Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has a new track on the ‘Every Mother Counts 2012’ album titled “Skipping.” Right off the bat I love the song, it’s better than at least half of the stuff on Ukulele Songs. It’s a heartfelt love song from parent to child, and really shows a different side of Eddie. We started out with the angry young man on Ten singing about his own problems with his parents and his childhood on “Alive” and now on “Skipping” we hear Eddie as a parent himself expressing his love for his daughter. I think the lyric that shows the most growth for Eddie personally is, “All the loves lost and the one that I found, You lifted my gaze up off of the ground.”

The song opens with a child’s voice going “check check” and Eddie responding with “check check.” The child’s voice then says “daddy daddy” and Eddie starts singing. It’s a very laid back acoustic song, with a open ended melody that runs throughout the song. Very inspired lyrics from Eddie, basically about his love for his daughter and appreciating her youth. It won’t last forever, nothing does, but he tries to capture it in this song. Another theme of the song is that the love for his daughter is the type of love Eddie had sought throughout much of his life. For those who think Eddie’s gone totally soft, the song still has that dark Ed quality to it especially with some harrowing ‘ooohhhs’ at the end and some bittersweet lyrics in the song. It’s not just an ‘oh isn’t my life great now’ type of song, it’s acknowledging the road he’s traveled in life to where he is now, and how moments in life like childhood are fleeting but that love is really what conquers all.

For anybody interested in listening to the song, if you look hard enough online you’ll find it. My hint is the words that Pearl Jam’s forum moderators use to announce that tour dates are coming…tweet tweet… has a fantastic review up of the song.

  • Wes C. Addle

    Daughters, not daughter. He has two daughters.

  • Uncle Tupelo

    Is this being released via Starbucks? Good to see local record stores being supported.

  • ShaunJam

    Where can I hear this, the search is killing me…

  • be

    very interesting,


  • anonygremmie

    you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

  • Jeanine Buchanan

    Thanks for blogging. I can’t wait to hear the song.

  • Jeanine Buchanan

    Just email it to us. ~ (: still searching.

  • Aaron

    i can’t find it. will have a copy of the song on Tuesday.

  • Cody

    thanks for the info before it dropped brett. where can i get it? why didnt you say anything before?

  • be

    I could not find “Skipping” on youtube, fail: (

    if any living soul find the music, be sure to post here on the forum, thanks!!!


  • Cody
  • MindRiot132

    This song is gorgeous. Bravo Eddie, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this one, but I was pretty shocked with the result. Beautiful.

  • Eddy

    wow what a great artistic song so classc rock i luv it

  • be

    Cody,VERY THANKS 🙂 🙂


  • be

    Congratulations Eddie, awesome song, 😀
    very good!

  • Cody

    BE anytime, repay me by laying off scott weiland 🙂

  • be

    Cody lol hahahahahahaha very funny 😀

    Who can not hear the music, look youtube 🙂
    Eddie Vedder – Skipping (new song 2012)


  • BlownUpWorld

    I wouldn’t call that song “classic rock”, or any kind of rock for that matter, but it was very very good! Just don’t insert this in a PJ concert setlist and then bitch about the crowds being a little passive, Ed.

  • kez

    this is just another ed song to me…boring really..average use of his vocal capability..the song just didnt take me anywhere..yeah its sad but im sick of hearing ed pull nothing but this sort of material out…and i agree with the last comment please dont add this to pj shows..the song isnt terrible it just missing something which makes it lag

  • Juan


    Everyone knows you love sucking Eddie Vedder’s cock. You don’t have to be so blatant about it!

    Your friend,

  • Brody

    Nieces, not daughters. They are Tim Bierman’s daughters who live in his house in Seattle because the mother is Vedder’s cousin,who is also Bierman’s girlfriend, unfortunately. This can be proven by the fact, according to a very reliable source, that the children’s records show (birth certificate/school/doctor etc.)that Vedder is NOT the dad. Acting out as “family” and posing as if can be so simple. Nice song though. I wonder, if carrying children this helps with Ed’s itty-bitty nerve damaged arm. Aaaww…

  • Riley R.

    It’s the sequel to “Daughter”

  • Joe


    Someone needs to take the uke and the acoustic away from him so he stops writing the same damn shit over and over. It’s all been downhill since All or None (which was a great song. But he’s now rewritten it like 30 times)

  • Miff

    Hey Brody, ever heard a song called Lukin?

  • Ben

    I’m really enjoying this song!

  • Old MR

    I have a daughter too this is awesome!

  • Lennart

    Great song, get your heads ou off your asses.

  • dennis

    Beautiful song, especially love the double layers and the oohs at the end – almost transcendent

    Just a heads up everybody: Stone will be on the radio today at 11am est on 91.9 fm Louisville – same station Mike was on last week.