Some die hard Mudhoney fans voted a lot and in a huge surprise, one of the few Grunge bands who never broke up are the Band of the Year.  Mudhoney did some touring this year and in September they performed Superfuzz Bigmuff in its entirety at ATP New York.  Congratulations to Mudhoney!  Pearl Jam won Band of the Year last year.  The closest runners up were Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Stone Temple Pilots- Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots released their self-titled comeback album this year, 9 years after Shangri LA DEE DA‘s release.  The album was the culmination of STP’s 2008 reunion.  STP toured to promote the album extensively in North America, South America, and Europe.  Pearl Jam’s Backspacer won Album of the Year in 2009.

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Alice In Chains- “Lesson Learned”

After the massive success of “Check My Brain” and “Your Decision” last year Alice In Chains released another single “Lesson Learned” along with a music video.  “Lesson Learned” beat Stone Temple Pilots “Between The Lines” video by 2 votes.

FRONTMAN OF THE YEAR: Chris Cornell from Soundgarden

After releasing his hop hop/rap/R&B/whatever you want to categorize it as album Scream in 2009, Chris Cornell returned to his rock roots by reuniting with Soundgarden.  He also played some “Songbook” solo acoustic shows.  The runner up was Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Soundgarden reunites after 13 years apart

Soundgarden returned to the stage in April after 13 years apart when they played a secret show in Seattle under the name Nudedragons.  The runner up was the reunion of the surviving members of Nirvana in California.

BILLY CORGAN STORY OF THE YEAR: Billy says Courtney Love is the worst human he’s ever met

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is a favorite of mine to cover on  Corgan has broken new ground in the last year with his innovative release strategy for Teargarden By Kaleidyscope and established his new Smashing Pumpkins lineup with a successful tour.  He has also made some controversial and entertaining statements in interviews and on Facebook/Twitter regarding his dislike of Pavement, Bon Jovi, and other things.  My personal favorite Corgan story of the year was the resurrection of his feud with Pavement, but the fans have voted and Corgan’s feud with Courtney is the Billy Corgan Story of the Year.

MOST ANTICIPATED EVENT OF 2011: Soundgarden’s live album and possible B-sides album

Soundgarden haven’t revealed any plans regarding a reunion tour or new album, but they have revealed that a live album and B-sides album are in the works.  Runners up include Pearl Jam’s Cameron Crowe film, Foo Fighters’ new album, Stone Temple Pilots’ 7th album, and more new Smashing Pumpkins music.


Overall Soundgarden leads this year’s pack winning three awards, with Stone Temple Pilots/Alice In Chains/Mudhoney each picking up one.  In a huge surprise Pearl Jam, who dominated the 2009 End of the Year Awards, walked away empty handed.  I’m sure next year though with their rumored festival, film, and book they will make a strong comeback in the 2011 End of the Year Awards.  Also on a random note I planned to unveil the winners via video, but I have been too busy (and lazy) the last few days to sit down and film something.

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    Brett, if you heard Chris Cornell rapping on Scream then you were listening to a different album to the one I have. 😉 Neither is it hiphop or R&B, although it has influences from both – it has influences from a lot of other things as well. Why the need to categorise it as anything? It’s all just music – and a lot of the pointless infighting that goes on amongst fans can be traced back to people’s attempts to define music in terms of categories and genres. Then it becomes all about limits and rules, it’s probably the worst kind of tribalism and it doesn’t help anyone actually involved in making music progress, or grow. Like CC said in the latest Guitar World interview he did with Kim –

    “I don’t like it when the most important thing is what you don’t do as opposed to what you do. You can’t do this! You can’t do that, otherwise you’re not this! Then there are rules and you can only do less.”

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