertising for it whatsoever, not even a message to his mailing list) in his store in  So this is the second surprise release we have had this week, the first being Chris Cornell releasing his new song “The Keeper” yesterday.

Scott’s cover of “Jean Genie” is really good, a really rocking feel. Very raw sounding vocals, his voice sounds great without too much production. Some cool megaphone stuff near the end. His other Bowie cover on the album “Fame” (which originally appeared on Happy in Galoshes) I’ve always thought is just a bit too weird. Sure Scott sounds fine, but it just sounds corny.

His cover of Nirvana’s “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” has his vocals mixed a bit low, I prefer the live version. The studio version is still good, but it lacks the urgency of the live version. This could be because of the mix though with Scott’s vocals being mixed low.

Listening to the cover of “Let Down” really makes you realize that there was a bit of Radiohead influence on Happy in Galoshes. Scott vocally gives the song a little bit of a countryish vibe vocally, which I’m sure will piss of some of hipster segment of Radiohead fans, the cover is good. Scott covers another 90’s band with the Lemonheads song “Into Your Arms” which is also pretty good, stays faithful to the original.

Scott’s cover of “Dead Flowers” also features Scott’s countryesque vocals. This doesn’t have the same power as Scott’s cover of “Can You Hear Me Knocking” he did with Santana a couple of years ago, which was phenomenal. Scott’s voice sounds similar to how it did on Velvet Revolver’s Libertad here, especially on the hidden track on that album’s hidden track “Don’t Drop That Dime.”

The album features Scott’s Smiths cover from Happy in Galoshes, “Reel Around The Fountain.” I always have thought Scott’s version of it is pretty boring. I remember it putting the crowd to sleep when he played it during a solo performance I was at in 2008. “But Not Tonight” by Depeche Mode is another Scott cover that has already been released, back in 2001 on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack. I’ve always loved Scott’s version of this and actually prefer it over the original. His cover of the Stone Roses’ song “I Am The Resurrection” is okay, his vocals aren’t that great on it. Scott’s cover of the New York Dolls song “Personality Crisis” is fun, nice creepy/Grunge sounding vocals from Scott. He lets out some nice screams on it.

If you’re a die hard Scott Weiland/STP fan like I am, buy this.  If you’re just a casual fan this probably isn’t for you.  This is a nice gem though for STP die hards.

  • Joe

    Scott is DA MAN

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    brett.. y u no review RHCP’s I’m with you ?

  • Sasho

    @ Mark Arm: because it sucks.. probably? 😀