Thanks to Peter:

I love Grunge Report and I love reading stories from concerts, so I guess it’s my turn. I attended the 2011 Vancouver Pearl Jam show last night – my 6th PJ show (yeah I know – rookie) – and it was the best one I’ve been to.

I didn’t even have tickets till the last minute… I guess they opened up section at the side/backside of the stage the day of because I was able to snag a ticket on Ticketmaster that was beside the stage row 6. Well I got to my seat and saw that rows 1-3 were taken out to make room for a walkway by the stage and rows 4-5 were chained off… so I was essentially row 1. I’d never sat directly to the side of the stage, and it’s pretty cool. The downsides were 1) there was a light directly in our eyes from the opposite side of the stage, and 2) McCready was on the other side. so we didn’t get much of a good look at him.

The sound was great – I was worried being on the side would affect it. I’ll dispense on the standard concert report stuff and just mention some things I noticed during the concert:

– First things first. Matt Cameron is a beast and we need to all say our little prayers at night for him. Between PJ and the Soundgarden concert in July I saw him play 50+ different songs.
– The amount of gear needed for a concert like this is absurd. All the boards and computers etc are insane.
– Vedder sung about 4 songs then had to blow his nose a bunch of times – anyone think he was sick? I didn’t notice anything off in his singing but I’m no vocal expert
– Vedder was flipping pages on a lyric book in multiple songs – I really noticed it during Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.
– Garden was played, which made my night personally! Check off another “Ten” song off my bucket list!
– Cameron would sing backup vocals on a bunch of songs, but would head bunt the mic away when he was done for the song… clearly he wasn’t comfortable with it right there in his face
– The band looked to be legitimately having fun, like they were just enjoying playing music for each other – that bodes well for the future
– Vedder asked the crowd two separate times to put up their hands if they were from Seattle – I’d ballpark at least 1000, it was a significant portion of the crowd. Vedder seemed amazed.
– I’ve watched a million hockey games at this arena, so I can estimate crowds fairly decently there I’d think… I’d say between 6-8,000 fans

The highlight of the night for me was during Rockin in the Free World, Vedder running around bashing tambourines…. he came to our side, down the stairs right in front of us, so I was grabbing my phone to get a pic – and then all of a sudden a tambourine came flying directly at my face, ninja-star-style! I caught it with one hand, but didnt get a pic!

The woman beside me got one too – and immediately we saw Eddie Vedder’s hand was cut and bleeding fairly bad… his left ring finger…. He 100% cut it on the tambourines… they have shitty little nails in them to keep the cymbals (or whatever you can the metal discs) and on the one I caught it was missing a set and the nail was exposed. And Vedder’s blood was splattered on it.

Yeah, so I’m going Jurassic-park style and cloning Eddie Vedder as we speak to start up my own Pearl Jam cover band! Call me to book a show!

  • Electric Fun

    i love the last statement lmao

  • dennis

    OK this is awesome, apparently there were some lame people in the first row that had virtually no pulse and eddie goes ballistic to wake them the hell up. Its at the end of Ole.


  • King Cornell 20

    forgetting intro to I Got Shit, needing a lyric book….ahhhh we still love him no matter what. These aren’t concerns at all. If he can sing like that for the rest of his career, he can read off a piece of paper with tab in front of him if he wants.

  • Kevin

    Peter, thanks for the review but I’m not sure where you’re getting the numbers for attendance. A friend of mine attended and told me a minimum of 12,000 people were there. I’m looking at the Youtube videos and reading the reviews and all indications are close to full capacity.

  • Pete

    It’s possible I’m wrong on the attendance…after I wrote that I started to think I lowballed it. 16k is full capacity not including floor. which is probably something like 50 rows times 40 seats (2k)? Say 18k total. But then you lose 1/4 of the seats which are behind the stage(-4k), and the first 3 rows of lower bowl seats which are temp seats removed for concerts (-1k?). So ~13k capacity. Offhand I’d say your buddy is probably more correct than I was.