• be

    Pj20 festival of the year! simply amazing, fantastic, fabulous, great pearl jam 🙂

    eddie is god

  • JerryCuntrell

    i vote the death of mike starr

  • Mia

    I was at both, and both were awesome, but Temple of the Dog was a bit more awesome! I even teared up a bit!

  • Ten

    This was an easy choice. I saw both, but the fact that Soundgarden toured without playing any new songs left more to be desired. The show was similar to when I saw the band several times in the 90s, except they’re now much older and not as sharp live. Of course, there was nostalgia attached to TotD as well, but I enjoyed it more because I had never seen them perform live.

  • cosmicatomic

    I’m glad Soundgarden didn’t play any new material, because I don’t like hearing new material for the first time live. I wouldn’t have minded hearing Black Rain, but that’s it.

    “Moment of the Year” is kind of a silly thing regardless.