Pearl Jam are the 2011 Band of the Year!  This is their second time winning, they previously won in 2009.  This year Pearl Jam held their massive PJ20 festival, toured the world, and released a documentary.  They also released a brand new song “Ole.”  Soundgarden were the runner up.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Foo Fighters- Wasting Light

Wasting Light was definitely a return to form for Foo Fighters, it featured the reunion of Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic on “I Should Have Known” and Nevermind producer Butch Vig produced the album, which was recorded on tape in Dave Grohl’s garage.  Stone Temple Pilots won album of the year last year, while Pearl Jam’s Backspacer won in 2009.


For the “Walk” video, Foo Fighters paid homage to Michael Douglas’ 1993 film Falling Down.  The best moment of the video is when Dave Grohl rolled his eyes at a Coldplay bumper sticker.  The Walk video only beat out Eddie Vedder’s Longing to Belong and Chris Cornell’s The Keeper by a few votes.  Last year’s winner was Alice In Chains’ Lesson Learned.

FRONTMAN OF THE YEAR: Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder not only had a busy year celebrating Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary of being a band, but he also released his new solo album Ukulele Songs and toured in support of it.  Pearl Jam fans voted a ton to get Eddie the victory, especially after Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell won it last year.  Cornell was the runner up this year.

MOMENT OF THE YEAR: PJ20 Festival takes place featuring Temple of the Dog reunion

The PJ20 Festival was definitely one of the biggest Grunge landmark events of all time.  Pearl Jam headlined both nights, Temple of the Dog made two special reunion performances, and Mudhoney also performed.


2012 is expected to be a huge year for Grunge, with just about every band covered on this site set to release new albums.  But fans are most anxious for Soundgarden, who this spring are set to release their first album since 1996’s Down on the Upside.


Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters were the big winners of 2011, with Pearl Jam winning 3 awards and Foo Fighters winning 2.  Soundgarden picked up one, while Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots (who both won major awards last year) walked away empty handed.

  • Eliya

    What a great year! Hope next year will be even better

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    Now tell me something new … hahaha pearl jam IS pearl jam, the rest is rest! And I have said! Happy Holidays, great 2012 for all of us … congratulations to report grunge site for a great job! 🙂

  • be

    grunge report, a happy 2012 to you! Pearl Jam amazing in 2011 with shows, documentaries and PJ20 festival indeed! I hope 2012 is even better … Happy Holidays! Health, peace, love and very rock n ‘roll:) 🙂

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    happy new year~Grungereport all of us! greeting from Korea.

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    yey pearl jam. yeyyyy. ed is god yeyyyy. pearl jam yeyyyy. pearl jam is… pearl jam yeyyy.

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  • Veda

    It’s a shame shame shame to win because of one’s fanbase vote and not because of some real talent. Screw it. Results should be invalidated, Vedder.

  • Electric Fun

    i sang Blind Melon’s “No Rain” in karaoke this New Year’s Eve i had the greatest feeling haha anyway congrats to all the bands that won the polls hope this year is better than last year even for GRUNGE music!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! greetings from Philippines!

  • Me

    Whatever your results, it’s still SOUNDGARDEN for me!!!

  • Billy

    Altho it’s always a magical time when Temple does any sort of reunion, they have done it before. How does that beat Soundgarden playing for 1st time in over a decade?

    My contention is that when Temple has done the reunion thing they always do the standard stuff (heaven,reach down,etc) it would impress me more if they did your savior or four walled world, but thats just me being greedy lol

    I love Ed but Vedder as frontman of the year? I can’t wrap my head around that one. Cornell was tireless this year, doing epic acoustic shows,garden shows, writing what i say will be an Oscar winning song. Ed’s ukelele album was good,the PJ20 was doc and fest were great but c’mon guys lol

    Finally, thanks for having this site. I check it everyday.

  • be

    a video of the year! Fan up on stage with Pearl Jam to perform a cover of the Rolling Stones classic! very good !!!!! pearl jam forever 🙂

    Pearl Jam & Brian – Running Back To Saskatoon , canada 2011

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    Great Year! Thanks Brett for keeping us up to date on everything grunge. You rock, dude!! \m/(**)\m/ Let’s have a happy & prosperous New Year, EVERYONE!!

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    Great list people!
    Happy New Year from Macedonia! 🙂

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    You effing people are stuck so far up Pearl Jam’s ass it’s disgusting. There are other bands. Jussayin’.

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    Alice : :-(((

    … & Mudhoney !?!!!!! not included in your list.. that’s unfear!

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    Congratulations PJ. !!!!! Waiting for the new album early this year. Great site this one, check every day,
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