Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell released a new acoustic song today called “The Keeper” for the Machine Gun Preacher soundtrack, to listen to it go to

The song is Cornell’s best release in years. I’m a die hard fan of Cornell, but to me the last time he really released something I loved was probably “Doesn’t Remind Me” off of Audioslave’s Out of Exile in 2005. I wasn’t too big on Audioslave’s final album Revelations, Carry On, or Scream. There were some songs here and there that I liked, like “You Know My Name,” but Chris’ voice just didn’t seem the same to me and the vibe just seemed to go away from the style he created in the 90’s, which is fine but I just wasn’t as in to it as his 90’s stuff.

This song sounds straight out of the 90’s. On “The Keeper” Cornell collaborates with Alain Johannes, who worked with Cornell on his 1999 classic Euphoria Morning. This song sounds like it could have been on Euphoria Morning (or even Temple of the Dog), Chris sounds like he did in the 90’s. The lyrics are just great and so inspired, here are some great ones from the song:

“Beauty and truth collide where love meets genocide. Where laughter meets fear. Confusion all around as I try to feed these mouths that have never known singing”

“And before I let one more tear hit the ground. I will be the one standing between you and the sound of the rounds. Echoing out, out of the dark. The smoke and the spark, aimed at the heart of the flame. I am the keeper.”

“And before I let one more life get embraced. From the ashes I will rise for you and the ghosts of the names. Faces and frames, the love and the pain for you I remain, though I’m not worthy of being the keeper of the flame.”

Grunge lovers, the Chris Cornell we all love is back. This makes me even more excited about the new Soundgarden album.

  • Robert

    Very good song and sounds like it could be on Euphoria Morning. It is better than any song off Carry On and Scream aside from Two Minimal Drink which they could both fit as additional tracks of Euphoria Morning. The Chris we know is for sure back and now can’t wait to hear the new soundgarden album.

  • Ben

    It is great Chris keeps trying new things.
    Hopefully we will have a new solo album soon as well.

  • Electric Fun

    i love that picture of him

  • King Cornell 20

    I respect your opinion Brett, but IMO there were a handful of better songs on Carry On, although his voice itself is better here than on that album. But all in all, like I said on the other article, a great man doing something great for a great cause is something we should all applaud.

  • Marcelo

    My respect to Chris! Great investment to buy this song and also help charity indirectly!

    Chris Cornell is one of those awesome guys should never stop making music… never…

  • Robert

    Chris has mojo back for sure. Aside some great Audioslave songs, few songs were good on Carry On, and As Promise as Fade, this song has been best since Euphoria Morning.

  • Cameron

    ok can someone help me out?? i cant figure out how to donate/download. i click the links and it just takes me to the page before the homepage

  • Cameron

    oh nvm i figured it out. but let me say being this is my first post thank you to whoever does this website!!! i check it everyday

  • Ben

    @ King Cornell 20

    I agree.

    Carry On, despite not being his best work has a handful of really good songs.
    However I am really enjoying this new songs and would be happy if he he released another solo album in this vein.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    Great song! Nice to see Chris doing some charity work.

    I don’t know why Soundgarden broke up, or why Audioslave didn’t last. Chris always seemed to be one of the ‘good guys’ in this industry.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    I meant to say ‘why Soundgarden *originally* broke up’.

    So glad those guys are back!