BAND OF THE YEAR: Soundgarden

Soundgarden are the 2012 Band of the Year. They released their first album in 16 years King Animal in November. The runner up was Pearl Jam, but Soundgarden won the voting pretty handily.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Soundgarden- King Animal

King Animal edged out Oceania, Halelujah I’m A Bum, and Blues Funeral.

SINGLE OF THE YEAR: Alice In Chains- Hollow

Alice In Chains released their new digital single “Hollow” two weeks ago, the first song released off of their upcoming fifth studio album. The runner up was Soundgarden’s Been Away Too Long in a close vote.

FEUD OF THE YEAR: Billy Corgan vs. Chris Cornell

BillCo vs. Chris Cornell was the runaway winner for Feud of the Year. BillCo has taken jabs at Soundgarden’s reunion and Chris Cornell frequently this year, with Cornell also getting a couple of shots in. The runner up was Courtney Love vs. Dave Grohl.


Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell edged out Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder narrowly.

  • Pete

    C’mon, Soundgarden’s “Been Away Too Long” should have been AIC’s “Hollow”.

  • Yourmom

    fuck Cornell. It’s LANEGAN. LA NE GAN.

  • Me

    Awesome win for SG 😀 They deserve it!

  • Iso

    Good. ‘Majority rules’ never governed my tastes in music, nor yours. Else we’d be listning to Justin Beiber iTunes downloads. But the polls were taken, the results are in, Brett posted it, and there it is. For all you fabulous poo-flingers, SOUNDGARDEN has taken band and album of the year. YOU might not agree, but it seems the rest of us do. So that’s that smartass.

  • Butthead

    King Animal over Lanegan and Oceania??? Fucking please…

  • jojo

    haha love the pic of Cornell vs Corgan.

    Definitely good year for Soundgarden.

    And Grunge report in general!

  • ShaneC

    I love AIC and SG.

    But, I haventy heard anything good from them in years. Just my opinion.

    I liked 3 songs from BGWTB, but I thought most of the album was long, drawn out and sound just all the same. Hollow fits right in with that.

    I am, however, excited that these bands are still doing something at least.

  • Raj

    Definitely it was Soundgarden’s year. Their return was much anticipated, King Animal is a solid album. If you don’t think it’s good your expectations are far too high, they’re never gonna recreate Badmotorfinger so get over it.

    Can’t wait for 2013, the new Alice in Chains album will drop and hopefully they’ll be the big winners come this time next year. There needs to be an AIC/SG tour if they can coordinate it.

  • HannahNirvana

    This really was the year of Soundgarden. Excellent!!

  • Elle

    Yes indeed this was the year of the Garden 🙂

  • Smells Like Infinite Sadness

    As far as 90’s alternative bands, I gotta give album of the year to the Deftones. Know they’re ‘post-grunge’, but its a really stellar piece of work. Digging the new AIC. Can’t wait for the full-length.

  • Im YUMM

    YEah it was Soundgardens year. It would be pretty badass tour AIC and SG. I really really really hope it happens. Everything is set up perfectly they both are gonna be touring new albums theyre both back they just need to make it happen. But just the two of them no opening acts just them. DO IT!!!!

  • whisky

    It might have been Soundgarden’s year for press attention and hype, but it was Lanegan’s year for being fucking amazing. But then, that’s every year…

  • Coptheriotact

    Was soubdgardens year, don’t know how so many people voted for pearl jam, they are my favourite band but they weren’t very productive this year..

  • Nancy Gunnarson

    It would be fucking amazing to have Alice n Chains, Pearl Jam an Soundgarden TOUR 2013 😉 Happy Safe New Years Dont Drink an Drive

  • Nxg

    Butthead should change his name to Butthurt.

    King Animal & Blues Funeral were definitely the 2 best albums of the year. Welcome back Soundgarden.

  • Paul

    “It might have been Soundgarden’s year for press attention and hype, but it was Lanegan’s year for being fucking amazing. But then, that’s every year…”


  • Justin

    I think you’re lettin your own opinions make the soundgarden decisions. How can they win after not making an album for 16 years?

  • FanGirl

    True! I’d love to see all 3 tour together in one kick-ass collaborative show.
    Talk about each show being different…this would ROCK!